Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday is Monday

It's cold today. I even had to put the little heater on just now and frost is promised for some areas.

I very nearly didn't make it to the office this morning - I woke up last night suddenly nauseous, thought I was getting food poisoning but didn't, and took antacids and fell asleep. (All I had for dinner was Bombay potato curry with a couple of thin rotis.)

Ugh. So I drank milk with a cereal bar for breakfast and was completely hollow inside by lunchtime. I went to this stupid vegetarian Thai restaurant which served 3 types of chicken curry.

So anyway, the morning was quiet and I stuck new phone number stickers on 250 brochures; I know this because I did the whole box. On Friday the secretary had told me I could do that if I ran out of things to do, and I said, "I bet I won't need to." How wrong I was.

After lunch, I spent two hours with nothing to do so I practiced mail merging and dared to check my email, once. Typically, an hour before I had to leave it got busy. So again I stayed an extra half hour and still wasn't done. I would have stayed till 6, but I was contracted for 9 to 5 so half-five is a good compromise.

So basically, I've been paid 7.5 hours for doing 3 hours of work!

I called my agent and told her I was doing secretarial, not audiotyping, and she was as shocked as I was on Friday. HR had asked for one thing and needed another. She said if I had problems to let her know, but I never give up a challenge once accepted.

I like the people at this office. I would even consider taking a job there if they offered. Imagine! In corporate property. They're so laid back and easy going. Every time I get something wrong and apologise, they don't even let me get the words out. But at least by now they know I'm not really a secretary so they don't mind talking me through a few procedures. It's funny, a lot of it is common sense, but it's not easy because knowing how you'd do it versus how other people do it is what confounds me.

So there. A day in the life of this slightly-working girl :)


Prerona said...

its SO hot here today! its almost unbearable ... why cant everywhere be a mediumish bearable temperature?

Steliano Ponticos said...

good job for daring to check your e mails. I dared to blog the other day at work..now that is courage. and it is very very hot here today.

Jia Li said...

its very hot...I wish it was hot here...but itssss cold. very cold

Leilouta said...

It is very hot here too, and we didn't have the chance to fix the air conditioner yet after a thief broke into our house to steal shoes.
Don't even ask me about the shoe story. It is too complicated :)

Olivia said...

Prerona - I was cold ALL day today and I am in a cardigan and my little heater is on again...
It feels like March.

Steli - ooh! ooh! and guess what! I checked it *twice* today! Demain, peut-etre trois fois.

Hey no fair, you are only across the sea in France, why eez eet zo cold ici. (see how "here" looks cold en francais?)

FYI people...when Liv is tired she rabbits on like this.

JL - I think the UK and Canada weather are related. I think we rain together too. Oh get it "reign" as in the Queen in both countries...?

Dang, I am tired...

Leilouta - no way. YOu must have nice shoes, isn't it ironic that you always protect your feet in photos...hey! Maybe the thief wants you to finally show your feet. Mind you, if so, your socks would be gone too.

OK Olivia shut up.

Nite nite

Steliano Ponticos said...

you bad bad girl...zu weezer iz vairy strainge eer

Steliano Ponticos said...

did you get the invitation e mail. i am so clumsy at blog management.

Meander said...

oh so this is why i haven't heard from you in awhile! i miss you!

Haider Droubi said...

work...u must be enjoying yours so far...for me ..it is hot over here..i hardly check my emails..and i need a break..

Olivia said...

Steli - maintenant, c'est un peu humide a Londres, mais les anglais souffrent. Ha! They should try Houston, I am loving this weather!

Ever since you sent that invitation email, Blogger has automatically switched me to French. This is si cool!

Meander - yes, after so long out of work, a week of normal hours is wiping me out.

Droubi - I am, I don't want to leave :(

Leilouta said...

They were men shoes :)