Sunday, May 21, 2006

Triple Dream-athon

If you want to read my silly entry on the Eurovision song contest, that is in the previous post.

But here is something you've never seen the likes of before:

Part I
We were in a plane, and it was going down (yes, my second plane crash dream in 6 months). Bill Cosby opened the emergency hatch at the back, and another guy standing nearby shouted at him to shut it because we were in space!
We were - there was no oxygen outside but nothing was floating inside and nothing was sucked into the vacuum. t the realisation, everyone held their breath, not wanting to use up the precious air supply.
Also, I spent a few seconds looking at Bill expecting him to break into a comedy routine, but of course he didn't, and he closed the hatch.

I got up and shouted, "Release the oxygen masks!"

I happened to be a young boy with new superhero powers, the activation of which involved putting on a white mitt (looking suspiciously like my facewashing mitt) containing some magical metal element, a knee pad, and something wrapped around my shoulder.
I went into the back to put on my costume, and when I emerged, the passengers were reaching for the dangling oxygen masks, whilst being drenched with water from the sprinklers.

Part II
Suddenly I was in London, as myself once more. I had just left some sort of study session with four other people at a professor's house in Islington. However, I found myself in Hackney near a river (there isn't one in real life) and was trying to get back to a recognisable part of Islington which had similar terraces but no river. Going down a street which I had seen in a dream before, I came across my classmates again near a crowded bus-stop.

Meantime the sun was going down, but we found ourselves standing outside a shop on the High Street by nightfall. I looked up and saw that the next floor up was a bookshop with a green sign called "Hysbons". I exclaimed, "I know this shop, I had to come here to buy some books for my art history course!" (There is none such, by the way.)

Suddenly we found ourselves inside the entryway and a classmate came in behind us bearing cups of coffee and saying, "Here we are!"
To get into the "bookshop" we had to climb up some wooden steps and boxes, and hoist ourselves through a door in the ceiling.
The proprietors were Chinese and as we came in they asked us what flavour ice creams we wanted.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was all topsy-turvy: where the 1 and 2 are there were a 6 and 7. Apparently 6 and 7 signified it was as late as 1 or 2 am for us. The Chinese lady told us she had our rooms ready for the night, and she headed towards the back of the "shop", expecting us to follow.

Note, I hadn't seen a single book here. In the back of my mind I had inklings of being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Horrified, I just wanted to get home and had no plans of sleeping anywhere other than my own bed!

Part III
I had my rabbit Lulu back. We were happy to be together once more. She was nestled in my arms and I was kissing her cheeks, scratching her ears, and whispering loving things. In a burst of bunny love, she reached up and planting her paw on my collarbone, she kissed my chin, my nose, and my eyelids just as she used to.

Here ended the dream.
I woke up feeling quite surprised.


Steliano Ponticos said...

this is the best dream I ever read. Its very rich, I bet you slept for a very long time when you had it. And you change in it, I mean you are a boy and then you, I never saw that in my dreams, great element really. Thank you.

Olivia said...

Yes, but what about yours last week, where you were in the only water-filled skyscraper to grace the French countryside?


Steliano Ponticos said...

ok I just read it more carefully, this deam is quite touching as a story. I mean it takes us back, though many awkwad situations, to a fond memory, like to a safe place in the have safe places in you dreams!

Steliano Ponticos said...

(again the r is not woking)

Steliano Ponticos said...

still I never morphe in my dreams and that's very nice one about the skyscraper, the campagne is so god forsaken, i am afraid of it

Olivia said...

Safe places...I never saw it that way, so thanks for that!

I've been in the French campagne and yes, it is vast; the roads are so long. I felt so lost in it.

I don't really like being too far from a city, even if I do one day live in the country - in a village - and hopefully with my own family, not single.

