Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bytes from the Big Apple

Hands up, who wants that title to be on the top of my blog??? Any other suggestions?

Get a cup of tea and put your feet up for this one, it's a saga!


The Big Move

Where to start..............I arrived on the afternoon of Thursday the 29th after the easiest flight I have ever taken. On departure, there were no emotions at all - in fact, I fell asleep during taxi and was sort of awake during take-off. My neighbor was an amiable old fellow originally from Armenia and he and I got along splendidly.

Parkchester, where I am staying with my cousin for now


The Shopping Day

Friday I went to Macy's and got my 11% discount visitor card good for 5 days from issue (note well, in case you need it: go to the Visitor Center upstairs, show them your passport or out of state driver's license and they'll hand it over no problem). Bought a couple of Givenchy necklaces, one gold and crystal choker and one short necklace studded with brown Swarovski crystals. I also satisfied my usual desire for Ralph Lauren clothing. I don't need Macy's for anything else really, not if I can always go to Filene's Basement. More on that another time.

The Empire State Building at night


Staying Downtown

It is warm and summery here now, and by Saturday I was already slimming down and feeling energetic and healthy. My hair is soft, my skin is soft, my lung capacity is greater, no aches and pains, and no black soot in my nostrils.

Approaching Grand Central Station, the shiny Hyatt, and the Chrysler building, along 42nd Street

Saturday afternoon I checked in at the Park Lane Grand Hyatt at Grand Central, a rather nice establishment I must say. Got my room on the 25th floor.

That, I must say, is a very comfy bed

There were more toiletries than I could shake a stick at all over the bathroom

A room with a view...of 42nd Street and Grand Central

My black slippers from London no longer fit in the warm weather, so I had to run out to buy a pair in the afternoon. I was heading in the general direction of Macy's when across the road on Madison Avenue I spotted a swanky looking Payless Shoe Source, it's amazing the nice places that utilitarian shoe store pops up. You get great looking shoes, pretty good quality, for peanuts.

So $24.99 (for shoes, no tax under $100) gave me black patent peep toe kitten heels. Here is my outfit for the dinner:

As I walked down the street feeling very SATC, some old guy commented as he passed me, "Nice lady...", in all a very New York moment.

The event was held at a brasserie which serves "little plates" and my favorite thing to do is make a smorgasbord. As I was not very hungry, I had two lobster and artichoke spring rolls, and a plate of calamari washed down with sangria, and my dessert was puff pastry with whipped cream and raspberry coulis. The restaurant started us out with flutes of champagne and finished us off with tiny glasses of sweet muscat dessert wine.

It rained that night, and for the 3 blocks back to the hotel, I walked in it, enjoying the warm air and the warm droplets on my skin and the warm water in my shoes...

Back in my room I got a bit artistic with things. My bouquet on the windowsill of my room with the night view behind.

Good night New York


L B said...

Ooooo, you're back in the USA!! Wow! One moment you were here, the next, you're over there, in the Big Apple! And you do look gorgeous.. Oh New York! New York!! Love the Blog name.. :-)

The Moody Minstrel said...

I think it's pretty clear that the move has already done you some good, m'lady, and it's not just the air. This site has already gone back to being the way it was before, i.e. making me feel VERRRRRRRY low...


Welcome back online, anyhow!

Olivia said...

Thanks LB, I think this name will stick.

Minstrel - please don't grovel, my faithful subject. :)
Ain't life grand?

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been checking and checking to see if you'd post - hurrah! Here you are, all swank and full of news and photos and more news :-) You look fabulous in that dress. Thanks for all the wedding details.

Anonymous said...

In the Big Apple country, it was a normal wedding party.
Wondering why other guys see it so grand, because of Olivy’s wordings.
You have said “you have been to the best wedding ever!” Have you ever dreamed your dream wedding or bride’s gown how will it look like? ;-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Stop it, stop it, you're making me want to visit New York though I've never even been mildly curious about it.

What a glorious wedding, dress, food, bride, everybody, everything.

I can't wait to see where you settle, New York, Texas, Florida...where, where...

Olivia said...

Nikki - thanks for being persistent ;) and I'm glad you enjoyed this uber long post.


Miss CP - I know for a fact that not every wedding is like this. I've been to many, and there was not so much love and joy in the room as there was here. I went to a wedding at Royal Ascot racecourse about 4 years ago, oh it was fancy too, but it didn't feel like this.

I hope mine is this lovely one day.


Gyal - hehe, I think you said the same thing when I was here last year too!

I don't care to live in Florida, but if NYC doesn't work out in the next few months then I will certainly run away to another state!

Jo said...

Love the name! Love your new looks! Love the gorgeous wedding! I love it all! To top it off, you look splendid and happy!

Much love from Dallas!

MorenaTejana said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaa you're back in the US and closer to me!!! That was a quite lovely wedding! The desserts looked simply divine!! YUMMY!


MorenaTejana said...

Olivia! I wanted to know what SATC means. I googled it and only saw SatCon Technology Corporation and Sex and the City. I'm assuming it is the latter, but I'm not sure. As you can guess, I am NOT a fan nor have I ever wanted to watch that yeah...a bit clueless hehe.


Um Naief said...

ok, ok.. i feel like i'm really behind. in an earlier blog, you mentioned moving... but i obviously missed out big time.

you have moved to new york????


back to the US of A??? if so, i'm completely thrilled for you and can't wait to hear all about the new adventures and shopping excursions...

i'm somewhat jealous, i might add! :)

you look beautiful in the pics. the food looks sooo yummy. your friend is a beautiful bride and most definitely happy. love her gown. i love the pics of new york.

Flighty said...

That was a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits read!
Great, if longish, post and photos. It's good to see you happy like this.
Take care! xx

Anonymous said...

So, Liv, is it time yet to change your "About this blog" profile? And have I mentioned how adorable that chocolate cup is?

Mark said...

Wow! Everything looks fantastic - including you! Are you living in the US permanently now? Our loss, in the UK.

Don't be a stranger!!!


PS thx for your comment on my blog ( I've got an interview next week, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Olivia said...

Jo - thank you! Thank you! Glad you approve of the new title! xoxo


Memoria - yes, quite quite lovely. Indeed...

Yeah, SATC is most definitely not your kind of show. Not really mine either though I did used to sneak peeks when I was in London, just to see the dresses and the city, so I know how to reference it in general conversation.


Um Naief - you make me giggle. Yes you are thinking of the last time I mentioned moving. The time before that, when I went into more detail, you were in Cali with your sis and not on the blogs. But it's OK. Thank you for trying to catch up!

Ohhhhh *blush* don't get me started on the shopping. I'm spending pounds, of course. Anne Taylor Loft and Macy's and Filene's and DSW Shoes. I like all of these places.

I got home tonight and wondered if I should blog my purchases???


Flighty - thank you for persevering. Did you eat digestives? I shall be shorter in future, but I had two weeks of catching up to do there, didn't I? xx


Nikki - I really didn't think of that....thanks for the reminder.


Mark - Oh yes, back here permanently.

I'll remember you next week and good luck. I hope to get an interview somewhere next week so if you have any extra fingers, do cross them for me too.

Palm Springs Savant said...

wow! I'm finally getting caught up on all the goings on! you have been busy! I am very familar with that Hyatt. I was at an event there back in February and had a wonderful time. Great photos Olivia!

Palm Springs Savant said...

ps- the wedding looks lovely, and what a beautiful bride!

Selba said...

So fantastic!!!

You look so good and gorgeous :) The happy atmosphere is all around in big apple!

What a nice wedding...

Olivia said...

Rick - my word, you do get around!


Selby - it really is an energetic city.