Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soul Food

Today the weather is very English: rain, wind, and temps under 10C (about 47F).

I'm off to Canada on Thursday for a few days, for a big family reunion on the occasion of my eldest cousin's 50th birthday.

So I'd better catch you up before I go...

(Apologies if some of the images are clipped short by the sidebar, which detracts from their impact.)


A couple of weekends ago, I stayed at my cousin Ryan and he drove us up to Westchester for the birthday of cousin Mandy's husband C. I enjoyed all the wonderful homecooked Guyanese food in their lovely cosy warm house, hanging out with their very intelligent kids. The guests were mostly C's relatives. His brother and sister-in-law are dentists - in fact they said if I wanted I could have an assisting job for the asking. I didn't know while I was there that his other brother is a lawyer, but I am considering legal assisting.

Skippy rules the world, and as he'd had a hard day cooking the food and supervising the kids, by the end of the night he was the sleepiest member of the family!


Last Friday I was invited to the Chanel Mobile Art exhibition in Central Park. However, seeing as I live so far outside of Manhattan AND at the end of a train line, there was a significant delay which meant that the time slot on my ticket had expired by the time I got there half an hour late. (Fortunately it was free.)

While I waited for my friend to emerge from the pavilion, I took photos:

The pavilion designed by architect Zaha Hadid

An auxiliary building blends into the landscape.


Afterwards, we walked a few blocks to Alice's Teacup for lunch/afternoon tea on E 81st St. and 5th Ave.(?)

This teacup really is an antique, from Bavaria

We chose the "Mad Hatter Tea for Two" which included 3 scones, 2 sandwiches, and a dessert spread. There were 150 types of tea to choose from! Predictably, I got one that would go with milk and sugar.

Scones: winter berry, oatmeal chocolate chip, buttermilk - with strawberry preserves and cream of course.

Sandwiches: 1) smoked chicken, stilton and granny smith apple and 2) chicken curry with apples and red onions (the flavor is haunting me right now).

Dessert: a hefty slice of mocha chocolate chip and buttercream icing cake, and a variety of crispy cookies.


Then we went to the MET since it was such a lovely day, neither of us wanted to go straight home.

I snapped quite a lot of Greco Roman artefacts and sculptures but most of them didn't turn out so well with my phonecam. These are the best ones:

Roman religion required the woman to be covered during devotions

This rock crystal perfume bottle is the size of a man's thumb, so imagine the fine workmanship on the chain - I have an identical necklace which is only 40 years old, and this is about 1,960 years older than that!

Fine granulation and filigree on a gold Roman brooch

However, on this day the Egyptian images turned out better:

The Cat Goddess (Basta) in her simple Bastet form

A wooden head

Pharaoh whose name is on the tip of my tongue...

She-Pharaoh Hatshepsut, from her tomb

A scarab

These glass bead frogs are about the size of peas!

The Temple of Dendur, rescued from flooding as a result of the building of the Aswan Dam

Papyrus fronds in front of the Temple

The amazing space dedicated to the Temple of Dendur


And on Saturday, I cooked cutlets:


by Glo said...

Hi Liv ~ great to catch up with you :) Looks like you are having a great time. A lovely assortment of photos as usual ~ the intricacies of the jewelry are amazing! Your tea had my mouth watering! To resize the photos so they'll fit on the narrower blog area, I go to Dashboard, Edit posts, click on the one that needs editing. Choose the 'Compose' tab which will enable you to click on each photo and grab one of the corner handles (hold down Shift key to keep ratio) and pull it down to a smaller size. Let go of your shift key last, otherwise the picture goes scrunchy. Hope that helps...if not clear, I'll try to give a better explanation.

Good to hear you'll be visiting Canada, although on the other side of the country! Looking forward to seeing some pics from there...and hope a few colourful leaves hang on until you arrive :) Still gorgeous weather here, chilly nights, but blue sky which emphasizes and gilds the leaves!

Selba said...


Skippy so cute!!!

The sandwiches look yummy *slurp*

Have fun in Canada!!!

meimei said...

oh the MET, one day I shall go. Love the pics. That tea cup looked amazing...and have fun in Canada

Anonymous said...

Nice collection of pics of which I had comments to add and then I saw the food at the end and my brain went blank and my tummy rumbled! LOL I missed lunch so you'll have to forgive me ;o) xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox

Flighty said...

