Saturday, July 04, 2009

The 4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

And a happy belated Canada Day to those of you in the north :-)

Sorry I haven't been able to check in - here or on your own blogs. I wanted to email in another post from work, but it was busy last week, and I do feel quite selfish, just posting here and lacking the time to come by yours. I really do miss you all and our old routine. [It wasn't so long ago I was neglecting the blogs, while settling in DC and my new job. Now I have to resettle in Maryland and have all that related paperwork/tax forms/HR info/driver's license, etc.] Anyway, my final nudge came from Glo whose last comment I've just read in my inbox, saying she was thinking of me and wondering if I could check in soon. Thanks, Glo - I really was touched.

Well, quick update. I moved in with J last weekend. For the first few days I kept repeating to myself, "Omigod I live with a booooy...!"

He works next to the metro, so we walk to work/metro in the mornings; he's all about holding hands on the 10 minute walk, bless him. It's a neat routine, although if I wanted to work from 9-6 Instead of 10-7 I'd have to leave alone, an hour early. Maybe eventually, eh? Plus since the metro accident (June 22) the red line has been awful, it's just like commuting in London with the delays, and standing cheek to cheek with strangers, where usually I don't wait long and get a seat.

I have a pile of STUFF in the living room through which I am still excavating/standing in puzzlement, although a lot of STUFF is hanging in my half of the closet. We went to IKEA yesterday and I learned, for the third time in my life, why I don't want to buy furniture there again. If you have to find the door, the drawer mechanism, the legs, the handles, the cabinet front, the frame, the countertop - oh the horror! - and can't pick it up on the showroom floor, then we have resolved not to buy it. The lower price is not worth the trouble in the end.

Last week we got some warm lamps. For Jeffy, nice lamps and warm colors seem to symbolize a comfy home, and that's our goal.


Flighty said...

Happy Independence Day!
It's good to hear that it's really going so well for you now, being long overdue and well deserved.
After three IKEA-ups I'm sure that there won't be a fourth!
Take care and enjoy the weekend! xx

Miss Fluff said...

Olivia ia back! Hooray! *jumps and claps*

So glad that things are going well for you. I missed reading your entries. Don't worry. We all have those moments of disappearing, and every once in a while posting a blog about what's going on. I figured you must have really been busy, settling in. It sounds like yet another chapter of your life is taking place! I'm so excited to hear about it. :)

Planethalder said...

What lovely news!

Peter J said...

Zounds! Demmed Blackguards! Treason! Trumped up Colonials! And all the other things I bellow upon this momentous day ;)

I hope you have a very good fourth of July :) It sounds like things are going swimmingly.

Jo said...


Congrats, and happy Independence Day, dear. I'm really glad you two are doing well! :)

Glo said...

I'm so happy to hear you are perfectly fine and getting all settled in together :) I'm doing a Happy dance! Warm lamps, warm colours, hand holding, walking to work together, and a comfy home sound just lovely. Thanks for the Canada Day mention and the link to my blog :) Enjoyed reading the comments above ;)

Glo said...

...and Happy July 4th! I guess everyday you hear fireworks, though ;)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Happy everything!

Enjoy your new life, have fun and keep holding hands.

Pandabonium said...

Happy Independence Day.. and don't feel bad about losing some independence in the process of moving in with Jeff - that's a very different thing.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who worried about you when hearing the news of the terrible metro accident. It's a relief to see you posting again.

What is it about guys and lighting? Nothing like warm lamps - indirect lighting - to feel cozy and at home. Maybe its in the DNA from eons of camp fires. Whatever the reason, it captivates me too.

Enjoy. All the best.

Olivia said...

Flighty - you still remember those dark days past, I see...

We IKEAd-up again! xx


Miss Fluff - thanks for the enthusiasm :-)
Should this be "Olivia's Sunrise of New Beginnings II"? ;-)


Planet - thanks for stopping by. Have a safe work trip!


Pete - you can stop your bellowing on my behalf, we didn't really observe the holiday, since we have so much work to do.


Jo - THAT'S RIGHT! Blimey!

I hope you and Dave did something neat for the holiday.


Glo - apparently you have a very nice image in your head. It's a work in progress and there is far to go, but at least we have a goal. The problem is getting his stuff organized before I can get mine sorted out, because this apartment is for him a temporary stop before he buys a place.


GG - Yes ma'am! I don't think he'll ever stop holding hands. He does it when driving also.


Pandabonium - the metro accident took place on the NE end of the line, and I live on the NW end, but the delays affected the whole line. I think next week it will be back up to normal efficiency.

I hadn't thought about that - losing independence, but I guess you are right in a way. I'm not complaining about it, and I hadn't noticed really...but what you've just said has caused me to readjust my outlook somewhat...

That's funny about the guys and camp fires! I had no ideas you lot liked warm lamps. I like lamps too, and red ones are very appealing but I am able to choose any kind to go with decor. I like the idea of warm colors though, and have also suggested soft textiles - chenille, microsuede, velvet - taking inspiration from my Dallas cousin's magnificently comfy living room I saw a couple of years ago.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Well a great big heaping CONGRATULATIONS to you Olivia on the big move in, such exciting stuff!

crazykites said...

ur living with a boooyyyy i wanna live with my boy, too. we practically did live together when i was in Spain...but we haven't got the nice comfy home yet. i don't like ikea much. i guess it's ok for first time furniture when there is no spare cash...but with a job like urs, u can raise ur standards. it's nice that he's letting you redecorate. he sound very selfless.

Olivia said...

Rick - thanks! I shall try to visit you this week, but I spend a little extra time perusing your posts, so need to make it a special visit.


Crazykites - How long have you been going out with your boy?

We haven't got the comfy home yet either, we're camping out in his bachelor pad and today we went shopping for storage solutions.

I doubt I could afford all the stuff we need, except that I will be saving nearly $1000 per month in rent, so maybe I could! He buys the major stuff though, like furniture and big things, and I chip in and pay for lunch, cleaning things, towels, paper goods. I also buy things for which I want to take full responsibility such as today water filters, a new shower head.

beginninghere said...

Liv, Happy Belated Forth to you. As for not blogging much or making the rounds I understand. I haven't been blogging often myself though I think of my blog friends and am trying now to get out and about when I can. So, all that to say, you are loved just the same :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Happy belated Independence Day from the other side of the planet! I think you're doing a good job of proving that sometimes darkness is just a prelude to brighter light!

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia..grt to see things are going so well with you and you're also enjoying the busy-ness of life.:)..a big smile at the IKEA issues..don't they come and do assembly at home,if you request them?

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Christopher said...

Come back! Come back! Where have you been darling?

Glo said...

Hi Liv ~ Hope you are doing OK ~ such a lot happening for you right now. Please know that you are thought about a lot, and when you have time drop in to let us know how things are going. Big hugs....((()))

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