Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Touristy week

I have sunburn!

Roomie came home from work after lunch so we packed a picnic and went to Shore Park by the bridge (you've all seen pics in last post) and had a fun game of badminton.

Apologies for not blogging as much as I'd like. My photos are on my laptop, my wi-fi reception is intermittent, and I don't really want to blog on the shared computer because, well, it's not portable!



I bought a four poster bed at IKEA two weekends ago. The mattress and storage base were in the store so I acquired them for delivery. The four poster frame was somewhere in New Jersey, so they kept the other two pieces in order to marry the three and make one delivery a few days later. A week and a half later, my delivery comes - without bed frame.

The walk to Pier 11 takes you along Wall Street.
Clockwise L to R:
Federal Hall is where George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States of America in April 1789.
View of Trinity Church at the top end of Wall Street.
Trinity upshot.
The New York Stock Exchange at night.

The free IKEA ferry uses a couple of NY Water Taxis



Last week I accompanied my old friend from Houston on his quest to find an apartment in the area. If I'd had more time to find a place I would have looked at Jersey City too. We saw 13 apartments. No matter how many you see, there is always the ONE that stands out, and that is the one he took the very next day.

They build those luxury apartments really well in Jersey City, and the views over the water of Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty are amazing. There are some charming historic streets, but there is a lot of development going on and yet it is a very pristine area full of wide streets, benches and flowerbeds. Not only are there fancy new towerblocks, but the new rowhouses (terraces) are being built in the traditional style with great variations between each one, all charming. The area around the old power station will become a trendy arts district in the next 2 or The PATH train (that stops first at World Trade Center) is large, clean, and fast. It only takes 2 minutes to cross into Jersey, and 10 minutes max to get to Pavonia/Newport.

Clockwise L to R:
The old power station will be the center of a new arts district currently under development.
Downtown Manhattan at the end of the pier at Jersey City.
A view from one of the luxury condo towers.
Two towers going up.



Tuesday was a welcome break so Chris could negotiate for his new apartment and I could pay attention to mine, and meet with my friend Denise.

Denise suggested a trendy young Thai place, and then we made the discovery of the season:

Max Brenner's chocolate factory, and the delightful hug mugs



Chris and I met up twice more that week and did touristy things.

Wednesday: Landmark Tour of Buildings - Empire State, Chrysler, and GE (Rockefeller)

I lost the best artsy photos, and I don't know how!

A passageway in Grand Central Station

A late art deco building on 6th Avenue

An exterior wall of the Chrysler Building

A doorway surrounded by an art deco Zodiac frieze



Thursday: Day at the Museum (of Natural History)

Teddy Roosevelt was a governor of New York

The Art Horses are here already! Jazzy one.

Mechanical one

The main hall of the museum

The Planetarium where we watched When Planets Collide



Friday, I had a preliminary interview for a part time job at a furniture gallery (haven't heard back yet for the second round), and met my cousin for dinner at a lovely Italian place near Union Square called Buona Sera.

And I got a nifty new phone, the flattest I've ever seen. Though this one takes photos and plays music, I am keeping my Sony Ericsson for the 3.2MP camera and MP3 player with silicone earbuds.


Selba said...

Wooohooo... new handphone! :)

Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Terrific mini tour, Olivia! I'm loving your touristy look around your new "neighborhood". Hopefully, your internet connection will get sorted and you'll blog more -- yay!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Does the manager of that chocolate bar have a goatee, a widow's peak, and maybe a pair of horns? ;-)

Still lovin' the trip, m'lady!

Michelle G said...

I'm baccccccccccccckkkkkkk!

MorenaTejana said...

Looks like you're a busy, fun, and eventful life up there in NY!

I love your nails!! I noticed your pretty hands more than the phone haha. I didn't know you have T-mobile! So do I!

Olivia said...

Selby - new gadgets are always exciting :)


Nikki - actually, my laptop seems to have died sometime between the time I used it this morning, and the time I tried to use it just now!

I power it up, the lights come on, and the hard drive doesn't engage. Nobody's home...


Minstrel - It's described as Chocolate By The Bald Man. I've just discovered that Max Brenner is not one man but two, Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner who started the company up ten years ago in Israel, and now have branches there, here, and inexplicably, in Australia.


Michy - Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Memoria - ooh, is your number still the same as it was last time I saw you???

