Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Belated New Year

All the best for 2008, may all your wishes be fulfilled.

How was your New Year's?

A friend from uni in Houston stayed with us, yes, between all the boxes and packing, but he was like a pause of sanity in the middle of all the stress.

I've only just gotten over the fluey thing I had since Christmas Eve. Last week I coughed so much, my rib hurts whenever I do it again which is not much as it's effectively gone. *whew* Almost suspect I had bronchitis.

This weekend was most stressful. Thursday night an old friend came round to dismantle some furniture and store it in his garage to sell.

Friday morning the moving men came and moved us...

Saturday and Sunday are a blur, just lots of black rubbish bags in the flat, clearing out, trudging to the rubbish skip and the charity shop, mopping, wiping, cleaning.

Not done yet, Monday morning the estate agent did an inventory and we handed over the keys but as they haven't found a tenant yet we still have to pay rent, etc. Then I got to work and flopped at my desk.

Needless to say, even on Tuesday night I am still tired. I had a waking dream at my desk today. The last time that happened was last winter at the other finance job I had, and I had bad afternoon slumps because I was going in early. Now I have flexi hours and am much more alert all day, apart from this tiredness.

However, now we are out of that flat and out of Harrow we feel much more free.

My loft room is adorable, but I will only take pictures when every box is gone and my TV is up, but there is no antenna connection yet. That might happen next weekend.

We must be merciless in getting rid of all sentimental objects that reflect 30 years' worth of family life and 4 bedroom houses. It would be great to be able to live out of 3 suitcases, but it's just not possible. The only things I am keeping are the sturdy stool with the woven grass seat that my Dad made at school, and the delicate cosmetics shelf he put together for me to use at the university residence hall 8 years ago.


Flighty said...

Happy New Year Arty! Let's hope that you quickly get settled into your new place and have a happy and healthy year. Take care xx

MattJ said...

Happy New Year! I am still confuzzled by this move, I feel I missed a vital episode in your blog somewhere, didn't you just move a few months ago?!

lunaliar said...

I'm with the curmudgeon on this one -- didn't you just move? Why are you divesting and moving again?

Even if it's not something you want to go into on the blog, I do hope you are doing better. Remember that the world will never dish out more than you can handle and that what was meant to happen does happen. I hope that you'll be able to look back and realize what a strong, beautiful person you are because of the tough times you made it through!

You'll be in my thoughts!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Happy New Year, Olivia!

Ditto on wanting to know the reason for the abrupt move! Was it because of the damp you mentioned? It seems you've had enough troubles without having to deal with that, too. no wonder you've been sick, poor thing!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I hate moving...such a pain in the -you-know-where! Glad you are almost settled in. Can't wait to see the pictures Olivia.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-whew-I can just imagine the hectic situation,where moving is concerned.It's just too tiring,and,you need a week to recuperate.(Smile at'I flopped at my desk')

Whew- you mean,you have to pay rent at the previous place,until they find a new tenant?Isn't there something like a notice period,after which they have to find their own tenant?That must be tough-paying two rents.

Getting rid of sentimental objects-I wouldn't want to be in your place-I hate getting rid of any sentimental value items,be it a Laurel & Hardy first edition comic,or,my collection of Phantom-Mandrake comics,etc..Good luck.

And,wishing you a great 2008!I'm sure things will sort themselves out,and there'll be only rays of sunshine all the way through for you!Cheers.

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to shed sentimental things. I know you must, but I'm glad you got to keep a few things. Hoping you continue to feel better and get back into the groove. Hugs.

MattJ said...

What Jo said! :D

Olivia said...

Flighty - thank you, I am feeling nearly normal now, and am growing attached to my new room. xx


Matt - yes, moved into the flat in July. But in short, we hated it and couldn't wait to get out. I guess I didn't mention that before...


Jo - well, it was a new place, laminate flooring, gym/pool, concierge...but it was soulless! Hated the echoing floors. Nice luxury appliance in the all wood and granite kitchen, the only good thing. Also it was too far from London. The area was too busy with shops and full of drunken hordes.

And thank you SO much for your words of encouragement. When I first read them my eyes welled up!


Minstrel - well, see above comments. Truthfully, the last 6 months have been stressful. 2007 was a harder year than I'd expected.


PS Savant - gosh, I don't want to move ever again. I am a homebody. I moved only 4 times in my first 25 years, living in our main two houses for 10 years each. Then, since 2002 I have moved 4 more times, but stayed put in lush St Johns Wood for 3 years, those were my best years in the UK so far.


Amit - yeah, I gave notice in November. It should be the landlord's responsibility to pay rent, surely. When we rented out our house here a few years ago we even had to pay all the bills! (I wish we hadn't sold it, as now we'd have a house, could rent out the extra bedrooms...but then...too many memories of our old family life...anyway, my dad's best friend bought it from us and he's moving in soon, after renting it out himself for a few years.)


Nikki - that's the idea when you haven't got a set address or your own house to fill up. What do you do with stuff?

Ooh, I ought to email you, I just remembered something!