As you well know I love your entries like this and this is no exception!
I shall have a another leisurely look and doubtless comment again, meantime enjoy your trip to Canada. xx

Christopher said...

Gorgeous! Lovely! I love it when you post pictures of all the art that captures your eye! MWAH! Love this blog!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures- as always.
you have certainly made me hungry. yum!
have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing how trip went when you get back.


Olivia said...

Glo - so glad you enjoyed the pics. Unfortunately I link to my photo's image page on Flickr which usually seems to work. This time I tried Picasaweb. I don't upload them into the post anymore. I probably have to fiddle with my template measurement code. The text area is really narrow!

Olivia said...

Selby - There was enough food for three, so you should have been there! We couldn't finish it.

Olivia said...

Mich - I can totally see you capturing a great little tea set at one of your little vintage stores ;)

Olivia said...

Diva - so did you end up eating the junk you'd promised last night?


Glo said...

Hi again, Liv ~ Thanks for explaining re your photos! By the way, I thought it was priceless and funny that after looking at all those amazing art photos, ta da...food :)

meimei said...

plus did I mention Skippy is so cute

Palm Springs Savant said...

OK- first off, Skippy is very cute! Second, that Mad Hatter Tea (LOL) looks to die for, and finally, I love the Cat Goddess. Nice post.
Oh, and Happy Halloween Olivia!

Guyana-Gyal said...

If any non-reader of blogs asks me why I read blogs, I will tell them that I can get all the things from blogs that I can't from life here.

I just feel as if I've had a feast of art, food, history here And I just came from reading an Aussie blog http://www.twobluefish.blogspot.com and there was music and art and talk about creating things of shining beauty.

And if anyone tells me that there are articles I can read, blah blah, well, I tell them that here I can 'get' tea and sandwiches and cream cakes too.

Blogs are so much more personal. Happy family reunion.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Hmm, let's see...in this post we've seen/heard about:

Weather, New York, art, food, family, a possible serendipitous opportunity, a pet(/baby), history...

Yep, it's all there! M'lady in a nutshell! ;-)

(Now what are you going to post about?)

Jo said...

I love the tea setting! So adorable! Almost as cute as Skippy!

Those Egyptian artifacts remind me that we've got the Tut exhibit here in Dallas right now (well, only half of it, really, since the shiesty folks that put it on are doing a concurrent one in Atlanta).

Been thinking about going and seeing it...

Um Naief said...

here i thought i left a msg on this days ago... and there's nothing. boy... how things slip my memory!

the chicken looks so good. how do you make it? doesn't look too overly fattening, and i like that!;)

i've always loved egyptian artifacts. i went to the cairo museum a few yrs ago and loved it... altho, i was a bit bothered by how they had everything just thrown about. no labeling, no information, nothing. that was very bothersome. so it's good to see that you actually get to see great things and learn from it. i guess the egyptians have so much stuff, they don't really care. not sure.

how i'd love to have these types of museums here to share w/ naief. one day i'd love to take a trip to NY just to see the culture.

the weather has finally dipped down into the 80s here... FINALLY! the wind is up and the wind chimes fill my days. :) it actually sprinkled the other evening.... for like 30 secs! ;) seriously.

how's it all going? how's the job search? what happened w/ that legal guy you met? anything??

i actually met an american girl married to a bahraini the other day at the book store. could hardly believe it. she seemed nice enough. weird... but i've been meeting a lot of ppl lately. i let go of a friendship, felt not sure about my decision, and now... many good ppl seem to be coming into my life. :)

hope things are well w/ you.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing few days!

The museum pictures look amazing. And I'm very tempted to check out Alice's litte tea place, soon. The china looks so inviting.

The Egyptian/Roman exhibit looks great. I know how you feel, when you wish you had a better camera to take shots of your favorite things. ^^

At the end of the day, theres nothing better then a cutlet! Bravo!

Carol said...

great post, thanks for all the photos.

I left you an award over on my blog :)

beginninghere said...

Hi Liv, glad to connect with you again. Thanks for the tour around the Met. That Bavarian teacup is really nice too. I do love tea and tea parties with lot of nummy things to eat. You're looking well. I am glad :)