Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here's the situation

OK, a few of you have asked, and maybe some are wondering but not asking, when I am going back to the US since I've been going on about it for months.

It's still happening, not a pipe dream, but I've got 5 year old roots here and it's not that easy. I have to make a slow transition although I'd have liked to be out already. But yes, I dread nearly every day it won't be hard.

First let me explain why we left the new 2 bedroom flat in Harrow. We hated it and the area, but even when I moved in I knew we'd be looking elsewhere. So we broke at 6 months in November with a move-out date of 7 January, but by Christmas Day we had nothing and offices had been closed for days by then. Getting desperate I decided to look at houseshares as a place to camp out until we found our own flat. But let me tell you, I didn't want to find a two bed flat for obvious reasons...kept sending my mother one bedroom listings and she kept asking to see the 2-beds. Anyway, we found this place on 27 December and we came to see it, with me running a fever and everything, cos remember I got that fluey thing on Christmas Eve. On the 28th we signed contracts, and that weekend the landlord's son came to take some of our suitcases. The weekend after that we came over with the moving van, by which time my mother had caught the same thing as I had!

The flat is still not rented out yet and I'm holding my breath waiting for the agency to ask me to pay January rent on that too (eep!) It's a desirable corner property with half a good view so I can't imagine what people are fussing about.

Anyway, think about it. We've decided not to find our own place, as we now have all inclusive rent - my name was on all the bills, taxes and contracts for everything and I felt tied down. Now I'm more free than I was before. I also wanted to see my mother set up here before I abandoned her (that's how she saw it at first). So she is training for a new home help officer job.

I was going to buy a one-way ticket for my friend's wedding in June but it's only June 1 and we've just moved here and it's bloody tiring. I want to rest a bit first! I will pack suitcases, as it's thankfully not one of those moves where you ship stuff over.

Also, the company I am still working at know I wanted to be out of here by June, but I'm now on maternity cover and also now the only secretary until things get heavy again - the last long termer has now left and fellow blogger and short termer went home yesterday. The company will know what their secretary on maternity leave will decide by August. So I wisely decided to stay until then. It will be nice to earn and save *my own money* before the upheaval.

And so my goal date is September. That also makes sense for wrapping up taxes, packing, notifying companies, and gives me time to sell a lot of my things, etc.

The floor is now open for discussion...


MorenaTejana said...

Hey Olivia!!! I can't believe you may come back to the states soon!!! No matter where you end up, I want to see you!!

BTW, I spoke to Melissa from the UST Learning Center tonight!! She sounds and seems to act exactly the same, but she told me she cut her hair and looks different now!

Anyway, take care!

Katja said...

I think September sounds like a good goal. Reading between the lines, now that you're feeling a bit freer and happier, accommodation-wise, it lessens the desperation to leave NOW. Tying up loose ends here and earning a bit of money before you go sounds like the perfect plan.

MattJ said...

It's funny reading you feelings about renting, I find I live a somewhat noamdic existance reluctant to buy anythign too permanent in case I decide to move lol!

You have done it the right way round though! And you are definitely right about the freeing you up to just get up and go.

Hey! if all goes to plan you could be joingin me and Jo at Bocktoberfest! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow. When you talked about coming back to the States, I was thinking in a year or so. Or that maybe you'd find a job worth staying for. But I'm so glad that you're in a better position now to come or go. You know you have my prayers and best wishes whatever happens.

Planethalder said...

Just wait, you'll get the job of your dreams now and then you'll be in a real quandary :-)

Seriously, sounds like you're in that space now where you really can stay or go.

Good luck O!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are much better now. It's about time. I am glad!!! You have been very patient and good things come to those who are patient.
So, my vote still goes to Htown!!! but, without trying to influence you where are you thinking about going?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are much better now. It's about time. I am glad!!! You have been very patient and good things come to those who are patient.
So, my vote still goes to Htown!!! but, without trying to influence you where are you thinking about going?

The Moody Minstrel said...

Above all else, pray there are no more nasty turns of bad luck! Hope you make it Stateside soon.

(Hope I do, too...)

Olivia said...

Memoria - you got on Blogger?!

I can't imagine Melissa with short hair...her silky long cascade suited her so well, but then, maybe so does the short do.

I haven't seen you since...2004? 2005?


Katja - hey, thanks for popping by, and for the encouragement.

Yes, there would have been too many loose ends if I'd decided on June...


Matt - well, I don't drink beer, though I hear Bock is good. You have to try the bread at Saltgrass Steakhouse when you do go to Houston. I'd love to see you both there though!!!!

If you're there on the first weekend of October you ought to go to the Greek Festival too, it's one of the best!

Vanessa is begging me to go back to H-town. Everyone else thinks it's NYC. As for me, am totally undecided. I guess I really ought to try the Big Apple for a couple of years and then just give up big cities, but who knows, in a few years I may look back at this comment and laugh.


Nikki - if you could see me, I'd be wagging my finger at you. No job could keep me here at this point. It's all systems go, like a shuttle before the clamps let go, or a racehorse behind the gate!
I know you've heard enough of my whining to know this! *hugs* thanks for your prayers.


Planethalder - thank you so much for coming round, it means more now that I know all you are going through.

Read my reply to Nikki above - although I haven't been emailing you, the same admonition applies! ;)


My dear Vanessa - see my reply to Matt. Torn in a hundred directions...

Love you too.


Minstrel - hm, the rest of 2008 is looking hopeful, probably mostly because of the goal in sight.

Are you hoping to go Stateside...on holiday...? You haven't been in a while, have you?

lunaliar said...

Seriously, Dallas, Houston or NYC? What's wrong with you? You're still young! Don't commit to really "moving" anywhere. Travel and revel in impermanence and let me and my mortgage live vicariously through you!

Although, it'd be nice to hang out with you (finally!) if you moved to Houston!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I just know you're going to love America. Have you decided where in the US?

panda_eyed said...

Livs! When did you decide this, and why are you leaving us..?! Okay, I sort of know why, and I guess you might be happier in the USA, but we'll miss you terribly, you know. Won't be the same when part of the 'family' is so far away.. *sad*
Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxx