Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scouting Trip

On Monday, I'm off to Washington, D.C. for a week to explore the city, look at housing, and hopefully go to an interview or two.

But - no matter what happens, I am moving there in a couple of weeks! Probably on Valentine's Day...

...Hopefully into a big sunny room in a townhouse, with window seats, a wall of closets, and my own bathroom...

Stay tuned.

I've arranged to stay in a pretty house in Georgetown owned by a nice couple with a dog and a cat - in a room kind of similar to the one I will be looking at, actually, but with the addition of a private attached living room.

Packing boxes and moving again scares me! I've moved 4 times in the past two years. This is ridiculous. I must find a home now, so wherever I settle in the coming month has to be right, because I am not planning on moving again for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Mover's Fatigue has settled in, I see :-( Well, I hope this will be the last move for a little while. The new possible-home sounds fantastic. I hope those interviews turn into something good. Hey, there's a conference coming up in a few weeks in D.C. and I was wondering if I should attend.... maybe you'll be moved in by then and we can meet :-)

beginninghere said...

I am looking forward to your updates :) Hope the trip goes well.

meimei said...

good luck. Hope you can find a good job and a nice sunny room.

Carol said...

good luck! moving isn't easy, Kevin recently had a nightmare about moving and woke up thinking, I don't want to move again anytime soon.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I love the Georgetown area, so scenic and so very convenient as well. There is the cutues episcopal church there called grace church on a side street in georgetown. check it out.

Jo said...

I do hope your move is more exciting than it is scary! Also, have you thought about a new name for your blog? Olivia's notes from our capitol? Olivia's D.C. Dispatches?

Very excited for you!

Olivia said...

Nikki - ooh! Is it after mid-February? I say, come on over.

I don't want to move for a long time. Remember I lived in St John's Wood for 3 whole years? That's what I want again.


Roomie - I am taking my laptop and camera, so hope to be blogging from there, we shall see.


Mich - thanks - will be working mighty hard on this for 2009!


Carol - ugh, and it's not any easier since my friends and my cousins are getting a lot of non-optional overtime nowadays. So not much help there.


Rick - thanks for the tip. I am sure I will take a walk round the neighborhood on my first evening. Wait, did I ever tell you I was Episcopalian?


Jo - also see what I said to Carol. The move is exciting, but packing and getting it all down there is what's scary.

Since friends/family may not be able to help, I'll be throwing money at some moving co probably. I wish I could do U-Haul but I'm all out of practice driving a just a regular car, so don't have much hope there.

Thanks for the title suggestions. DC Dispatches sounds good...!

steve said...

I think your post about going to St. Bart's may have tipped Rick off. If you ever happen to be in Northeast Philly, check out The Memorial Church of St. Luke.

I hope all goes well with your scouting trip. But remember there is a reason why Congress (and everybody else who can afford to) vacates the city in August.

Olivia said...

Steve - I'm guessing you don't know I spent nearly half my life in Houston? Now that's humidity you can part with a knife.

But it keeps temps lower than in Dallas, where the dry prickly heat can reach the 110s and the A/C struggles to fight it. Four years of that was enough.

I prefer humid over dry any day.

Flighty said...

I thought that I commented here yesterday!
What I think I said was have a safe journey and take care! xx