Monday, December 11, 2006


This is a clip from the BBC 4 documentary that inspired me to write my old post on Handel and the Castrati, during that exhibition at the Handel House museum. By the time I wrote my article the only Maniaci clip on YouTube had been removed due to copyright issues, so let's hope this one stays! It was sent to me by my friend who is also a male soprano and sounds very similar.


If that doesn't work, click here.


I have the day off today. Am ostensibly wrapping gifts and making parcels for the post, but assigning Christmas cards is taking way too much time. Eee!

Also, meeting Lydia for dinner. I have known her and her family for over 25 years. Who is your oldest friend?



Anonymous said...

Hmm, my oldest friend is probably Simon, I've known him since birth really but we dhavent really talked in years - not been proper friends if you like! I am good mates with his younger sister too (the shorty I occasionaly talk about who lives near Wimbledon).

As far as people i am close friends with, I'd say the person who has put up with me for the longest period of time is Mike.

i don't usually do cards, but I am informed that distance from people now dictates that I do so. This is most frustrating in an era of emails and telephones. Don't get me wrong I like writing letters to people, I think it's nice and personal but unless there is a personal message I find cards a bit pointless, but then I am a very bitter old man lol!

Anonymous said...

Two of my friends...I met them the same time in school. I've known them both about 26 years.

Jia Li said...

ummm gosh I guess ben. I have know him since Kindergarden, but we are not close

Olivia said...

Matt, you bitter old man!
Getting a card without a bit of a personal message is, I admit, a bit pointless, but it is still nice when you can fill up the mantelpiece with them.

so of course I like to add a personal line or two to raise it above the crowd, and I also assign the design according to the personality of the recipient.


ML - you remind me that I didn't mention my friend's twin brother. I used to want to marry him.


JL - when was the last time you saw Ben?

AmitL said...

My oldest friend, whom I'm still in touch with, is from schooldays.:)From Standard VIIth,in fact..:)He's now in Oman,me in Dubai..:).....Aah,you're a gift wrap specialist?

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for this clip. I remember watching the film about the Castrati; it was very interesting, indeed. They have such lovely, mesmerizing voices....

My oldest friend? hmm I am no longer in contact with my oldest friends...I guess you could count my stepsister, since she isn't my stepsister officially haha. If not her, then it would be you and Gemma. That's pretty sad. haha

Are you wrapping a gift for me? :D

(Gosh! It is such a hassle to leave a message on your blog! You are worth it, though hehe)

Jia Li said...

I will see him Friday for a xmas party

Anonymous said...

I totally understand about getting behind with the post. I've been meaning to send out so many thank-you notes from wedding gifts that I've almost forgotten who hasn't gotten one!

So terrible!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was five, a family moved into a smallish house across the street. There were two children, one of them was named Erica. She has remained one of my friends ever since we first met at the bus stop on her first day of school. That was 19 years ago.

We haven't spoken in a while. She didn't come to my wedding reception, or even send a card. We've just grown to be vastly different people. She's very much a party girl, an aesthete, a bimbo with a boob-job. I'm more academic, all-natural and spiritually secure. We just aren't so much compatible.

Still, she should have driven 3 hours to drink my beer.

Olivia said...

Amit - how old are you in Standard VIIth?
And no, I am not that great at wrapping. I can never get nice neat edges.


Memoria - I had no idea you liked this!
Yes, I have known you for nearly 6 years now.

Is the word verification a hassle? I don't like it myself, but I was getting spammed quite badly until I got it.


Luna - did you know you left your first comment about 5 times?

Anyway, that's sad about Erica. I guess the length of acquaintance doesn't guarantee its strength. And so I hope you have newer, closer girl friends who are happy to hang out with you just the way you are.

Oliver said...

My oldest friend is probably DJ E from my first year at university. I lost touch with everyone from my school days. The DJ is a great guy and I see him a lot. Indeed he was best man at my wedding some five years, where he made a cracking speech and did the disco!

tooners said...

My oldest friend is Valerie. I've known her since I was in the 3rd grade. Oddly enough, I just remembered that she was in my dream lastnight. Weird.

I haven't heard from her and her email addy isn't working, and for some odd reason - in my dream - she came to Bahrain and was coming over to my house. the weird thing about it is that I was going on w/ my normal routine. I saw her in the house and later thought about saying something and asking why she was here but w/ all the confusion in the house and stuff that was going on, I didn't make the time. It was very odd.

Boy, pregnancy sure brings out odd dreams!