Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Workaday images

The office last week was in chaos. Work backed up on Friday as we packed crates to be moved a short walk down the road over the weekend, to the new office in America Square (I know, a positive omen?). Monday, further business and more jeans-wearing as we unpacked and got dusty again. Tuesday I got some work done but wasted lots of time looking for things. I am still faffing about with the printers which don't work properly. I think that tomorrow, though, I will be able to catch up all the way.

Ibex House, an original 1937 Art Deco office building on The Minories. I post this for comparison with our new office:

America Square, our new office building just off The Minories. I like to call it modern Art Deco. Even in the fact that no detail is overlooked. The lifts are shiny, with lots of blue LED lights. I will have to try to take more photos. You enter the spacious lobby through revolving doors, and pass your card over what looks like the barcode reader at a checkout, set into stainless steel posts, and then "beep, whoosh" the little frosted glass gates slide open and you can enter.
Also the bathrooms - floor to ceiling frosted glass doors. Modern sinks sitting on the countertop. Bright clinical light so you can see the speck in your eye, yet not unkind to your complexion like the old fluorescents.

In the shiny lift, where you have to present your card in order to ascend to a floor
I look so serious! I am not sure I am allowed to take photos in this building, but I'm probably making that up.

Just outside Tower Hill tube station is this sundial
In the background you see part of the Tower of London

Wembley Stadium in the distance, left


Today I was hot in my coat for the first time! I have a sneaking suspicion we might be approaching spring!


L B said...

Amazing! Stunning! Love the photos. You have such a good eye.. and welcome to Spring! :-)

Selba said...

Ditto with LB :)

Yourself taken pic is cute! I also like to take pics in the elevator sometimes, hehehe

Anonymous said...

Speaking of elevators, did you hear about Nikolas White? His story is everywhere right now, and the video of him being stuck in the elevator for 41 hours is featured on youtube. Very sad.

So, be careful! You should be fine in those nice elevators, though! :D

Flighty said...

Good photos Arty! I especially like the first one, which for looks I prefer to the new building.
As you say it was noticeably warm yesterday. It won't be long before we're moaning about the heat! xx

Olivia said...

LB - thanks. And no, spring forgot to come back today.


Selba - useful when the elevator has mirrors so you can tidy up your windswept hair before walking into the office.


Memoria - indeed one of my friends emailed me that video. Imagine how badly he wanted to smoke! But how did nobody miss him???


Flighty - yes the old building is softer, more mellowed. I would like to know when the new one was built.

So...I wore a jacket today and was shivering while standing on the Finchley Road platform waiting for the Aldgate train. Where does all the wind come from?

Old Geezer said...

If your building is "One America Square" it was completed in 1990. Details HERE

Old Geezer said...

That link doesn't seem to work. Here is the URL:

AmitL said...

Hi,there,and SIGH there...can't see the pics.:)

Jo said...

Where are the windows in your new building??? It looks like it will be quite a change from the old building, at least window-wise. I have to have me a window to daydream properly!

The Moody Minstrel said...

That is some really serious security in that building! You're not doing work for MI5, are you, m'lady?

Man, that picture of London Tower brought back memories! I stayed at the nearby Tower Hotel during my honeymoon and depended on Tower Hill Station a lot. I'm relieved to see it's still there.

Olivia said...

Old Geezer - thank you for the link. 1990, I see.


Amit - if you use Firefox, there is an add-on that lets people in Saudi, UAE, etc see Flickr pics.


Jo - the windows are now more accessible, tinted blue rather than brown, and some of them even OPEN. There is also an inner courtyard.


Minstrel - And would I tell you if I were? :P

At the old building someone stands in the lobby so you have to hold up your ID card or visitor pass as you walk past. That was really annoying. It got even worse when a new security firm took over and because I was still signing in for a pass the new rule asked that the front desk call JLT reception every morning to admit me. That made me mad. I used to say, "This is not the CIA, for crying out loud."

Mikeachim said...

Nearly Spring up here, too - albeit a chilly one as yet. But this afternoon was golden and glorious. Shame it was on my back as I walked home, not on my face.....

The Moody Minstrel said...

And would I tell you if I were? :P

Ve haff vays uff making you talk!

Er, um, I mean...uh, well, um...uh..!
Huh huh!

Nice pics, m'lady!