Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another New Start

Next month, we close on a new house, and in the same evening we settle on the condo as well. But this means we'll have about 3-4 days to move, and give the new owners rent back for those days. (I wonder what that'll come up to?)

No more living in a concrete box! We will be homeowners, with a big house and lots of trees. Lots of lovely rooms, awesome features, lots of built-ins, charming spaces, and quality finishes. A little dated, but not as bad as some I've seen, and it doesn't bother us much. So we can change things slowly because it's all in great shape and very livable.

I look forward to putting some color on the pale walls. Wedgwood blues, warm yellows. Maybe some red and Japonisme/Chinoiserie in the dining room. Furnishings in the style of Mission/Prairie, Art Deco, Frank Lloyd Wright, Arts & Crafts...

Even though we usually prefer colonials of the 30s/40s with obviously attractive front elevations, falling in love with this 1958 rambler/ranch style house took me by surprise. The lush setting simply steals the show.

After discovering all it had to offer, I never dreamed we could own a place like this. It's got everything we wanted but never thought we could have, not in this area. There's so much to work with and it is impeccably maintained.

Front View with driveway. Front door/porch to the left. Kitchen door/patio to the right. Garage on far right.
We do have neighbors on either side, but once on the property it's hard to tell.

Kitchen Door and Porch. Garage on the right, with Cupola.

Front yard

Patio leads from Walk-Out Basement Apartment into 1/2 acre of woods

Towards the Driveway and Wood Pile from the Deck

Screened Porch

Screened Porch & Family Room Window

Screened Porch

Down the Garden Path

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bzzy Bee

I've started a new blog called The Bzzy Bee. I know, shocked aren't you, because I've neglected this one for eons!

Well, I post so often on Facebook about foods I try, restaurants I go to, and products I use, that I decided to make it official: joined some product testing panels and then found that a related blog would go hand in hand with that endeavor.

Hopefully it will mean I get to update this personal blog more often too :-)