Monday, September 18, 2006

Last Week in Pictures

The infamous Bag Tag bag when it is full, with pashmina on top so it doesn't close. But it is still really handy!

Rebelling from the City suitiness or even hint of a suit, back in my arts world West End ensemble.

I rarely do polka dots...these ones work for me, though. It's a bit retro specially with the pearls, which are real by the way and cost 10 quid and come from Nepal.

These are the comfy American shoes I wore when I walked across London after work for an hour and a half. I wish I had them in black too. My English shoes give me blisters and hurt my soles.

Seen on my long walk that evening. One of the many quirky Tudor constructions wedged between later buildings on Fleet Street.

A pretty red strawberry after lunch at the office. The sunshine streaming through the window made it glow and I had to capture it before eating it.

The worst toe popout so far. Even when I got to the office in the morning, the left ladder was visible past my shoe. It was my first day wearing them.

My unusual pewter and enamel brooch from a Carnaby Street boutique. Worn on a dress down Friday when I splash out into colour.

And the best for last:

My window companion, St Paul's Cathedral with the sun right above the cross on the cupola on the dome. taken with a special effect on my phonecam.

Nite nite.


tooners said...

ooooh olivia, first, the pic of St. Paul's Cathedral is just amazing! love it, love it, love it!!

the strawberry looks incredible and so delicious.

i love the purse and especially your brooch!!! i love broochs and have several that i don't wear enough. the vest on top of the paisley looking shirt looks really nice. you have nice taste in clothing. i especially like the polka dot shirt... very pretty.

you know, i had such probs w/ panty hose in the states when working in downtown dallas. i'd carry a bottle of clear nail polish around just for the runs in my stockings! do you use nail polish on them? for huge holes, there's not much you can do tho other than throw them away.

Rebecca said...

He he - I can't do the all black at all. Working in Mayfair I'd often have lunch with a friend and we would be eating in places surrounded by hedge fund people (as she is herself) and I was always the oooonly one wearing colour.
I asked her once if hanging out in these places it would look like I worked for a hedge fund. She just pointed at my bright blue crinkly shirt.

The Moody Minstrel said...

That's quite an interesting collection of pictures! From style-on-a-strap to suit rebellion to spots to shoe appreciation to streetscene to stocking malfunction to shining strawberry to...WOW!!!

The first picture of you looks interesting. Not only is the style retro, but the picture itself looks vintage. I bet you had fun making that!

Thanks for sharing.

Jia Li said...

nice pics! I'm looking at this in studio class, so I will get back to wrk now


Leilouta said...

Sometimes I think of creating a new blog where I can take a picture of my outfit every day, just so I see how I look, and if my outfit looks ok...I don't have too many girls around me and my husband doesn't help me. When I ask him what he thinks of my outfit. he always says the same thing. Once he said that I looked fabulous and I was in the other room. He didn't even see me...

I love the purse, and your clothes as usual :)

merserene said...

That was a lovely outfit on you! I love the retro look. Too bad I'm lazy and my daily outfit consists of t-shirt and jeans.

The best way not to have runs in the stocking? Don't wear them. I stopped wearing them in my first year of working and haven't looked back. Though that means I have to shave more often. Ok, sorry, TMI...

Olivia said...

Tooners - ooh, excited aren't you?!?!?

About the outfits, it has taken me years to get to this level of confidence. I was really skinny for so long, but now I am celebrating not fitting into lots of things anymore!

I think my tights would have been fine if I had dipped my toes into nail polish before even leaving the house!


Rebecca - I'm enjoying this season's greys. I have so many clothes, all I had to do is dig in the back ;)

When you say "bright blue" is that like the blue on my Skype ad? Sort of sky blue?


Minstrel - fun huh? Should I do this more often???
That photo came out yellowish only because I didn't use the flash on my phone camera, and my room IS yellow :)


Jia Li - umm you're naughty, but I am kind of flattered that you sneaked a peek on my blog during class ;)
Don't do it again, though *wags finger*


Leilouta - well, did you know you're my inspiration for posing fashion pics? It started in the summer when I wore that blue lace and linen top by the river and you got all excited :P

Ah, men. Lots of the European ones dress their women better than the women dress themselves...


Mers - come back to London and we can go shopping!

By the way, one of the reasons I feel comfortable wearing a skirt is because of the stockings. Unless it's summer and then it's so hot you don't care what you don't wear!

Rebecca said...

He he, not that day, but I do have.
I'm just not a monochrome type of person... I don't know. I do white&black sometimes, but it will have a pattern.

Jia Li said...

ooh I did a film strip of the clothes I wore last week...

on my vlog

Guyana-Gyal said...

Nice pics, Olivia, you look sooo young! Speaking of handbags, my mother's bag is known as the Bermuda Triangle. What goes in, disappears.

Olivia said...

Rebecca - Why don't you do the occasional fashion blog too, hm?


JL - and i saw it, great music too!


Welcome, Guyana-Gyal :)
So your Mum's bag is worse than Mary Poppins'!

How old am I? Go on, guess.

Olivia said...

Totally scratch that last question - it's in my profile :P

Roxandra said...

I guess I am a monochrome type of person. I rarely wear patterns. Am kinda classic in my approach to fashion I guess. But anyway, patterns on a big bird (even if not yellow)- nah!

merserene said...

I wish I were independently wealthy so I could travel around just to shop! I may take you up on your offer one day, however. :)

Why would you feel comfortable wearing a skirt only when you're wearing stockings?

Mikeachim said...

The shot of St Paul's is very Independence Day.
If it's any consolation, last week I pulled on a sock, it disintegrated and I kneed myself in the mouth.

Troy said...

Lovely as always my dear. =)