Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oops Tea

Grr! I had nearly finished writing a blog about J-J last night when it ALL disappeared! I blame it on my Touchpad. It selects and deletes anything if my palm accidentally touches the top corners.

So keep an eye out for my second attempt sometime today or tonight, but first I have to complete an application for an interesting job. No doubt there will be an essay to write.

Also wanted to share with you the jasmine tea experience that my housemate brought me from China:


It starts as a tight bundle - I don't know how anyone can make that.

Put it in hot water for about half an hour and watch it expand, unfurl, and blossom.

Voila! A pretty result and some tasty tea.


P.S. It snowed in London last night. Melted now, of course.

I think this was at about 5.45am, after I heard the salt truck.



The Moody Minstrel said...

Selba did a post about that same kind of tea not so long ago. I think it's fascinating.

London got a dusting, eh? Well, at least it'll help the water shortage a bit.

(As long as it isn't here...)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about losing the previous post!

The jasmine tea is lovely! How does someone do that? Oh well, I'll just appreciate the beauty and you the tea and the sight as well.

Anonymous said...

Is this the first snowfall for London? I think we can spare a lot more for them if they'd like it. :) The jasmine tea experience must have been delightful!

jia heart her apple said...

ooh the tea looked amazing

Anonymous said...

oooh, that tea looks splendid! i've never seen anything like that before. i bet it tasted just wonderful. how thoughtful of her to give that to you!

the snow ... well, it brings a calmness to me. i can't imagine how cold it is there. london has some strong, cold winds.

what do you do when it's like that outside? do you walk places or take cabs?

good luck w/ this application. hope you get an interview.

Olivia said...

Moody - I watched it pop out petal by petal for about 10 min, but I left it in the jug for about half an hour.

They've been saying there has been loads of rain, though I never noticed it...


ML - it just had to be done by hand, painstakingly,. with great skill and dexterity! I tried to imagine some swift fingers working away at them...


Beenzzz - This is the first (and usually only) snowfall for London. It had been such a mild winter I thought we were going to skip it this year.


Jia - and it was really thirst-quenching!


Tooners - I'd never seen anything like that either.

Housemate and I seem set to share a lot of things. I split my box of pears with her, and she let me use her milk this morning. And it goes on. Nice huh? I waited so long for another sharer - and yet we are both only-children!

By the way, I only take cabs if I have suitcases or are dressed formally.
Other than that I take public transport or walk.

I heard this morning that the little dusting of snow totally mangled the tube and train systems, and there were long traffic jams. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I know what you mean about touchpads. I hate all laptop pointing devices, I suggest you disable it and get a miniature optical mouse - you'll find yourself wishing an unforunate and unpleasant demise upon you pretty little laptop!

Olivia said...

I will have you know, Mr Matt, that I have had a very nice mouse for a while, an ergonomic Logitech with many buttons and a wheel :)

But sometimes I want to be more cozy and just blog without the mouse...

Anonymous said...

Oooh! i got one of them jobbies, MX1000 - I was sold on the word 'Laser' lol! Problem is the bloody charger stopped workin and I have to go back to my archaic wired mouse - I feel like Noah! hehe.

My little thinkpad from work has the keyboard blob as the mouse thing, which is just good enough to keep my lappy rage at bay lol! The sooner they all become tablets the better! ;)

Selba said...

Wow.. your flower tea looks beautiful!!! It you took the pictures very nicely with your digicam, I believe :)
I took mine with my handphone, therefore the result isn't nice at all.

So nice to see the snow, too bad already melted, if not you can make a snowman, hehehe

Jakarta is still raining and flooding until now.