Saturday, December 01, 2007

Um, what was I supposed to blog about?

This past week at work has been hectic because businesses like to get things done in the last quarter, before Christmas.

It gets dark by 3.30pm now, so you've barely digested lunch when you look out the window and it's pitch black! About 7 hours of daylight.

I met up with some friends the other evening at Waxy O'Connors, a maze-like pub in Soho. I've always heard about it, but never visited. The key feature is a tree in the middle, around which is wrapped the stairs to the lower level.

Would you believe I was asked for my ID by the bouncer at the door? I made some noises of disbelief and slight offense, so while I was digging for my wallet (thank GOODNESS I still walk with my Texas driver's license), he asked me how old I was. I said "30". "Never!" he said, shaking his head. Now, if I didn't carry my license with me, what else would I use? My passport? Can't walk around with that every day...

The 10 of us (or so) gathered in the Church Bar here.

We made a giant pile of bags and coats in the centre of the room and just mingled. It was like the UN, with people from all over the world (7 countries represented), but I still call them the Aussies because they're the ones who arrange all the outings.

Waxy's is very popular, so although it was fascinating to look at, speaking was a challenge. The meetup last week was more chilled as we were in a pub with no music to shout over. But thanks to the smoking ban, it is a pleasure to leave a bar or a pub smelling as fresh as you did when you went in. No red, burning eyes either.

Any ideas for my next blog?


L B said...

Oh, yes, we get the Darkness too, at around 5pm though, so maybe we can still cavort around without fear of vampires for a couple hours longer than you! :-)

Selba said...

Hahaha... you had to show your ID card? Well, take it as a compliment coz' it means you look young ;)

It happens to me a lot, most people tought that I'm in my mid 20s, hehehe...

Hey... you still owe me a tag (the breakfast tag). You can do it for your next post ;)

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun night out!!! 3:30, that's quite early. ah, the good TDL came in quite handy.....and yeah!!! I am not the only one whom they ask for an ID!!!!

next blog: a night at a tango event!!!!


Guyana-Gyal said...

Oooh, I'd like early darkness for a day or two, but not for weeks. Just for the novelty of it.

Church Bar? Wot a name :-D

I was just looking again...before reading this the photos of you and your mum, she's so pretty, you have her smile and eyes, and I was thinking how you look really young...and now here's Mr. Bouncer thinking the same, he's great, the way he said, "Never."

[psst...I haven't forgotten the tag...working my way to it...]

MattJ said...

Yeah I know the feeling, I've been wondering about my blog of late, but soon my ego will ignore any concerns and I'll be back to normal! lol!

Congratulations, you are the first blog comment from my Mac! lol!

Anonymous said...

hey libs long time since I came to ur blog...I see u did enjoy a nice thanksgiving...have a good xmas as well


lunaliar said...

I want some pics of what London looks like this time of year, but in the daylight, please!

Olivia said...

LB - that must explain the scary dream I had last night.


Selby - thanks for waiting to load the page! I didn't know I owed you a tag, missy. I shall get onto it soon, then.


Vanessa - I would only go to a tango event with you...and remember we tried? But in typical London style it was closed when we went!


Guyana Gyal - could you imagine early darkness in Guyana? When my mum was growing up they didn't go out after 6 o'clock.


Matt - you didn' did? You Matt the Mac!


Mich - long time no chat girlie. Thanks for popping by. I miss the old days, though.


Luna - there IS no daylight...hehe! We all go a little nuts in the darkness here!
All you get is grey buildings and a couple of trees nearby with no leaves...that is London in winter.

Jahooni said...

I love when I get carded! Hoping I look younger than 21 any day!

amillionpieces said...

Hello you pretty young thing, are you sure you're old enough to be blogging unsupervised? ;)

I used to carry my passport everywhere as I don't have a driving license, but eventually I stopped on fear of losing it!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Hey, London is definitely a city for NIGHT OWLS!!!!!!

You want a blog topic, m'lady? Hmm...
How about mismatched socks?

(That was the first thing that popped into my mind. Well, no, it was the second, actually. The first was, well...)

hoverFrog said...

It doesn't surprise me that you were asked for ID. You've got a portrait of a wizened hag in your attic haven't you? That or you live a clean and virtuous life that preserves your youthful features.

I'm so jealous.

I suggest that you blog about the view from the window.

nikkipolani said...

I can quite see you getting carded, you young thing :-) It's been many years now since the smoking ban was in effect in Calif. I'm always caught off guard when I'm in restaurant or hotel in another state and see/smell smoke.

lunaliar said...

Just to say, Liv, you've got quite a diverse lot commenting on your blog!

Olivia said...

Jahooni - you find it flattering?
It can get boring too.


Pete - haven't I heard you say that before? :P

I think a passport is too much to carry around every day.


Minstrel - yes, except in summer when the sun sets after 10pm!

Maybe you have mismatched socks, not me!

Dare I ask what the other topic was?


Frog - shush, who let you in my attic???

Well, it's genetics. My parents look at least a decade younger than they really are. Much hope I have!


Nikki - hehe, that's nice. I remember when I was working at Houston ISD, and there was one woman there who smoked like a chimney and had been there for about 30 years. She was the director's secretary and the only smoker left in the department, and one day the director mused that when she first worked there, it was the other way around - she was the only non smoker.


Luna - it's so much fun isn't it? I really look forward to everyone's diverse comments.

MattJ said...

Yeah I did! I am all Macked up, I have even gone back to crappy iPod (more through necessity than desire though)! I am determined not to go all FanBoy though! just enough so that I am 100% hypocrite about everything! :D

Podcast coming Saturday lol! Plug your ears!

Guyana-Gyal said...

When your mum was growing up, and my mum too, there were no street lights, and some parts of the year it gets very dark around 6:30 pm. My mother says that after lamps out, and they're all in bed, they can't see their finger in front of them, so dark it is.


No wonder jumbies roamed more then.

Pandabonium said...

It will be a sad day when you are no longer carded! Enjoy it while you can, and may that be for a long time to come. ;^)

Dan said...

Olivia, in 10 years you'll be wishing they still IDed you! :)

Idea for your next blog? How about your fondest Christmas or holiday memory? Hugs.