Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Easter Birthday Weekend

I'm moving quickly here because I know that once I start work I will be somewhat wiped out at the end of each day until I establish a routine and break myself back in to the work process. Certainly I can say that Glo, who recently started a new job, knows what I mean. 

Anyway, if you haven't seen my last post, then make like a tomato and ketchup!

A pic from Claire's camera of dessert at Rosa Mexicano on Friday.  She had three flavors of sorbet:  mango, coffee-Kahlua, and raspberry-rose. I had a tres leches (3 milk) cake topped with soft peaked meringue on a base of lime glaze and garnished with sweet mango salsa.


On Saturday, Claire went to meet an old college friend for lunch and an afternoon outing.  I rested at home,which for me, an introvert and an only child, is always welcome.

After Jeff had his car serviced, gone shopping and had brunch with his mom, and seen her off to Baltimore, he came to me bearing gifts.  I wanted nothing from anyone this year, all the other blessings I've received are enough for me - but I have to say they were exquisite things, handmade items from those Fairtrade cooperatives.

A Nepalese satin jewelry box

A Peruvian bamboo and turquoise necklace

We met Claire downtown and scouted out the Dupont Circle area for dinner, finally settling on Thaiphoon which satisfied the list for an exciting menu, an array of spicy foods, and a decent atmosphere.

It was still barely dark when we left but we were sure the restaurant looks great at night.  We joined the crowds making their way down to the Waterfront to see the fireworks put on the mark the end of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Everyone oohed and aahed, and then the crowds all headed out again.

I'm sure J wouldn't mind me sharing this picture he took with his phonecam
That's me with a firework coming out of my head, in case you were wondering

And then, as we were really not done with the evening, we headed back up to Dupont for the famed 18th Street Lounge that we'd visited once before, after the Indonesian Embassy evening.  Claire really enjoyed it, specially since unmarked venues are often the best.  It really is just a door to the townhouse and you climb up the stairs into 3 floors of atmosphere.  First there is the ultra-hip floor filled with trawling single types.  But our floor of choice is the live jazz level (or as someone calls it, the Jeff and Livvy room) which is more relaxed and very sophisticated.  We arrived fairly early before the band set up, so were able to snag a comfy red couch, though not the nice Queen Anne we had a few weeks ago.  Just like last time, a couple standing on the open floor suddenly broke out into some fairly good swing dance.
I enjoyed the Nat King Cole numbers sung in sultry style by the band's chanteuse.

The End

P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow!


Flighty said...

Good luck for tomorrow! xx

nikkipolani said...

Lovely lovely treats for your birthday and the end of your unemployed days :-) I hope the new job starts really well. Sometimes they don't (in the first week), but I know you will persist and it will work out. (I was absolutely miserable my first week and wishedwishedwished I could go back to my old job. But there was no there there anymore -- the company closed the office 18 months after I left)

Selba said...

Ouch!!! This is not what I expected on how your spent your b'day... I thought you had a candle dinner or something else romantic just 2 of you... Sorry, too much romance novels, I guess, hehehe

But then, there's a saying two is company three is a crowd especially on a special day, no? ;)

Good luck for tomorrow!

Glo said...

Hopefully you are having a good night's sleep as I write this ~ and that you'll wake up all fresh for this special day! Of course, if you couldn't sleep, that would be understandable, too! Looking forward to hearing how the day went. Exciting ~ Good luck :)

I must say, you find the most unusual and delicious delicacies to eat and drink! I was salivating over your dessert!

What lovely treasures J chose for your birthday ~ :)

Thanks for the linked mention ~ ((hugs)) It's hard to believe I've been at my 'new' job for over 3 months.

steve on the slow train said...

I don't know about that picture J. took. If I were 25 years younger and unmarried, I'd be insanely jealous of him after one look at that picture. But since I'm 57 and happily married, I'm happy for you both.

If your birthday's April 11, it's the same as my daughter Sarah's, though she was born in 1985 (on a weird note--at about the same time and in the same hospital that Alice Cooper's son Dashiel was born--Cooper's father-in-law was pastor for First Baptist Church in Oak Park, IL).

And good luck today ( as it's after midnight here).

Anonymous said...

Loads of luck tomorrow! And many more adventures. :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

It sounds to me like your biggest birthday present was a whole, new life! Not many people get birthday gifts like that.

Best of luck!

Carol said...

looks like a great birthday!

Christopher said...

Loads of luck!!

Come by and say hello...I have been rubbing shoulders with television celebrities...

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-wishing you luck!!:)

Nice pics...couldn't see only the first one,for some reason.The firecracker out of the head was the best,naturally.

MattJ said...

Wow! My easter weekend consisted mostly of cooking and eating. I say mostly. I mean entirely. :p

I trust that you will be attedning the Smithsonian Folklife festival this year so you can learn about the greatest nation on earth?


Guyana-Gyal said...

That fire 'headdress' you're wearing symbolises the positive thoughts you're sending out, the good things you're determined to make happen in your life, and so on.

Take your 'headdress' to work and you'll dazzle 'em all with your style, skill, aptitude, ability, everything.

Yay, now I'm believing in that headdress!

Guyana-Gyal said...

And happy belated, Olivia. What a great day, with 2 loving friends, and wonderful gifts too, along with the blessings.

Good vibes, man, good vibes.

Nabeel said...

The last photo, with the fireworks, that is a wonderful shot. A timely one I must say. Like you are wearing some sort of a crown. Lovely!

Glo said...

Hope your week went well ~ and that you can come up for air :) Thinking of you ...

Kellie Davis said...

Best of luck!

Glo is a woman of my own heart-- I would have ordered the three kinds of sorbet as well! I can't get enough of the stuff, even when it's -40!

michelle G said...

the jewlery is amazing hon

Olivia said...

Oh wow, I havent' replied to any of you at all! Hey I must get to bed right now, but I managed to pop out a new post for you all....*yaaaaaawwwwwwn*

I've started drinking coffee, btw.