Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week condensed

Here is one week condensed into one day, what a concept!

1) An addictive breakfast of spicy scrambled egg (with chipotle powder, sriracha sauce, lots of cheese) in a Thomas Sahara wrap, topped with ketchup.

2) Wandered into Payless Shoe Source, where if all else fails you can pick up something for a bargain, and they're now in the middle of the big summer sale. These beaded white patent leather flats are by Brazilian designer Abaete for Payless, original price £39.95 and, yep, you guessed it, I got these for $19.95. My Steve Madden-wearing roomie loves them ;)

3) In SoHo for a haircut at the wonderful Aveda, where it always smells like rosemary and you get a complimentary hand massage and herbal tea. Hair is an expensive thing to have.

There are many warehouses on cobbled streets in this small shopping/gallery district. I spotted many familiar European names: Karen Millen, L'Occitane en Provence (with its own restaurant!), Benetton, Ben Sherman, Pepe Jeans, and so on.

Immediately after snapping this, on the steps of a quaint cafe, I struck up a conversation with a couple from London - he's been here a year, she's been here a couple of months. And they love it.

4) Back home in Bay Ridge, I pass a fire station in the dwindling light.

4) It's dark out, and I am home, all sweaty, but happy. I love my Ralph Lauren t-shirts and my Yankees baseball cap ;)
Honestly, though, even in Texas I rarely wore caps or even hats...but it's actually a good idea if you're on a field trip - not in the city, of course. They dress up out there.

Today in NYC it's as hot as Texas: 94F (33C). In a little while I am setting off for a housewarming party in Chelsea for some former business school classmates of my friend Chris, who moved up from Houston yesterday.

Foot update: It's been nearly a week since it's been out of sorts. I re-injured it the day before yesterday running up the stairs from a giant spider just when it was improving, but it feels as though it will be better tomorrow...I hope.

Job update: Monday I am meeting someone at an allied health career college to find out about their programs. That's right. As usual, I am attempting another field change. Pharmacy tech? Veterinary tech? Dental assistant? We shall see....there is MUCH growth in the health care and medical research sector here and I would hate to miss out on it. Remember, I started out in biology and my first job was in a lab. I enjoyed it and found it fulfilling, so why did I leave? To follow a pipe dream, an idealistic whim, thinking I could earn money on a hobby.

Although the arts are huge out here, there is not much money in it. I dread being pigeonholed into finance again. And at this point I seek stability rather than pipe dreams. As an adult, you learn that life revolves around paying the rent. I want to be in a field that will not suffer during future economic downturns.

I am here for a new life, after all!


meimei said...

good luck in your new life sweetie.

Chad hopes you will find something too!

we read your blog together, its like our couple thing, lol.

anyway babes, you look so cute in your hat, rest those feet and the shoes were cute.

I have to do a blog on my shoe collection. I have so many now.

hugs n kisses

michybear and the man.


PS blogger cancled my michellegosse account so I made a carbon copy of it

Glo said...

Enjoyed your interesting/picture perfect update ~ Good luck with upcoming meeting ~ sounds like you're having fun (except for the giant spider --eek!)

MorenaTejana said...

You look tooo cute in your hat and shirt!!! I love the look!! Good luck with your new career choice!

Olivia said...

Mich - I think it's cute that you and your man read my blog together. As I said on your blog, I'm glad you're settling into a real life there in town.

I got rid of a lot of shoes before I left London and now have 10 pairs, which includes about 3 pairs I bought here. I need some more, as most of mine are casual and not suited to summer.


Glo - thanks, I hope the meeting is as informative as it promises to be.

I haven't seen any bugs since the full moon!


Morenatejana - thank you, it's my most comfy summer style.

Do you think I am crazy for doing this career change, yet again?

beginninghere said...

Love your post as usual, Liv. Sorry to hear about your foot though. I am thrilled to know you like eggs, apparently as much as I do. When you come out we will have to capitalize on that. I had to laugh about your comment on hair being expensive. You are right about that of course. I find other things amazingly expensive too and I am not even thinking of gasoline! Still, it sounds like you are in the right place and surely the job situation will come together before long. I understand about wanting a job you enjoy that can also weather the economic shifts and turns as well as pay the mortgage. Looking forward to hearing what direction you take!

meimei said...

I don't think your crazy. Its normal to change paths.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you'll find a good job soon - or rather, that some worthy employer will find you!

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-Happy New Life...and,sighhh..I still can't see the photos,though I'm sure they must be lively.:)

Um Naief said...

i LOVE Payless!!! i went crazy before leaving calif and bought like 6 pairs of shoes!!! love them!!! only wish they had it here.

your shoes are cute... and you look adorable in your ralph lauren shirt and baseball cap!

how are you finding new yorkers? friendly? i like the neighborhood you're living in...

Hui Lin (: said...

Gosh the eggs look incredibly good. it's 2.48 am and I am hungry and in need of overdue supper ): You're making me crave scrambled eggs hehe!

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-the last line says it all-*I'm here for a new life,after all* true.:)Great to see things moving along nicely, from job updates to scrambled egg breakfasts..

hope the lil foot is aok soon!:)