Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Surprise Post!

Yesterday, I did not regret braving the driving rain and biting wind to meet with fellow blogger Rick, he of Palm Springs fame, in South Kensington for tea. It was a bank holiday, so he had the day off from his frenetic business trip schedule. (The weather was so bad, the streets were nearly deserted.)

Rick is a most stylish fellow - too bad you can't see the ubiquitous cravat - so I had to dig an outfit out of my suitcase for the occasion. We had a lovely time together, but time cuts short even the best conversations, so this can be continued when I finally get round to visiting everyone in Southern California. (Yes, Nikki and Roomie, this includes you!)

I should not even be blogging at this moment (quiet keystrokes!). I have a million and one things to do....but it gave a nice ending to make an American connection in London before I go "home".


pete said...

He wears a cravat? I'm super jealous, you can't even get them here!

Have a good trip, Liv xx

Anonymous said...

Well, hello there you brave soul! I didn't know who Rick was, but a peek at his blog shows his mug in many photos with the famous - now he can say he's met Olivia! Did you sign his napkin?

Palm Springs Savant said...

Olivia, it was such a treat for me to meet with you. Thanks for your time during such a busy week for you. Happy trails, and see you on the other side of the pond someday soon.

beginninghere said...

Liv, what a nice photo of you both. Looking forward to your arrival and hope our weather will be welcoming. Did Nikki tell you about the tornado and hail we had last week?

Olivia said...

Pete - really? Surely on Jermyn Street or Savile Row. Surely...!

Thanks, Pete.


Nikki - ah, I did not think of that! Actually, I should have asked him to sign mine.


Rick - it was like an oasis of sanity in the midst of the madness! See you soon I hope.


BH - when you say "our" you mean the US in general, right? Seeing as you're 3,000 miles away from where I'm going!

It is sunny and in the upper 70s in NYC, but the day of the wedding will see rain.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Bon voyage, Olivia. Hope you have a wonderful, exciting life over there. Lots of sunshine, cool breeze, happy dreams.

Mark said...

Hope the big move all goes without a hitch for you! I think you may be moving at the right time too; I suspect we've got some difficult times ahead in the UK. Love and best wishes Mark (CafeCortado)

Christopher said...

It does seem somewhat...surreal...I always will think of you as being there, and I am sure you are both happy and sad to be leaving, or perhaps the emotions are mixed. Only you can say for sure. I think that you should rename the blog as something with London being in the title still, somehow...dispatches...yes, but..hmmm...I know YOU of all people can be creative!

Selba said...

It must be so fun to meet blogger in real life :)

I would love to meet you someday... in london, can? :D

Olivia said...

Christopher - amazingly enough, I had no emotions at leaving and I thought I would. Now I'm just excited to be here, but sometimes I feel as though I never left.


Selby - now when will I be in London next? How about NYC? :)

Nabeel said...

that's pretty cool. Blogger meet-ups are always fun. Glad you had a good time. If you guys ever come to the mid-west, then get in touch.

Um Naief said...

it's fun to meet bloggers, but sometimes it can be a bit weird... depending on the person. :)