Monday, May 23, 2005

Angry angry angry

I am angry. And also a bit light-headed, this Vino di Tavola Rosso is stronger than the Bardolino I finished last week.

I was nearly mugged this morning, a few steps away from my front gate, yes, here in SJW...
Four youths (apply all stereoptypes here) approached me fast, and one elbowed me to the ground.
I shouted at him, "How DARE you!" As the other snatched my bag, I turned round and snatched it back. They ran off - in the direction of the council estate of course, baggy clothing flying out behind and I got up and dusted myself off. Found a cut on my hand and went back home to dress it and tell M. & S.

After I'd caught my breath, I was LIVID. As little respect as I have for youths of that sort, I have tried to give them a chance, and now they've burned even that bridge. I cannot but see them through even cloudier lenses.
Why do they do it? For the thrill. For money I haven't got.
Why weren't they in school? They've got "better" things to do.
And why did the British government, in its infinite wisdom, see fit to inflict decent neighbourhoods with council estates housing the margins of society???

Socialism of course. Oh I didn't mean to make political statements tonight. But I suppose if they didn't spread them around they'd be accused of creating ghettos. So, despite the fact that London has its good areas and its bad, everywhere is closer to equalisation through the presence of the council estate. A notorious phrase in itself.
However, safe or dangerous neighbourhoods - isn't that what naturally happens in the rest of the world?

When I lived in Texas, I once took the wrong exit for downtown and was lost in Houston's Third Ward. (Compare to any city's worst neighbourhood that you WOULD be caught dead in at midnight.) If you don't have to be there, you're not.
Criminals would actually have to make an effort to go out to River Oaks or The Woodlands.

Just when I've spent hours going on about how safe I feel here compared to Hackney. Many incidents happened to me there, but never an actual mugging.
Here, nothing at all happened until this. I think landing hard on the ground is the dynamic which changes everything.
However, any Londoner can tell you, it's bound to happen at least once in a lifetime. Everyone has a mugging or a pickpocketing story to tell.

Oh well. Will make a police report in the morning. Oh joy, I will now be on the record of the British justice system.

I went there this evening, but the sign on the door said hours were 9-5. How typical. While London's office workers and professionals are now working from 6-9.


I had so many interesting things to discuss with you, but they will just have to wait until I am in a better mood.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe what i am reading!!! Mugged????That's horrible. i understand your anger. i hope your loss was minimal and those youth will be brought to justice.

eruditebaboon said...

Yikes! But it was very brave of you to grab it back - you are a hero to the people SJW!

Rebecca said...

That's crazy! And everything you say is indeed spot on, even if spoken in rage. It's all fair points!
And did I understand correctly that the police work 9-5? That doesn't actually seem possible... isn't that supposed to 24 hours? Perhaps I misunderstood (I hope).

All the best!

Steliano Ponticos said...

Well its good you weren't hurt bad or anything, although its already horrible enough getting mugged. I hope you can get your stuff back.

Many people say they do it because they are bored and not getting anywhere in life, I don't know..

Jia Li said...

Poor Pat. Did get through to the police, Sean say a hi, hope you feel better.

Max Christian said...

This is dreadful -- I used to feel very safe in SJW but with the recent spate of muggings that's gone. I have to go and pick up my wife every day from the bus stop now. Can I ask roughly where in SJW it happened?

Max Christian

Olivia said...

Welcome Max, another SJW-ite (is there a name for us?)
I hope to continue feeling safe here.
This occurred right on SJW Terrace.

Olivia said...

Hey, Max I've been to your page before because I typed in "St John's Wood" on Google.

Max Christian said...

Regarding a name, I think we might be "Babes in the Wood" :-). I should probably put a list of us on that SJW page actually.