Sunday, May 25, 2008

Olivia's Almost Ex-London Dispatches

As you can see from my blog's current title, we're nearing the end of an era. I'm pleased that you are all coming along with me. Though how you all still fit into my laptop is beyond me ;)

Thursday will be the day when I say goodbye to England for the second time in my life. I've started to describe it as "re-emigrating". Cuts a long story short.

I can't wait! But also, it isn't sinking in yet apart from moments of brief wowness when I realise/realize what I am doing. (Note, I will be reverting to American spellings.)

Or maybe it's just because my room looks like a bomb hit it. I mean, someone needs to send in the troops to clear up, if any can be spared just now. This to me is an immense stress, having to get rid of things in a country that doesn't know what a yard sale is, where few people own pickup trucks, and one must lug everything to some faraway charity shop.

When this is all over, I deserve a holiday.

Anyway, this address will stay the same, but I am starting afresh next week under a new title. This means hitting that big DELETE button in the settings tab...I'll grit my teeth and do it.
Don't worry, all is not lost: I'm backing up my posts from the last three years to my spare Wordpress blog. Hehe, had you going there for a minute, didn't I? So you can still go there if you want to look up old if....

I will try to do a final post later this week, and of course visit you all before I fly.

Have a happy holiday Monday, whether you're tolerating the inevitably rainy Bank Holiday in the UK or celebrating Memorial Day in the USA.


Selba said...

So happy for you that you finally can pursue your dream :)

Hope that everything will turn out well, crossing my fingers for you, ok.

You are migrating your blog to wordpress? That will be nice but I have problem to open wordpress (it's banned most of the time). Well, anyway, we will still keeping in touch ya :)


Olivia said...

Selby - I will still blog here, but am deleting all this, and it will be all stored on WordPress. Got it? Don't worry!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I guess I'll have to stop calling you m'lady and start just calling y'all "ma'am".

Will your renewed blog still be lavender?

Anonymous said...

Wheeeee! There you are on WP! I think I'll miss your little widgets on the sidebar (WP doesn't have as many allowable ones), but I love this blogging thing that lets you KEEP all your friends wherever you move. BH has a pickup truck, but I don't suppose that will help you much.... Big hugs and good wishes for a not-too-frantic last week!

Olivia said...

Minstrel - what a liberty. In order to stop calling me that you need permission..which I shall not give...!

I was thinking of going for an edgier hue. If I'm too lazy I might just plonk on a Blogger template at first, until I get appalled at my unoriginality and then hunt for something more.


Nikki - ohhh I hadn't thought about that, the delete will wipe out my accessories. I will keep the code and reinsert it, okie dokie?

I've wracked my brain and can't think who BH is! Who...?

Flighty said...

Liv Nikki's BH is her roomie who blogs as Beginninghere where you have commented!
I hope in a few months time you'll have settled down again, and be happy as you deserve to be! Take care. xx

Planethalder said...

All the best to you O. Can't wait to hear more from the next installment of your life! P

MattJ said...

Hey! I still come around I promise! I've just been real busy at work and stuff of late and can barely muster the energy to blog let alone comment of late!

I can't believe your going, you must be so excited!

Jo said...

Liv, I'm really thrilled that you're moving on and you're so upbeat about it! I can't wait to hear about your next adventure, and with American spellings, to boot!

MattJ said...

Yeah, you'll be making free with bizarre pronunciation, an obsession with over emphasising the letter I wherever possible and throwing the letter z into a variety of words like its going out of fashion. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip and hope you are cozy in your new home here in the USA!

Guyana-Gyal said...

EXCITING TIMES! Do you speak with a Brit. accent or American?

Mikeachim said...

Blimey, Liv.

And we never got the chance to say hello in person. :) Ah well, there'll be another time.

Have a fab trip over the Pond.

Oliver said...

Hey, good luck, Olivia.

Funny you should be leaving London just as I have moved back there!

Um Naief said...

what a life changing event. so many things changing for you... and you are handling it so well.

weird how the brits don't do yard sales. i wonder why. and they don't drive trucks, do they?!! i can't remember seeing one while passing thru.

i think you'll be so happy back in the states. i'm really so thrilled for you.

you are a brave woman and remind me of myself when i moved here. it takes courage to make such a change and it's also very empowering to embark on such a life changing adventure.

i can't wait to hear every little detail!!!! :)