Wednesday, July 04, 2007



Everyone else wants to celebrate the 4th of July and they (I know who) dump main [I'm not telling what] duty on American Boy as calls still come in from [somewhere they don't celebrate the 4th] - so no do-dah at the American Amb.'s residence tonight. Yes, that was the upcoming event I withheld last week. Poo. He is not happy with his boss (whom I met at the marines party *ahem* - suffice it to say that when I misbehave Am Boy threatens to give him my number, hehe! (Gosh, I wonder if he knows we are an item and is doing this on purpose...)) and he is very pee'd off about this evening. He's been doing the work of 3 people for the past couple of weeks, plus someone keeps putting him on duty roster on weekends (haha, let's guess who), plus the recent "situations" in London...hence not much going out and more staying in, and now this.

(Man, being cryptic is a new thing for me.)

Whilst walking to the Emb., he made a long apologetic phone call about his recent preoccupation and long hours, and wants to make it up to me over the next couple of weeks after colleagues, plus his secretary, return from vacation and things settle back down. He sounded a lot more like himself again and looked forward to the things we will do and places we will go. I too apologised for any recent inconsistencies. Both of us are under quite a bit of stress.

Like I said...the joys of serving one's country.

(I know, I snuck a blog in after I said I wouldn't!)


Dan said...

Sounds like you two have been under lots of stress. But he's going to make it up to you! :)

Take care of yourself Olivia. Moving itself can be quite stressful. Hugs.

Um Naief said...

i agree... moving can be so stressful. packing and unpacking. but it's all worth it in the end.

i hope things settle down soon and you guys get to enjoy some quality time together. they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder... or what is that saying? but anyhoo... hopefully that's the case! ;)

give a big hello to your mom... hope you guys get some rest after the big day.

MattJ said...

No! That really sucks 'Liv! Poor you! I even feel sorry for Mr American Man, despite his Khaki violation :'( the American Ambassador too, think of all that Ferrero Roché!

Olivia said...

Dan - that is what he promised, and he doesn't forget. You've got to imagine how much more stressful national security is than, say, insurance or accounting. Poor lad. Oh bless, he actually just texted apologies from work like he used to before all the upheavals; I think he's realising just how distracted he has been...

Thanks for the hug, Dan *hug*


Um Naief - yes it will be indeed.

Seriously, I am doing this move myself. If my Mum were here I would not be this stressed out...she arrives on the 18th. I can't wait!

The day I move, I have to buy a toaster, kettle, ooh and beddings...oh my.

Olivia said...

Matt - they were not khakis ok, they were sand coloured dress slacks.

What, it's the same colour palette as public school boys use here, or don't you like that either?

Hehe, everyone loves to bring in the Ferrero Rocher at the mention of ambassadors, don't they?
Maybe we will have to hear from his friend W how it went. Or his nasty boss man.

Anonymous said...

Goodness girl, that's a lot of stress for a little person. Wish I could help you out. take/do one thing at a time. Hope everything will be back to the usual by next week.
Happy 4th.

Ricercar said...

hope your stress is gone soon!

Olivia said...

I miss you Vee! xoxox


Ricercar - all will be over as soon as every item is in the new flat, not even unpacked as such, just there...

AmitL said...

Hey,Am Boy's doing all right,I think,Olivia..but,yes,u being cryptic is quite unusual..grin.:)Hope u keep snucking in a post now and then,just like this one..happy shifting,again.I know-very difficult to resist the temptation to blog every day or two..same here.

Christopher said...

You're a doll. Thanks for coming by and saying hello. No industrial sized cocktails for me. Only three meds smashed into one pill. One pill not unlike a charged vitamin, in size from a health boutique. Life is good, and the flowers are beautiful.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Things suddenly took a turn for dark, didn't they, m'lady? I'm so sorry to hear that. Things will be even better after it's all done, though, I'm sure! Chin up, spit spot, and all that!

(What an unfortunate blot to wind up on the 4th...)

nikkipolani said...

Easy now, Mizz Olivia. Hope your move goes smoothly (and don't forget to email me your new addy).

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are happy bubble. Keep smiling!

Brussels is wet and has lots of dog poo on the pavements. And no decent coffee shops. There is apparently a costa coffee at the south station (where Eurostar arrives) but many hours of wandering show no signs of decent coffee available elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Miss you toooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope things are going well.
lots of hugs!

Lotus Reads said...

American boy wasn't given time off work to celebrate the Fourth of July??? Hey, that's not right, no wonder he doesn't love his boss!

How's the move treating you Olivia? Hope it's been a smooth one. Thinking about ya!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Phew, yes, moving is big time stress! So's taking care of national security!

My cure for stress [to cope with living here] is to make sure I get my full quota of sleep, drink lots of water, find things to laugh about, play music.

ML said...

Hope you're doing a bit better now (I'm late in posting). Update?

lunaliar said...

Hope your major hurdles are over! I know the feeling. We were finally all moved in on the day you posted this. It felt so good!

Um Naief said...

girl, you must be busy and have tons of dates on your hands!!

more power to ya!

i miss reading your blog... and can't wait to hear about your new place... living w/ your mom and the americano. ;)