Thursday, July 20, 2006


I haven't blogged in 4 days.

I have 30 comments.

Finally Lunaliar asked me to post something.

I've been meaning to for a couple of days, but nothing stays in my head. I haven't broken another plate, but I have taken up regular spoon-dropping.
My landlord came into the kitchen the other day after I dropped a teaspoon and said, "Oh, so it's you making all that noise!"


Clogs has been asked to move out by the end of the month. I learned this from landlord and landlady when they came into the kitchen where I was washing my dishes, shut the door and said, "We need to talk to you............Not about you, but to let you know what's going on!"

They would not say what he had done, but the complaint was coming from the other female tenant. They assured me it was nothing against her, no harrassment at all, and nothing for me to worry about, but various things he had done "that don't bear repeating" (really, this phrase makes it worse for a listener).

Not two minutes after they left and returned to the back garden, Clogs clattered through the front door and into the kitchen. I got a searching look, to find out if I knew anything. Then he asked if I knew why he'd been asked to move out. He said he'd returned from Barcelona to find the notice letter at his door. I truthfully said I did not know the reason why.

And then I adjusted, and resumed our normal friendly neighbour chat.
I'm very diplomatic that way.


Yesterday somewhere in Surrey, it reached the highest temperature on record. Today I did nothing but sweat. It trickles in rivulets in the most uncomfortable places.

Got my hair cut yesterday and had THE best shampoo and head massage ever. There was air conditioning at the salon!

This was followed by a scientific chat there with a new rep who is testing the carotenoid levels in the tissues with this newfangled laser light probe which was pioneered in the 30s, and selling (of course) one of those Superfoods. Vietnamese Gac is supposed to be thousands of times more potent than the Hawaiian Noni that came out a few years ago.


I watched the tail end of a documentary called Tutankhamun's Sun (?) which attempted to explain the occurrence of glass in the Egyptian desert.
Well, I didn't find out how long ago the event took place, but what happened was an asteroid impact.

They are theorising that asteroids are not giant rocks but rather loose rock piles held together by gravity, which break apart before or during entry into earth's atmosphere.

This particular asteroid entered the atmosphere whole, formed a blazing trail of fire, broke up and exploded in small fire balls close to the surface. When it hit the sand, the temperature reached 1000 degrees C.

There was a wall of fire and then a plume of superheated gas shot right back up into space! Hellish!

Picture an atomic bomb without a mushroom cloud per se but a fire vcloud. Indeed they said it was much more powerful than the test bomb at...(I forget where)

And then of course, a giant sheet of yellow-green glass was formed. It is from this that archaeologists are finding puzzling chunks of glass in the middle of nowhere.


After that, I learned that Frans Hals' Laughing Cavalier is on cannabis.

Haha, gotcha.

The word "canvas" is derived from the Greek word for hemp which is cannabis. Ta-da!


Um, and Liv has something to confess. Got a new phone, finally, after weeks of meaning to do it, and I happened to choose a day when the Orange computer sytem was down, so it took ages but came through in the end. Bloody hell, the info they take from you for a phone contract, it's as much as employers ask, even my landline phone contract didn't need all that...

Anyhoo, for when family come over and need contact, I kept my 3 year old Sony Ericsson T610, with its stiff worn out keys:

And I got the new W810i Walkman phone, which is the same size as the old one, but with so many more features:

Gosh the things it does. Off the top of my head, it has a 512MB memory stick (that's bigger than my old 128MB USB storage device!), 2.0 megapixel autofocus camera (better than my T610s fuzzy pixels!), great speakers and earbuds, FM radio with all the settings of a normal radio, an equalizer with bass, mega bass, and get this - a Music Mate.

Music Mate is a swish application that allows you to "play" an octave of piano keys from middle C, the guitar chords, and an adjustable metronome, which is a very nice old fashioned wooden one, by the way. Steli, I thought of you when I was exploring this app.

That camera flash can be turned on like a searchlight, and it can even signal SOS!

I was only able to afford this phone because I signed up for the 30 pound monthly contract, free wireless broadband which gives you free weekend and off peak calls to landlines, even free protection insurance. So it is a saving with bonuses from my current 17.99 broadband + 10-15 per month pay as you go.


Prerona said...


Steliano Ponticos said...

olive wonderful post really, i shall have to read it again..

i like the theory about steroids, it seems logical to me..

you thought of me, je suis hereux, music mate does seem very fun especially the guitar chords i think..and this way you can make your own tunes for the phone

i was just about to tell myself it is perfectly logical for the cavalier to be on cannabis

speaking of refreshing things,, some restaurants here have fans that spray water on the people, in very very small drops -they evaporate before reaching you- and that makes the "weather" in the restaurant so cool it's like it was raining but you don't get wet

panda_eyed said...

Yay Livvy! I liked this post.
I saw the same documentary - it was a 'Horizon' programme which is where I spent a month doing work experience at the BBC last yr. The asteriod impact was 20 millions years ago, and they theorised that it could happen again quite soon! Scary!
Ooh I want a new phone - Carphone warehouse won't give me the sony Ericsson k800i, even though they promised me I could have it over the phone. I am intending to make a huuuuge fuss. :|
And the sweat rivulets in uncomfortable places thing, I completely understand, especially on the tube! Hope you're cooler now! xx

Olivia said...

Prerona - :) back to you, thanks for popping by!

