Friday, August 22, 2008

Fasten your seatbelts Part II

But first, a little aside.

1. I have not yet heard back from the vet's office - I was supposed to on Wednesday. Does nothing mean no? Or maybe they just spent more time calling people's references than expected, and the outcome is delayed....

2. In reply to Um Naief's comment in the last post about V and me looking like sisters, I said that as we were passing an old guy on a bench in Prospect Park he said, "Sisters?"

New Yorkers have mastered the art of random comments. For instance, the day I went to my interview here in Bklyn, I emerged from the subway and stood to cross the street. As I was putting my sunglasses on, a trio of middle aged men passed me and one commented, "That's right sister, get ready for the sun." Generally they say these things not too loudly in passing so that you can choose whether to hear them or not. So I gave a tiny chuckle as I started to cross the road and he gave one back.


OK, now it's time to fasten those seatbelts folks! My good old friends from St Thomas and I had a day out on the town.

We gathered at Grand Central:

Crossing to the NY Public Library to see the foyer:

When we came out, a non-UST) member was added to our group:

We went into St Pat's cathedral - I love the smell of incense:

Went to the Rockefeller Center:

Saw this landmark a few days later in the movie "On the Town" with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, et al:

GE Building, frieze based on William Blake's "Great Architect":

GE Building lobby, Great Depression: last great era of craftsmanship:

GE Building, murals of the working man on the ceiling:

Resting in hotel lobby while we waited for Derika to check in:

Who takes pics of Times Square *in the day*?

Just prior to a hot dog stop:

Garmet District - had to take a photo of the store across the street:

The wonderful Empire State Building is always dramatic:

The quirky Gershwin Hotel and the Museum of Sex...SoHo of course:

I was teasing myself and Vera copied me:

The graffiti changed "feet" to "frap" making a funny statement even funnier:

Two special girls:

Approaching the Flatiron Building (1902):

It's the second version of this type of building, the first being in the south somewhere:

The base of the Flatiron at the crossroads of Broadway and 5th:

A Presbyterian church in Greenwich Village:

Greenwich Village - Part of the Washington Square Mews, a very English holdover from the days when grand mansions had stables and cobbled streets behind:

(I would rather live in a cute mews house than in the cavernous mansion in front)

Washington Square Arch (1889) commemorated the centennial of George Washington's inauguration as first President of the United States:

Most of the historic buildings around Washington Square Park are used by NYU but local residents have managed to keep the park for public use:

Greenwich Village - walking away from Washington Square:

Resting on the subway down to Chambers Street/World Trade Center:

A reflecting pool inside the World Financial Center where Chris works. Droplets of water fall periodically from the wires breaking the mirror surface of the water:

It is a very quiet memorial to 9/11:

The Winter Gardens inside the WFC, surrounded by nice shops and cafes to serve the public and the office workers inside:

V and V eat a salad in the Winter Gardens:

Now hurrying out of the WFC, we have a ferry to catch!

Walking walking, we pass this interesting little feature in Battery Park:

What is that wierd sci-fi looking building behind this jetty?

I messed up Vanessa's serious shot:

It is the Children's Holocaust Museum on very serene waterfront:

Surrounded by hibiscus bushes:

I love this, totally sci-fi, don't know what it is:

We are on the ferry:

Being chased by a very tiny plane ;) Can you spot it?

A patriotic image:

Lady Liberty:

She's getting smaller:

Pierre, Vanessa and moi:

Me, Pierre, Vanessa, Liberty, Vera, and Chris:

About ten miles south you see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, where I live!

A big Norwegian Cruises ship crossed our path:

Ellis Island, the gateway for many immigrants of previous centuries:

One of two exhausts, opened 1950, for the Holland Tunnel; it renews the air every 60 seconds:

One of Olafur Eliasson's NYC waterfalls:

Manhattan Bridge, and look! can you spot the tiny Empire State Building on the left?

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges:

Another waterfall off Governor's Island:

A sailboat off Governor's Island (high zoom):

What's taller, the building or the boat nose up?

Back to being landlubbers - NYC Mounted Policeman in Battery Park:

The New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street:

And across the street, Federal Hall where George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States:

A sculpture in a plaza in the financial district:

A dizzy upshot:

While waiting for food to be served, Vera and I walked to the waterfront at the end of the street to see the sunset from the Irish Hunger Memorial:

Under the Irish Hunger Memorial:

The garden of the Irish Hunger Memorial:

After dinner at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant (pretty good):

Equipment at Ground Zero:

The mosaic theme at this subway was EYES of every description:

Back to Times Square:

Where McD's and even subway signs sparkle:

And even the US Armed Forces recruiting station!

Aaaannnnnnd it's a wrap...


Anonymous said...

