Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bibbidy Bobbedy Boo

Left the house this glorious sunny morning and was confronted with a seething mass of humanity. All moving in a block from the station to Lords Cricket Ground.
Both escalators were going up and the handful of us leaving SJW had to walk down all the stairs.

I went to another agency interview today, all way over on the Strand.
Test results: I still type at 58 words per minute with a 1% error rate, and I'm ace on PowerPoint (95th percentile company-wide) - and I haven't even used it in a few years.

Let's see what they come up with for me.


Afterwards, I walked up through Trafalgar Square past the National Gallery. I was so tempted to go in and see the "Bellini in Asia" exhibition, but with my portfolio and boot heels I wasn't comfortable enough.
I dawdled up to Piccadilly, planning to take the Tube at Green Park, and discovered an interesting stall at the Trocadero where I had a surprise created for someone who shall remain unnamed.

When I got to Fortnum & Mason, I just had to go in for some Orange Pekoe Ceylon tea, which is the best ever. And then it was off back home for this girl. Had I worn flatter shoes, I would have walked all the way to Bond Street.

It is 9.30 pm and I am STILL in a T-shirt and feeling great. I think summer is here!


Know what irritates me? Doctors, faced with a patient exhibiting rare symptoms, who exclaim: But this condition only happens once in every 300,000 people!
Yea, well there are a lot of people in the world. This could be one of the ones.


In the Tube the other day, I stepped into the carriage and noticed an adjoining door swinging open. Me - juggling my bags - pushed it to and engaged the handle - no catch. I leaned against it and pushed - still no catch. I gave up before we started moving, and sat next to a guy on a PS2. The young lady beside him sitting closest to the door got up and managed to close it. I looked up and gave her a grin.
She sat down as we pulled away from the platform, leaned over and said, "I ate my spinach for breakfast!" I guffawed and replied, "And I obviously didn't!"


Rox said...

Hey the guy on the tube could have been my Nick. He always travels about with his PSP (play-station portable). Very slim, black hair, green eyes and ridiculously long thick lashes? Yes, I know there must be many other geeks travelling by tube too LOL. But yes isn't the weather glorious!? But as far as this meaning that summer is here, it might be but I doubt it. It is quite usual to get some scorchers in May and then nothing but bad weather till July. But it certainly lifts the mood doesn’t it?

Olivia said...

Rox, being many shades too dark, he was definitely not Nick.
Many other geeks - and greeks - travel by tube :)

Today is even better at 25C and I am looking for a reason to go out before the 20sixer gathering tonight.

Prerona said...

Nice snap on profile :)

Leilouta said...

I love flip flops. I love summer and I love walking.I always have a pair of flip flops in my trunk. Just in case :P

Jia Li said...

I love this tube story!

Anonymous said...

Summer is here!!!!!! Sounds exciting only if you are NOT in Houston - or any other high humid climate. I wish I was there with you....
I went for a walk this morning. Walked to Hermann Park and back....a good hour walk.

Steliano Ponticos said...

doctors have such a strange logic. I mean when mine talks i always think this guy has to be stupid to think this way but he always turns out to be right, which is annoying

Rebecca said...

The doctor I had growing up, in Lugano, was president of the Swiss meidcal council or whatnot, and some super respected doctor, but he looked JUST like Peter Sellers as Ispecteur Clouseau and noth my mother and I could not keep in our laughter. He must have thought we had a strange tic.

Olivia said...

Prerona - thanks!

Leilouta - *horror* You mean you show your FEET? In public? ;)

JL - glad I can amuse you.

Vee - I wish you were here too. Guess what? Going to Yauatcha with Shiho tonight. Soon as I called to reserve they knew my name.

Rebecca - you two made me laugh :)

During our US immigration process, the Embassy sent us to a Harley Street physician for the regulation check-up. My parents and I were so amused by his appearance that we called him Pumpkin Head.