Sunday, February 01, 2009

DC 5.0

I went to the National Air & Space Museum yesterday, as promised. There was so much to see and learn, I felt as though I'd been knocked over the head with knowledge. I love that the museums in DC are FREE so I can go back as often as I like to see whatever I wish, and eventually take it all in, all the museums...I am also glad they're gathered in one place so I don't have to hunt for them.

Anyway, I took loads of photos, but I can't decide which ones to share and I haven't sorted them out either. Didn't think I'd drop the ball on this trip, did you? I know, neither did I.

Instead, I will take more pleasure in sharing with you some miscellaneous images.

Today was my last day in DC, and you will not be surprised to hear that I don't want to leave even though I will be back in only a couple of weeks. I had that trembling anticipation in my heart today, when I just knew I was going to enjoy my life here. 
It feels right. I feel that I belong.


Carlye begging while I eat my morning yogurt.  There is sometimes a long string of drool that forms on each side of her jowl.  But she is very patient.

Ah, tasty reward!  Liberte is an awesome yog, by the way, it only costs 99c here (it's a dollar more in NYC for some reason) but it's from Quebec and is organic, unsweetened, and I usually choose the pear flavor.  It has 6 grains:  rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, wheat, rye.  Yum!

When I walked into Georgetown yesterday I went into Banana Republic for the first time ... and made a purchase.  Also, someone complimented me on my haircut, and someone else helpled me choose this black velvet blazer over a maroon one (it was too purply and not burgundy enough for my taste.)  It was on sale and there was an extra 30% discount at the register.  Original price $175.  Guess how much I bought it for????????
It had to be good, if someone on a budget couldn't say no.  Even better, it was so warm today, 60F/15C that I couldn't wear my coat but needed a jacket at times.  Seriously, the breeze was warm.  And yesterday was freezing.

The Metro.  All the stations are similarly laid out, very clean and uncluttered.  Signage is clear but subtle.  There are info boards announcing arrival times, and the trains come frequently (unlike in NY where everyone stands around for 10-20 minutes craning their necks).  About a minute before the train arrives, the lights along the platform flash.  The trains are extremely quiet and smooth and create auxiliary power when they brake.  The driver announces the next stop and tells us on what side the doors will open.  There is no space between the train and the platform.  And no stairs - every platform has escalators up to the main level, and there are escalators up to street level.
It only took 95 cents (and half an hour) to use the bus and metro from northern G'town to the Smithsonian!


Today I walked exactly 5 miles.  At 3pm I headed up to the Cathedral for 4pm Evensong, but by the time I got there it was only 3.10pm and so to kill time I continued walking up Wisconsin Ave towards my new neighborhood.  At 3.30 I was halfway there and decided not to turn back.  At 4pm I arrived in F.H., so then I decided to walk 10 minutes from there to Connecticut Ave where I will soon be living.

A very pretty Kay Unger dress at Neiman Marcus in Friendship Heights ($450, ouch).  It was a gorgeous day and a Sunday but there were not many people out and about.  It feels more like a town than a city.  Over the past few years in London, I've gotten used to tripping over and bumping into people, even in the local grocery store in Bay Ridge.  I'm not used to feeling uncrowded, though that may change in the summer when more tourists hit town.

One of the houses down the spacious residential streets in Friendship Heights.

Cat in the bag.  He chose this over the larger Banana Republic bag nearby.


Selba said...

Seriously... I wanna give a hug to carlye... so cute!

and the cat... as always.... adorable! :)

Sounds that D.C is a nice place, maybe for living is much better than N.Y city?

Ah... totally so different than my place before... the flattest state.... Kansas!!! hehehe...

Carol said...

looks like a great trip. you'll have to see if its busier on other sundays, my guess is that it was less busy out because so many people were inside to watch the superbowl.

Jo said...

Love that dress!!! I wonder if I could make it...

And the blazer is awesome! Lemme guess, $75?

And I love the Metro stations. I wish Dallas had underground rail.