I've just remembered how I felt when I stayed in Sorrento, on the Bay of Naples. One night I went all the way to the end of the hotel terrace by the pool (there are orange and lemon terraces all over there, and if I fell off the terrace it would be into the trees). The blackness of the bay, the unknown quality of it at night, totally frightened me.
Imagine if I could see Vesuvius at the same time...looming in the dark.
Brrrrr. Beautiful in one way, frightening in another...

Jia Li said...

go to ur 20six libby bear! I put the pics of my new hair

Olivia said...

Indeed, I commented over there.
In other random news, I am watching Lost at the moment.

Rox said...

Weird and interesting. Any idea what these dreams signify? I read somewhere that all persons you meet in a dream are all representations of aspects of your self.

Olivia said...

Steli - by the way this was the first time I've morphed in a dream.

Rox - Sorry to say that I have now mostly forgotten how to analyse my dreams - how long before I forget how to analyse a painting???

Um, but what if they are other people you know?

Steliano Ponticos said...

i saw the pic jl i like the color..olive the sea is very frightening always and at night even more

Olivia said...

That might explain why I never go out with my aunt for her night-time walk by the sea.
Apart from it being bloody cold even in summer...England, you know...

Roxandra said...

Aparently other people in your dream even if you know them also represent aspects or character traits or fears and hopes of yourself. But I am sure you know this stuff better than I. It certainly is interesting though.
As for forgetting how to analyse paintings. I know what you mean, I have forgotten so much. For example I used to know the saints iconography by heart. Must have been my short term memory I guess cause now I seem to mostly go humm and ha- unless its obvious like Catherine and the wheel etc. Shame.

Olivia said...

Yes! Catherine with her wheel, Laurence with his grill, and George with his dragon...*sigh*

Leilouta said...

OMG Olivia, you have no idea how scared I am of flying. If I had that dream I think I would've had a heart attack.I also had sweet dreams like yours about animals last night. Kittens in particular. I had three cute ones and I couldn't stop petting them.Then out of the blue I had a dream that my company transferred me to work in a mall in Tunisia. I was working on a computer outdoors when it suddenly started raining. At that moment I clicked on the delete button and it didn't work.I know it doesn't make any sense but I wanted to share

Hey,Stelanio is back ;) Good news.
I am happy he didn't lost all his work.
I really have to back up my work.I am just too lazy!

Steliano Ponticos said...

thank you so leilouta, you'r very nice. I would have hated to lose my posts. NNNow is neosurrealism a trend or what, three people are already writting their dreams on the internet :D

Olivia said...

OMG Leilouta - good thing you weren't reading my blog yet when I had a dream where the plane really crashed!
(No one died though, and we met up at a bar later on.)

But thanks, I love reading nonsense dreams, since that is what they usually are. Anytime you have one and don't blog it, tell me here! I mean, a computer at a mall in Tunisia in the rain....HEY I wonder if that has any relation to your frustration at work last week - and crying.

Steli - I'm glad we're getting on a roll with the Surrealist Dream Factory thing.
Hey, I named it.

Jia Li said...

You did name it...the SDF

good name.

such vivid dreams

Anonymous said...

wow, I don't remember last time I actually remembered my dream (s) and three parts for that matter. Good memory. The first one was a bit scary, crashing plane in space. I think I remember Lulu.

Leilouta said...

"and we met up at a bar later on"
hahahahahaha Ok I am not that scared anymore:)
Let's have some martinis ;)

Olivia said...

Hey Vee - I'm glad you do, but the one you snuggled was Dapple.
I would love to hug her again she was so soft.....*sigh*

Leilouta - Yay, I love cocktails!

tooners said...

the bunny dream is so precious! i have dreams like that about cats that have passed...

you're having some major stress dreams... but good thing they were topped off w/ a beautiful dream about your rabbit!

dreams are amazing things - the way the mind works.

Olivia said...

Tooners - welcome, it's great to see you here!
I am glad you like the bunny dream. But OMG - yes, I am very stressed this year - my job search is frustrating me no end. Thanks for the insight.