Steli - you are funny. Actually, Music Mate is not the same as DJ Mate - that's what you use to compose your own jazz, groove, techno, whatever ringtone...

Carotenoids, not steroids. They're looking for high levels of antioxidants. The stuff that keeps you young!

I like the sound of those fans. Why don't they have them here?
It's like cheap air conditioning. I would love one. I mean, I already spray myself with water, but the fan would kep the ambient air temperature down.

Panda - odd, how when I started the post, I thought I had nothing to say.

Wa! You got in to the BBC work experience??? I've applied for a couple of those. Didn't hear back. Why didn't they offer you a job?

I used to be with Carphone Warehouse. Not sure why I "left" and went to Orange. There was something slightly confusing about CW...

Today is slightly cooler, we have more clouds and it might rain later - we need that!

Steliano Ponticos said...

i don't know about the water fans..they seem like too much to me sometimes..but that's because i have't tried them yet..

Olivia said...

Steli - anything seems like a nice solution when it's this blazing hot!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Just be thankful you're not drowning. Our unusually long and hard monsoon rains are only just now coming to an end...after an extensive toll in lives and property.

Are you sure that's really a phone? makes the one I got for my birthday (last January) look like an old wall-mounted, dial-up dinosaur!

panda_eyed said...

Yep, through the science-y department - which one did you apply through? I just did it for fun really, because I was bored at the time - didn't think I'd get it. I helped research on one partic episode of Horizon - the psychology of suicide bombers, which was fun. Also had some fun filming days!
They didn't offer me a job - basically since they've had all the job cuts, they're very eager for work experience people because they get all this work for free! I was tired of it by the end of a month; media people are so fake - unless you're useful in some way, or have connections, they won't want to know you. Still, it would have been fun, but I'm not sure I have the right personality for it either.

CPWH are double-crossing b****ds. If it wasn't for the fact that I've been with them for 7 years, I'd tell them where to go - but now I feel they owe me for loyalty, so I'll keep pestering and complaining until I get what I want. I can be quite mean when I want to be!

Prerona said...

lol. was out of words for a while. you have a good weekend girl :)

Jia Li said...

hey, I love the phone

Olivia said...

Minstrel - then I think you got our share of rain too, because two months ago they told us it would have to rain heavily for three weeks in order for our rain quota to be reached. Since then, it has rained once. Water rationing threatened.

LOL Oh yes, phone capability was an afterthought. I discovered all the things I can do with my 2 MP phonecam: macro, burst shoot, panorama (where it matches up the ends of three frames!), 4x zoom, brightness adjustment, special effects, auto light detection, self timer...and I can take 250 photos at 1632x1224 - wonders never cease. I already have 133 songs taking up 330 MB on a 512 MB memory stick. Ran out of favourite tracks!

Wait till I discover something else tomorrow.

Sorry for going on about it, but I thought I had a handle on technology until this came and blew me out of the water.

Panda - ummm I applied to the costume department and the historical research dept, I think...

Aren't all people you work for, specially big organizations, selfish that way, only wanting to know you if you can benefit them?

CPWH should give you what you want. Seven years of good service is a lot to expect in these days of career change and instability, so they ought to recognise it.

Prerona - hehe. As long as you're here saying hi.
NONE OF YOU may realise it bu I often am out of words for a few minutes!
In real life too.

JL - Minstrel and I seem to have concluded it's not a phone anymore, it is something much bigger...!

tooners said...

like the new phone! now i want a new one! ;)

hey... why do ppl just walk into your apt? is that normal there?

do most places there not have a/c? from the things i read it seems that a lot of ppl don't have a/c's. how do you cope w/ the heat at night? or do the temps drop enough to relax and feel comfy?

very interesting info about egypt and the glass. i'll have to ask my MIL about these things. she's egyptian.

Steliano Ponticos said...

i tried the water fans today...wonderful i mean i wasn't right to doubt them...they bring the temperature down by like 6 degrees..great

this time your security code will make me buy something..the code was actually caclavs ans i thought paklavas directly...damn

Olivia said...

Tooners - LOL! So often you say things that make me go back and check what I wrote.
OK, we are living in a houseshare, all 5 of us. Landlord and Landlady live in their room and have the living room and garden.
I live in the biggest room with ensuite bathroom.
Upstairs, there's Clogs in the double room and the other girl in the single room, and they share the bathroom up there.
We all share the kitchen.


No, most places in England have no a/c. Hot summers are a new phenomenon. It was a big deal when they started putting a/c in cars about 10 years ago.
Office and shops are catching up slowly, and private homes are trailing way behind.

After the length of this year's heatwave, I think a/c unit sales have jumped. No doubt we will have to prepare for many more summers like this.
I remember when 80 degrees F was a heatwave. We've been up near or past the 90s for over a week now.

The temps do drop at night, usually, but as the walls contain all the heat (no air bricks), the side that catches all the afternoon sun does not cool down. (i.e. My room.)

Last night, however, no one was happy. It was 79 degrees. At night! In England!

Steli - A water fan convert, I see.
Hehehe! Mmmm, baklavas. Where do you get yours?
No one around here does Greek ones, they're all Turkish or Middle Eastern.

tooners said...

aaahhh, a house share... now that explains it all very clearly! ;) i was wondering w/ your last post how your landlady heard you dropping dishes. it sounds like a nice arrangement... also sounds like a nice book or theatre production. if that makes sense.

lunaliar said...

Air Conditioning: another wonderful American invention that was at first scoffed at by the British... :)