Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Saturday I ventured up to the Upper West Side for a girl's evening in with Denise.

We had pizza and salad at a pizza place, and as it was so cold out we wanted dessert at home.  So we stopped in at Magnolia Cupcakes where we bought a couple of hot chocolates and two cupcakes.  

We got comfy in her adorable apartment where we had our dessert, some blueberries and raspberries, and even some Greek dessert wine.  It was just wonderful hanging out with my old friend, chatting and gossiping and watching Oswald (sooooo cuuuuute!).  Denise is a reading specialist with the little kids so would appreciate something like that :)  Oswald is a blue octopus who wears a little bowler hat and has a sausage dog called Weenie.  Oswald and Weenie cleared out the closet and put some things in the wagon to take to the city dump.  However, walking through the park on the way there, people kept stopping them to take items they thought they could use.  And by "people", I mean a penguin, a walkin' talkin' tree, cactus, daisy, butterfly and caterpillar, even a trio of paper cutout people....!

In the living room:





Glo said...

LOL ~ What a fun post! You see, I thought when you said we watched Oswald, that might be her son ... and then as the story unfolded ~ with octopus, penguins, and paper cutouts ...I understood it to be a show. Of course, Oswald couldn't have been left alone at home while his dad was working and his mom off eating pizza and buying cupcakes! My brain did something like the effects on the photos of the gorgeous lamp ~ hope that makes sense. Time for bed...;)

Um Naief said...

as you know, i love Oswald!! just love him and so does Naief. i only hope i can find a dvd to put in his stocking for xmas. have yet to see any... just lucked into two episodes on a barney cd.

love your coat. looks so warm and comfy.

just looooove cupcakes. so wish we had a good place to get there here. :)

Christopher said...

That is a fun post...were you able to smuggle out that gorgeous light installation?

The Moody Minstrel said...

A BLUE octopus is definitely after my own heart!

...not to mention cupcakes and hot chocolate...

And so a simple light fixture becomes both a work of art and something to keep you occupied for at least a few minutes!

Anonymous said...

I am highly suggestible when it comes to food - now I've got pizza, salad, and cupcakes stuck in my brain. Thanks.

Olivia said...

Glo - it did make sense, and what were you still doing up on the west coast when the east coast was starting its day?


Um Naief - can you get things on Amazon there? Or ask your sis to send you something?

That coat is cozy but not my warmest, I also have a long, down-filled brown one with sleeves that are sealed at the wrist to keep out the wind. I wore it once and was too hot so may keep it for the snow.


Kissy - I think my friend might have noticed the extra bulk under my sweater, and not due to all the food we ate! ;)


Minstrel - hehe, of course, you go nuts for blue.

Doesn't take much to make me happy.


Nikki - well then missie, you will just have to avoid reading the posts where I talk about food ;) However, they don't hold a candle to yours! Imagine if I did a Nikki-style food post every week!

Jo said...

That's it! I'm making cupcakes! :D

meimei said...

cute post

Selba said...

Did I hear pizza? eh.. I meant read pizza? hehehe... I want pizza! I love pizza! *drooling*

Palm Springs Savant said...

great photo of you Olivia!

beginninghere said...

Ah Liv, I enjoyed this post. Relaxing time with an old friend is great. A cupcake and Greek dessert wine sound inviting too. I wish I could have seen the cartoon. Sounds cute.

Um Naief said...

yeah, i can order amazon, it's just a pain and terribly expensive - or rather the company that we use to bring the stuff in from the states. that's why i'd prefer to find something here if at all possible. i've looked at two places now and nothing... looked on amazon the other day and they have 3 or 4 to choose from, so i'm either gonna order one from there or have the place at the mall order it for me, which would probably be my best bet. he so loves oswald!! :)