Thursday, January 29, 2009

DC 3.0

I went to the National Mall on Wednesday. I got on a bus that went through picturesque Georgetown and then got out at around 17th and H, a couple of blocks from the White House.

I am not too pleased with my photos, I don't know why, maybe it's because in the winter you're racing against the fading of the light, so I felt rushed. And I guess I didn't want to be sightseeing alone.

I had ALL this ground to cover!
On the west end is the Lincoln Memorial, then follow the mall east and you see the Washington Monument. South of the WM is the Jefferson Memorial, and North of the WM is the White House. Then there is the mall lined with representative institutions of the nation, and at the east end is the Capitol, which is the center from where the city is split into Quadrants.

The back of the White House near the Ellipse. I decided to see the front after I'd come back round from walking the Mall.

The Washington Monument is separated from the White House by the great Ellipse, just a giant grass oval.

Slightly zoomed in view west to the Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial, from my position under the Washington Memorial

Very zoomed in view south to the Jefferson Memorial from under the Washington Memorial

From the Wash. Mem. :--- North - there's the front of the White House I was looking for, South to the Jefferson Mem., East to the Lincoln Mem.

Standing in the central point of the Mall, at the old Smithsonian Castle, view north across the Mall to the Museum of Natural History. Then look east back towards the Washington Mem, and west to the distant US Capitol.

Look north to the Justice Department

While I am standing southerly in front of the Hirshhorn Museum

Built in 2004, the National Museum of the American Indian

Very pleasing lines, don't you agree?

The National Air & Space Museum. Like many of the Museums along the mall, all part of the Smithsonian Institution

The National Gallery of Art across north from the Air/Space Museum

Finally at the Capitol

A statue of Meade in front of the US Courthouse

The National Gallery of Art as it faces Pennsylvania Avenue. I was now on my way back round to find the front of the White House

The National Archives of the United States of America, this building is vast. It was the last photo I took because the light was really going. I didn't make it to the front of the White House - but I got close on 14th and G, and should have turned west.

However, I kept seeing signs for Metro Center to the east, and I really needed to top up my metro card and find a restroom. So, walked past Macy's, got on the metro 7 stops to Friendship Heights (my new neighborhood), which I swear only took 10-12 minutes - YAY!

I went into Mazza Gallerie which is a mall, home to Neiman Marcus, Ann Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Williams Sonoma, and a few other rather exclusive shops. I don't need to go back there for a looooong time. I will in future make do with the T J Maxx across the road and have a look around for the younger Ann Taylor Loft, which I love.

It was dark out by then so I got on a bus that would take me back down to where I'm staying. What I like about the buses here is that the names of the stops are announced, so you know when to get off. The whole reason I usually avoid buses is I feel lost and out of control, and I like the subway because at least I know what stops are coming and I can get out and find my way from there. Another good thing is the bus stops are 1.5 blocks apart, so you never have to hunt for one or get lost in between them.

One day I will go into all those museums, but hey, I'm going to live here so I have plenty of time - let's just hope I don't keep putting it off for that same reason.

I didn't show you the FBI, the State Department, and so many other buildings radiating out from the mall - the heart of the city, the brain center of the nation.


Jo said...

So, when are you going to have a contest for your new blog moniker?

Livvy's gone Washington?

Olivia's having a capital time!

Liv Does D.C.


nikkipolani said...

Lovely scenes, Liv, full of anticipated visits! You're really in the middle of it all. So were you able to set up interviews?

Flighty said...

The NASM has a truly wonderful collection of aircraft and would be at the top of my list to visit!
I'm really enjoying these DC posts. xx

AmitL said...

Lovely pics,Olivia!!And,interesting fact-about buses and their announcements of stops..they're trying to do that,here too!!

Waiting for pics of the FBI,State Dept,etc..

The Moody Minstrel said...

"Bytes from the Big Apple" is right out.

How about "Olivia's Heart of the Nation"?

"Olivia's Dreams from D.C."?

"Olivia's Watching Some D.C."?

"Olivia's Capital Communique"?

"Olivia's Capital Punishment"?

(Now I'm just getting silly...)

I'm glad you're going to all these places and sharing your accounts and photos. Then I don't have to feel quite so deprived.

Olivia said...

Jo - I liked the last one you thought of, a few blog posts back....


Nikki - unfortunately, nobody got back to me. I know things are tight, and even at the best of times recruiters look for an excuse to throw out resumes. Let's hope that when the address at the top of the page changes, I will start to get better results.


Flighty - yes, I am all in a rush to visit the NASM today because I read yesterday that the historic explorer hall (or whatever it's called) will be closed this Sunday until May 2010 for renovations!


Amit - you can see Flickr pics now? That's good.

Just as in NYC, I will be carrying my camera phone with me every day, so you won't miss out even if I am not officially touring.


Minstrel - heyyyy, Capital Communique. I like that!

Glo said...

Wow! I haven't been on my computer at home for a few days, and look what I've missed! I have read quickly through your last few entries, and will be back to read them again. Great photos! Brings back memories of visiting Washington and going to one of the Smithsonian Institute museums. I remember it being an extremely hot day, and my youngest son, who was 4 at the time, took some ice out of one the street vendors wagons that was keeping things cold, and put it on his head! Anyway, I digress...I'm so excited that you're moving to Washington! Your place looks lovely, bright and clean. How exciting! I must have missed the part about you going to school...what courses are you taking? Thanks for taking us along for another lovely trip! When will you be actually moving to Washington?

Palm Springs Savant said...

I love DC. So many beautiful sights to see. Doesn't the White House seem smaller than you always thought?

Olivia said...

Glo - usually I like to let everyone catch up, but this week I'm just blogging it all as I go, because I won't have time later.

I'm moving on Valentine's weekend.

Um, I missed the bit where I was going to school too! Where will I go and what will I study?


Rick - the surprise is spoiled, as I've been hearing for years that it's smaller than it looks. Let's see, I'm trying to think of something that surprised me, but I can't. I think it's too cold to take things in right now!

I know. It takes only half an hour to get anywhere I'm going. This is a town, not a city. That's my surprise.