Olivia said...

Selby - yes, aren't her begging eyes adorable?

DC does feel more livable and of course it's smaller which I like.

Hehe, I bet in KS you didn't have hills to walk up. I'm getting some good exercise!


Carol - it was quiet on Wednesday too, so maybe that's just how that particular neighborhood feels.

I hope so. Imagine, less stress.


Jo - would you attempt it?

For the blazer, go lower....

Do you think they could dig underground stations in that black soil?

beginninghere said...

Liv, have just been swamped with homework of late but stopping by to look at all your pics and reminisce about my last visit to D.C. You certainly have covered a lot of ground! Have enjoyed meeting Carrots too. And many thanks for my surprise which came today!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I did comment here. I did, I did! Must've gotten eaten by blogger.....

Anyway, I'm so excited for you that you are moving and getting to explore all these places. Nice job on the blazer. I can see you in that scrumptious dress, but not at $450 (ouch!). And that Carrots.... how are you ever going to get that fine fuzz out of your clothes???? Don't let him near that velvety blazer!

Flighty said...

Another enjoyable read with good photos, even though it's not about the NASM!
I like the header photo and title so that's a yea from me! xx

Olivia said...

BH - so glad you finally got your little surprise. I know, tis only little but I hope you can enjoy using it.


Nikki - Carrot went nowhere near the blazer, but it still got a bit of fluff on it. You should have seen me brushing down my trousers every day - and the suede on the sides of my riding boots.


Flighty - not to worry, I will get around to it anon.

Thank you for your vote!
I'm thinking of having a rotating selection of header photos behind the title, a bit like Glo.

Glo said...

What a lovely assortment of photos ~ sounds like you're having a perfectly wonderful time, with so much to see and getting lots of exercise to boot.

On a comment I made a couple of postings ago, I mentioned "school" ~ and thought I'd missed something. This is where I became confused ... You wrote...I wanted to stay for Evensong, but it was only going to be Evenprayer and only a few hardy souls turned up. School had been cancelled so there was no choir. Oh! I just remembered I was going to go this evening, but actually I have also just remembered that school was cancelled again...

You were speaking about schools in general, whereas because I was reading quickly, I thought you were mentioning that your school was closed! ~ therefore, jumped to the conclusion that you had signed up for some courses... Duh!!

Great header and pic for your blog ~ and nice to think about changing it occasionally as well ~ good way to share your special photos.

I'm so excited about you moving to D.C. I think I just might have mentioned that before ~ also it's inspiring, because you're actually putting into practice what others think of doing but don't do... I'm even looking at other options now myself...;)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Although the coloration is a bit different, Carrots really does remind me of Nikkipolani's male cat, Minou. I think it's the shape of the face.

I'm so accustomed to life in the U.S. being trainless (Oregon's first local rail service in decades, MAX, opened in Portland when I basically had no chace to use it) that it's hard for me to imagine a rail service akin to those here in Japan. The Metro looks and sounds quite advanced.

As an avid aeronautical enthusiast who is chronically Smithsonian deprived, I eagerly await the pics and story!

Anonymous said...

Carlye reminds me of Bertibumchops when he used to have my yoghurt cartons and stuff like that :o) Poor Carrots must be missing his fave bedding too! ;o) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

michelle said...

omgosh, the animals are sooo cute


Um Naief said...

i've been gone for a while, obviously and am reading to catch up.

first... the ministry of info here banned christopher's blog, i found out... so i can't read his blog. i'm assuming it was the pics.. not sure really.

am really excited to hear that you're moving to DC. this yogurt that you're eating reminds me of one that you can get here... organic and full or grains. very delicious. the neighborhood looks great. i love the weather in these states.

neimans... just love their restaurant in the dallas store.. can't even remember the mall's name ... how terrible :( loved going there to eat... the best tuna sandwiches and cookies. they also have great desserts.

love banana republic. they've opened one here but the prices are more than you'd pay in the states and i have a real problem paying 3x what i can get it for in the states.