Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is it spring yet?

When I left the house yesterday to go to work, I kept getting whiffs of manure. I thought someone had mulched their garden, but that's not really done around here. Walking up the street I kept glancing backwards and into the distance over the hill, as if I were expecting to see a giant stinky airship, I don't know! In addition to the usual grey sky, cold wind and dampness there was a light fog, which is forecast to last all week.

I was right to trust my instinct as I read in the paper that evening that this is the time of year when French and Belgian farmers usually do one big fertilisation of their fields. The smell had built up over the Continent for days during still conditions before a brisk wind came up and moved it to southern England.

Londoners spent all morning thinking they'd stepped in something, and the radio switchboards were alight with people wondering what on earth was going on.

Pepe le Pew, that's what!


Anyway, it will rain for the rest of the weekend so the whiffy air is gone. But it's so cold, so grey, so damp, so windy! I'm still in layers, and my tired wool coat, and my tired cashmere scarf, and my tired 4 paris of black boots... :(
I'm thinking the extra daylight was a trick and it's still January.


The Union Jack flies at the Ritz

These boys are guaranteed to light up my day! Two legends on one stage!


Anonymous said...

That's quite a distance for that manure odor to travel! I loved the picture you painted of Londoners checking their shoes :-) I'm sorry you're having a second January. Spring has definitely sprung over here. In fact, my spring flush of roses peaked earlier last week!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I hope the manure spreading is done since I'll be in France by Friday.....

MattJ said...

Yeah spring seems to have poked its head out, thought better of it and gone back to sleep!
Of course a pedant might point out that strictly speaking that is the Union Flag rather than the Union Jack because it isn't on a ship :p

I would never dream of such a thing, mainly because Union Jack sounds cooler hehe!

Not much longer now and you can cast off your layers! (Not all of them, I think there are laws about that kind of thing in Texas). Maybe you'll bring the Oilers some much needed luck ;)

Olivia said...

Nikki - not really, it's just a short blow over the English Channel - no more than a couple hundred miles.

Some summers there is rain with red dust in it - from the Sahara.

And yes, I think the mulching is over.


Matt - I had heard that, but I prefer Union Jack because "Union flag" just makes me think of the Union vs Confederacy in the Civil War.

Why does everyone think I am going to Texas? It will be very hot in NY also. Tank tops!

The Oilers left Houston years ago. They are now the Tennessee Oilers. H-Town has no football team now.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I wonder if the French and (French) Belgians refer to the mass fertilization of their fields as "la vengeance po├ętique". ;-)

I've already talked about all the wonderful sand and stuff that gets blows over here from China and/or Mongolia. Why not whiff from the Continent?

Things are cold and soggy there, too, eh?

Palm Springs Savant said...

Figures it was the French! I bet that story helped sell the British papers!

L B said...

LOL, yeah, them continental farmers!! Sure it wasn't a War of the Worlds scene? If only you had spotted the airship!

Enjoyed the video.

Flighty said...

Those two boys sure could dance and sing just a bit couldn't they!
I love the quote which goes something like Fred Astaire made it look all so easy but remember that Ginger Rogers did it all backwards in high heels!
Have a good week! xx

Glo said...

Hi Liv ~ I really enjoyed your posting ~ I read more about the stench that found its way to London after reading your blog ~ you just never know what's "Blowing in the Wind!" Not exactly what you think of when you think of smelling spring! Great to see Fred and Gene dancing/singing ~ I have just recently watched again "That's Entertainment Part 2" made in 1976 which the two of them were hosting.

Anonymous said...

The "Pepe Le Pew" quip made me laugh. Before making your way over to the 49 states, try passing through the islands first to visit me! Free boarding! *hugs*


Mark said...

Well - looks like summer arrived today (I know - it'll rain tomorrow). But to feel a warm sun (it reached 17-18C today) was such a joy after all the cold gloomy weather we've been having. Let's hope we have a lot more sunny days to come!
Mark (CafeCortado)

Guyana-Gyal said...

The aroma is spring is horse and cow manure? hahahaha I love it. I mean, not the aroma, but the thought of everyone being so puzzled, wrinkling their noses...

You are sooooo not going to miss that dull grey weather, I imagine.

Guyana-Gyal said...

argh, I mean the aroma OF spring...

Olivia said...

Minstrel - temps have picked up a bit, but still in gloves/scarf, etc. And today called for an umbrella.


Palm Springs - they fart in our general direction!


LB - what an odd thought it was for me to have, eh?


Flighty - oh, I love that quote! Thanks for sharing. xx


Glo - welcome, welcome! Good to see you here.

THere were clips of that show on YouTube but I was so lost amongst the movie clips. Am nowhere near finished browsing!


Alohalani - I would love to, my dear. Hehe, I might learn a few things!


Mark - gosh, yes, ALL the way up to 18. Blazing hot, innit? :P


Gyal - you are right, of course. I've gone on about it so much you certainly know by now ;)