Sunday, January 14, 2007

To Do List

I have blogged 3 times in one month. My lowest rate ever. I haven't forgotten that I will tell you about:

1) Dufferin museum

2) my cousin's baby shower

3) the adorable Jay-Jay

Back in London on Wednesday ...

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AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia..Will await the posts.All three sound exciting.Will they be accompanied by pics as well?

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the new posts.... especially the baby shower one. i hope she got lots of nice things and loved every minute of it! you know, i had made the comment about her baby hiccuping... and not knowing about that... then i remembered that is one of the first things you can feel your baby doing.. i totally forgot. how sweet that she can feel that. :)

tell her that many sleepless nights are coming. lastnight i had a bad night and at some point, i got up and realized that it'll be much worse when the baby comes... this was after i stumbled to the bathroom, trying to see from a lack of sleep! ;)

The Moody Minstrel said...


(I mean Olivia, not you, Tooners!)

Anonymous said...

Lo ello! Are you back? I am in pittsburgh at the moment, just settling in and catching my breath/gadget shopping today - then hopefully off some some adventures lol! Get blogging ya lazy sack! :p

Guyana-Gyal said...

I've only been to Toronto once. There's a place in Canada I'd looove to visit, it's Vancouver. The artists' place.

Anonymous said...

So, who is JJ? :))

jia misses O said...

miss u sweetie

new design blog

Olivia said...

Amit - pics! Yes, definitely! There are so many I have not shared even in previous posts.


Tooners - stay "tooned" hehe :)
Took some nice photos at the shower.
I can believe she will have sleepless nights soon, or already - she has a short torso and this past week Baby has started sticking into her ribs. She has to recline a lot, but then she gets heartburn, poor mite.


Minstrel - Oy! What have I bragged about in this my shortest post?!


Matt - oh you always yell at me when I don't post. You surely won't have time to read them while you're there.


Guyana-Gyal - my cousin was supposed to take me into the city proper, but by then we were making preps for the party, and it was snowing. I will wait until the summer. Apart from visiting the lakeside park, I haven't been to Toronto since I was about 2, during the Canada National Exhibition when I went up in the tower.

At the moment, Vancouver, supposed to be Canada's mildest city, has just had the worst weather!


Beenz - ah, well, J-J is supposed to be the love of my life ;)


Jia - Miss you too. You're not online much either!
I have just visited your millionth blog :P

Olivia said...

P.S. These >/>/ are supposed to be




I will fix that if I can.

jia heart her apple said...


yeah its called school...and no quark at home so I have to kern at school cause my quark file would not transfer to my Indesign...

Maybe today I could save it as a read me file and open it in Indesign...wait...

I have to finish my sailboat tracing....I so need to bring my mac to school with me wed, cause I hate tracing on a pc, there is no apple key.

I was an hour on Illust. tracing this odd shaped thing Jay had drew...and I kept looking for the apple key so I could undo.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about it!

Prerona said...

we're waiting for the updates!