Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter is here at last

Oh my gawd!  It musta snowed in Canada or somethin' cuz it's frickin' freezing out here!!!  (Said in best NYC accent.)

Seriously, I made a late night run to the grocery store on Atlantic Avenue and the wind was so biting that by the time I walked one block from the subway to the entrance my face went numb!  As I entered the relative warmth of the fresh produce section I gasped with shock and spent the next few minutes clutching my face.  

They say the Christmas weather has arrived a month early.  Eeee!


AND ANOTHER THING!  I HAVE LOST MY CURLS!!!  Yes, a few weeks ago my hair suddenly went straight, well ok, wavy - but to me that feels straight.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  What used to be my kiss curl is now a straight wisp that keeps falling into my eye.  Very annoying.  

Once upon a time nothing would affect those curls - not cold weather, dry heating, or a change of styling products.  Now, nothing I use is bringing them back :(

I know I used to complain about them, but it was all in jest and I am sorry, I truly am....pleeeeeeeeease come back, please...?


This week has turned up a couple of good things to apply to, so wish me luck.

Just felt like sharing a nice picture, the clerestory of St Patrick's in Manhattan:

Gives me a contented feeling to look at it.


Jo said...

Find something wooly and thaw out, Liv! :)

Anonymous said...

That is quite a shot, Olivia. I love the details in the columns. We're beginning to ease into winter here. This means it's going to be in the 70s instead of the 80s and 90s.

Selba said...

I LOVE winter!!! :D

Oh no... you lost your curls? those cute curls...

"curls.. curls.. curls... come back to Livie..."

p.s: sometimes beside the weather, it's also depend on the shampoo, right?

beginninghere said...

Hi Liv, I had to go back and see your last post too. Love all the pics. I must say I don't miss the freezing cold weather I used to live in. I could definitely understand the kind of piercing cold you described. I only wish we had cooler weather and some rain! Thanks for adding that beautiful picture of the cathedral.

Flighty said...

Snow is forecast for here on Sunday!
Sorry to hear that you've lost your curls!
Good luck with the job applications.
That is a terrific photo! xx

The Moody Minstrel said...

What was it that did in the curls? Was it the cold? The humidity? The chemical content of the air? The chemical content of the water? Your brand of shampoo? That stuff you've been sprinkling on your breakfast cereal? Lemon curry?

I just can't imagine you without curls, m'lady!

meimei said...

and now you know what winter is like here in Newfoundland. Actually this year it is quite mild and rainy

Anonymous said...

Well, we are in the second half of November... can't expect too many heatwaves at this time of year! Great blog, as always. I have to admit, religious places of worship are often beatiful. Thanks for that great picture.
Regards, Cafe

Olivia said...

Jo - well, woolies are great but sometimes the wind goes right through...


Nikki - ooh, the 70s...tell me about it in another month.


Selby - you like winter because you don't get any :)

I think the curls are trying to come back today, a little bit. It's not the weather or the shampoo because that doesn't usually make a difference. I've had curls in -20C with dry heating, and even if I forgot to use conditioner.


BH - I was indeed dreading the arrival of winter, so we shall see how it goes...
I hope you get some rain in SoCa this winter - is that usually when it happens?


Flighty - the same was forecast for Tuesday but it didn't happen, and now they're saying tomorrow, but there's been too much sunshine and not enough cloud. xx


Minstrel - the water here is softer so in my experience that usually increases curl. You have a point with cereal sprinkles! I've changed my herbal supplements lately.


Mich - ah, but what you call mild is probably arctic further south!


Cafe - it's at least 10 degrees colder than it should be at this time of year. 10C would be about right. We had no time to acclimatize to the change, since last week it was a balmy 15-20C (yes sort of a heatwave!), hence the shock at the sudden drop in temperature.

Guyana-Gyal said...

The first time I experienced winter [and it wasn't even cold by Canada's standard from what I've heard] I bawled, "I'm so cold, it's so cold, boo hoo."

Ow, I hope the curls come back. They're so you and cute.

I'm waiting for the pic. to appear. I might write a few pages here while waiting, internet is slooooow.

I hear it's so cold in Canada that wee freezes before it hits the ground [if one is mad enough to wee outdoors in winter].

Guyana-Gyal said...

That stained glass is a work of art.

I think the New York people should hire you to write about New York, life, beauty, food, style, that kind of thing.

Olivia said...

Gyal - yes, at more than 40 degrees below zero flesh would freeze after a few minutes, and you're not really supposed to go outdoors then...

Glad you like the photo. I love stained glass in churches, the way sunlight shines through them inside, or at night, the way interior light makes them glow outside.

Maybe I should just get paid for blogging! Meh, I have looked into that and you earn cents so it might as well stay this way.

I do check for writing jobs regularly :)

meimei said...

Guyana-Gyal is right, that stained glass is amazing

Anonymous said...

I need to go visit St. Patrick's again. The last time I did, it was in the 90s.

I HATE the cold, so I know what you're feeling. I came into the house, an hour ago, clutching my ears to prevent frost bite!

So much for me, wearing a skirt everyday, for my birth month December. Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

Your curls probably left with the humidity of warm weather. Single life in NYC sounds exciting, so it is fun to read here. and I always love your beautiful pictures.
I am am Facebook, too. If you want to add a longtime blog buddy, my real name is Jessica Hartin and I would love to have you on my friends list there.

Olivia said...

Mich - well now I know, next time I see some stained glass I will take more photos!


OnlyGodKnows - welcome, I think I've seen you on Um Naief's page.

Yes, next time you're in the neighborhood, do pop into St Patricks. My friend and I were only there to walk around for a few minutes, but we left feeling special.

You think we ought to invest in some of those warm fuzzy earmuffs?


Jessica - how sweet of you, thanks!

Looks like curls can withstand a Canadian Christmas better than a New York one.

panda_eyed said...

Oh no @ the curls! I wouldn't know you without them! Do you think it has anything to do with the softness of the water? I notice that when I'm in HK, my hair is softer and has looser waves.

In an opposite situation to yours, my curls are starting to grow back (after they were burnt straight last Jan) and I now have curly/frizzy roots, but the ends are still only slightly wavy :| Patience is one thing I have v little of!

Hope iy gets warmer for you soon Livs xx

Um Naief said...

i really miss beautiful churches... i so wish we had a few here. i want to take naief to xmas mass, or christmas eve mass... for the stations of the cross... hope it all works out.

what happened to your curls??? is it the cold weather? i love curls... so hopefully they're on vacation. :) i so hope. it's weird they'd just go limp though... i've never really heard of such.

your face was numb?? that's cold!!! get a scarf to wrap, that way, you wont have such the next time around... or hopefully.

Olivia said...

Pandy - can't be the soft water because my aunts in Canada have their water softened and I never lost my curls then. I think it's body chemistry. Perhaps a latent effect of the extreme stress of October.



Um Naief - had no idea you were behind on my posts, thanks for catching up.

I hope you enjoy taking Naief to church. It is always a lovely experience when you've been away for a while.

I really dislike covering my face with a scarf. I grew up doing that in England....ugh, memories of the playground and a wet scarf from breathing behind it for half an hour....