Glo said...

Hi Liv ~ thanks for dropping by my blog :) It's great to catch up with your "goings on"; your photos are terrific! I'm sorry to hear you lost some photos though, and that you are having computer hiccups. Not fun!! Hope your bed got sorted out...sounds like you are keeping busy! Happy July 4th! I'll look forward to hearing how you celebrated! Glo

Hui Lin said...

Hi Olivia,

Nope, I don't think we have a mutual friend! I just happened to be blogsurfing and found a blog which had a link to your blog. Now I can't even remember which blog that was...

Don't feel obliged to link me! Was only informing you just in case you minded my linking you!

Flighty said...

It's really nice to be reading these longish photo blog type entries of yours again.
They're terrific photos, of which I really like the first one.
Enjoy tomorrow which I'm sure you'll be celebrating in style! xx

Palm Springs Savant said...

Fab photos Olivia, I love the Chrysler building and all the Art Deco stuff. I lived in Manhattan for a few years and loved every minute of it. Glad you are getting around.

"Buona Sera" what a lovely name for a restaurant.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I've never seen New York portrayed the way you show it, it's lovely.

Look at those lights in Grand Central!

The art horses are the best, I'm going nuts wishing we had stuff like that here! But I guess it can only happen if we ourselves do it.

I love blogs. They open up the world for me.

Olivia said...

Glo - I missed the Revolutionary Walk around downtown, but am hoping to catch the fireworks tonight.


Hui Lin - I don't mind, thank you - and once I get into my template I'll add you too.


Flighty - it's been a lazy day and the hours have escaped me...so as I said to Glo, I can at least try to get out for the fireworks!

So glad you're enjoying my blog again! I am too!


Rick - it's too bad I lost my best photos. I will have to revisit one day and recapture them for your viewing pleasure.


Gyal - yeah, what you see on TV, it really is fiction (now anyway). I don't know how such a high level of law and order is maintained in such a huge city, but it is.

Of course, I will say that the authorities worked hard for years to reach this point.

Olivia said...

Oh, and about the art horses. Various art animals (horses, pegasus, cows) have been travelling through cities across the US for years now - and the art cows are going to be in London soon.

I know art is not a priority in a country where so much else is needed, but just like your idea of mosaic walls - it takes an army of individuals to build a community.

Mark said...

Looks like you're having far too good a time! Take care xx

Mark (CafeCortado)

Um Naief said...

aaahhh, love all the photos. i love seeing NY thru your eyes!

i recently found a Belgium choc place here and it is tooooo die for!!! i got a big box and ate all the dark choc pieces w/in a two day time span!! and it melts in my mouth and is so tasty... i just love it. :) this is my new favorite place!! glad you found a choc place you love as much!

love the new phone. i just got one as well, but mine is twice as thick as yours. would have loved to have a thin one but couldn't find one that i liked and there aren't that many here to choose from.

Um Naief said...

and i almost forgot... until i paged back up on your blog to get your new name to change my blog....

I LOVE THE SKY PICTURE!!! it's glorious... makes me long for the skies of the States. it's been so yellow here w/ all the sand storms...just hate it, hate it.

but... your pic put a smile on my face! :)

Jo said...

You know that Dallas has the art Pegasuses!

You seem so very upbeat! I'm glad things are going well for you in NYC!

Olivia said...

Mark - just like you are at your new job? Hehe.


Um Naief - are you going to have to train yourself not to go to that chocolate place every day?

You might like to know that as I type this, two American Robins have landed on the gable roof and are bathing in the water in the gutter below. One has spotted me through the window, and is not too sure whether to go or stay. Oh, he's gone!

There are many more photos to come, wait and see. So glad you like!


Jo - how long do they stay? When I was in Dallas for a conference about 8 years ago, I think they had just arrived.

:) Yep, now crossing fingers for a job.

Olivia said...

Oh yes, we were staying at the Hilton Anatole (filled with Oriental decor) and wouldn't have known about the Pegasuses if there weren't two in the lobby!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I've seen pics. of the art cows in Belgium...

The sad thing is, about art not being a priority here...it should be a priority because it's art that opens up the mind, gives people vision. But they're really trying now. I remember someone had an art exhibition, she made it easily accessible to the public, she said she was so touched to see all kinds of folks coming to view the art, women in rubber slippers, poor folks, they were just so excited.