Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dilatory Me

I was going to blog much earlier and then 3 people called in a row!

However, the delay between Memorial Day weekend and today is long enough that my blog ought to be nice and succinct.

We went to Cape May, New Jersey.  The End.

Just kidding.

Here are some pictures:

We stayed at the Angel of the Sea, one of the best B&Bs in the country.  J said he chose a place where he thought an angel would sleep.  ;-)

The Pink House

The Union Jack with the Stars and Stripes

A Mustang on Ocean Drive

This is the Fire Department!

This is a bank!

Sunset, Day One

Cape May Lighthouse, Day One

Cape May Lighthouse on 5x optical zoom

On Saturday evening after dinner at the Ugly Mug, we played skee ball, which was a ton of fun.

Tea at the Angel of the Sea

A seaweed-covered jetty on the beach.  It was chilly on Sunday but we ran around on the beach collecting shells and stones, getting sand between our toes, catching our feet in the lapping waves, and digging up baby sand crabs.  Then we played mini golf.  In the evening, we smartened up a little and enjoyed a fine dinner at the Merion Inn on Sunday night, where an old guy played some excellent jazz numbers on a baby grand, and someone sang along.  It was all so good that we wanted to kidnap the old-timer and haul the inn back to Bethesda.

But it was suddenly HOT on Monday!  We had popcorn and frozen custard and got tanned.

The 3 hour drive there took double the time on the way home because everyone else was travelling at the same time.

We passed through Goshen, New Jersey, at a snail's pace, so I got some interesting pictures of classic white churches, there was even an old one-room school house but I couldn't get my camera out in time.

Sunset over an inlet at Cape May, one of the best photos I have ever taken.

This weekend, J and I got some pics developed, bought frames, and put them up in our respective offices.  He's had fun showing us off to colleagues and clients.

Well, it's past my bedtime so I bid you goodnight!  I'll come and see you soon, a few at at time for the rest of the week.


Jo said...

I've missed your adventures, Livvy! But I'm glad to see you're doing well, having fun, and (dare I say it) in love?

Cape May looks so quaint, full of kitschy victorians, just your thing! Key West, Fl. is just that way, too. Full of quaint Victorian homes and bed and breakfasts, and then Craftsmen bungalows are scattered in the parts inbetween!

Much love from Texas!

Flighty said...

It looks, and sounds, like you had an absolutely wonderful weekend!
Lots of terrific photos, and yes that last sunset one is simply superb! xx

Anonymous said...

These are GLORIOUS photos, Liv! I esp like all those mauvey pinky purply colors you caught in the evening skies. And I do think you are right about that last photo. The jetty dripping with seaweed is also very cool.

Anonymous said...

I just love this litte town, you were in! The houses are beautiful and comfy. So glad you had a great time Olivia! :)

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Any of these houses are edible and should be made so in the form of a ginger bread house!

Olivia said...


Jo, Key West ought to be on our list! As it is, we went over it this evening and added Traverse City/Sutton's Bay, MI (where his mother has a house).

I like Craftsman/Arts and Crafts architecture.

BTW, Fallingwater is on the list.


Flighty - every time I look up from my desk at that picture, I am in awe. I may have it enlarged. xx


Nikki - when I was choosing and posting the sunset colors, I believe I was thinking of you :)

About the seaweed, my mother said, "How did they grow grass there?" LOL!


Miss Fluff - I hope your eyes were refreshed just looking at it all.


Tea - I know, they're gingerbread and sugar and everything nice. Goes well with a cuppa tea, of course ;)

The Moody Minstrel said...

That place certainly has a lot of character. I love it! It's like it's frozen in time, as a place like that should be!

It looks like the Cape May area has been far more fortunate than the Oregon Coast; it hasn't been overwhelmed by developers with a thing for brightly-colored strip malls. (We are just north of California, after all...and have much cheaper real estate prices.)

Um Naief said...

love, love, love these photos!! and like you, love the last one. the ones of the old church are beautiful. remind me a lot of madison, indiana. really love the areas you guys visited... and did you guys sleep like angels??

would love to try a B&B sometime.

Palm Springs Savant said...

good one- you almost had me there for a moment! Love the Angel of the Sea...and Ocean Drive is simply perfect. lovely photos today~

Pandabonium said...

Can we say "gingerbread"? Yipes.
I like the lighthouse.
This post brings to mind that wonderful 1947 movie with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison - "The Ghost and Mrs Muir". Very nice pics.

michelle G said...

Oh, that place looks lovely

Olivia said...

Pandabonium - I've seen that movie, and can only remember the dark atmosphere. Was their house like those in Cape May?

Glo said...

What a lovely and romantic area, Liv ~ a perfect place for the two of you to share :) Did you play board games in the parlour? ;) Love all the photos, and hope you do get your special photo enlarged and framed ~

Anonymous said...

Spectacular photos, Olivia! I am so glad that I stopped by!

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