Terrific, Olivia! Another wonderful series of photos as we join you for a more NYC adventures. I loved that Lady Liberty shot with a tiny bit of a rainbow in the corner.

meimei said...

as chad would say sauceoum. Its like awesome but better

Um Naief said...

wow... what an exhausting day, but very fun!!

hmmm... the no call back... my initial thought would be, not a good thing, but you never know. give it a few more days and see what happens.

i love the b&w of the irish hunger ?.... can't remember the last word. i'm seeing things in your pics that i have no idea about. very interesting stuff you have here.

the one pic of that bald guy sitting on the bench w/ his bicycle... and no shirt. weird in that he's soooo white and so bald. you'd think he wouldn't be so apt to sit out like that. i'd be afraid of burning! ;)

the waterfalls are interesting. would never think of having waterfalls off of bridges... but what do i know?!

ferries... i forgot that a lot of ppl ride these things. they make me sick.

love the pics. the one of the memorial.. the one that looks like a diamond - so beautiful. so peaceful. the one pic of the area inside - i think where your friend works - very nice. again, very peaceful feel to it.

Olivia said...

Nikki - I posted that knowing you would notice the rainbow in the corner ;)


Meimei - because it's awesome but with sauce on it?


Um Naief - haha, you made me laugh about the poor pale bald guy!

Mr Esiasson does unusual epic things. In London at the Tate Modern last year there was a sunshine thingy...I never did quite get it, but the space there is so huge that he could set up a light that looks like an eternal sunset...

I'm glad you like the crystal water memorial. It was so peaceful, with the droplets, so zen.

As for the vet callback. Remember the dentist? He called me this Saturday morning and I go in on Monday to spend the day...He wants to train me...Any announcements to be made will occur next week pending developments!

Flighty said...

Wonderful entry! It was just the thing to cheer me up on what is a miserably wet Sunday morning here in London!
You mention one of my favourite musicals, which if it were on TV this afternoon I'd be settling down on the sofa, with tea and biscuits of course, to watch yet again!
Good luck on the job front. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
And yes I did spot the small plane right in the middle of the photo!
Take care. xx

meimei said...

guess so, I have to ask

meimei said...

and btw, congrats on the job!

Olivia said...

Flighty - So glad I was able to cheer you up on a rainy day - a reversal of roles, yay!

Gene Kelly is adorable and I want one! That particular day must have been because of his upcoming birthday. Turner Classic Movies not only screened On the Town, but also Singin' in the Rain, Cover Girl, and It's Always Fair Weather. Went far into the wee hours so thank goodness for digital recorders!

Oh, and you need to read my reply to Um Naief's comment *hint hint* xx


Meimei - :))))))

The Moody Minstrel said...

Aw...everything I wanted to say has already been said.

So forget it. in the world did you manage to squeeze all of that into one day? Your schedule is kind of like the inside of a woman's handbag. A guy will look at it for hours scratching his head wondering how everything fit in it, but somehow the owner does it every time.

Don't give up on the vet quite yet, m'lady.

Palm Springs Savant said...

WHEW. you wern't joking when you said "fasten your seatbelts" That was one heck of a ride! Having lived in NY for many years, I know these sigts quite well. You've captured many of my favorites. That flatiron building was always special to me, as a friend had a corner office in their on the 12th floor. She had the corner office- magnificent indeed.

Glo said...

WOW! Thanks for showing your photos and write up! Wonderful variety of shots ~ absolutely fascinating.

Christopher said...

Now what I am REALLY looking forward to, is your exploration of the city and finding cute little shops and eateries that someone just might miss...your photos of where you live are always exciting. I cannot wait to get home to start taking and posting pictures of Portland and my home, get on out there and DISCOVER something for me darling!

Christopher said...

Now what I am REALLY looking forward to, is your exploration of the city and finding cute little shops and eateries that someone just might miss...your photos of where you live are always exciting. I cannot wait to get home to start taking and posting pictures of Portland and my home, get on out there and DISCOVER something for me darling!

Anonymous said...

Gosh more beautiful pictures!! You make me want to visit New York!! I'm going to Warwick this September (no longer stuck in good ol' Singapore) and I hope I'll get to capture as many beautiful sights as you do!

I have a friend who just left for the US. He's going to Princeton but he's currently touring NY for a few days ((:

PS The hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower!

beginninghere said...

Liv, your travel logs are so enjoyable. Love the moment to moment scenes and interesting angles. That Flatiron building is quite interesting. Would like to see inside sometime. Also enjoyed seeing the Depression era style art. Interesting they have quoted part of Isaiah 33:6 at the GE building. Dramatic shots of Lady Liberty. Always love to see George Washington statues/monuments. Thanks for a fun trip :)

Um Naief said...

this is WONDERFUL news!!!! can't wait to hear how the training day went...

i'm just tickled for you :) :) :)

Selba said...

I really enjoy looking the pictures.. it feels like that I'm on a tour in New York... so cool!!! Hope to see more pictures :)

Jo said...

Now that's a tour! I guess I better bring my walking shoes to NYC!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your vivid NYC photos! Makes me want to take the 90-minute trip up there.