Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday diddles

I did not go near my computer today, and I got SO much done. Steli and JL, this is why people don't blog on the weekends.

On top of the usual laundry, I tidied my room, changed the bed, and vacuumed the carpet.


I must admit that I usually put off vacuuming for ages because it is so awkward to get the machine up the stairs that I'm pooped before I plug it in.
And then, today the bag was full. As I took it out of the closet I whined, "It gets heavier every time I need it!" and indeed, it barely sucked up enough...As soon as I got it back down the stairs, my landlord appeared and I told him about it, so he emptied it...I wasn't bothered to take it up and use it again!


I dreamt partly in German last night, even though I don't consciously know it. Subconsciously, yes, because my au pair was German and brought me over lots of children's tapes. So in the dream I was stringing together sentences and feeling proud of myself :P


Also, lately I've been dreaming I have been kissed by men I DO NOT like. What does this mean???
Last week, by a guy I talk to because I am obliged to, like how you have to talk to your housemates.
Then last night, I was kissed by ... *cringe* ... Jon Bon Jovi ... I thought I'd forgotten he even existed! But man, doesn't he have rather full lips. Bleugh.


To get your minds off that, I must also say that the night before the shuttle launch last week, I dreamt about the re-entry. I was concerned that NASA had given the all-clear, even though there was a 3 inch gap in the booster foam. Anyway, I hope the repairs they're working on are successful. Re-entry is soooo dangerous.

Once, when I was in my early 20s, back when I nearly worked at NASA, I had a dream: I remember the cabin shuddering under the weight and pressure and speed of take-off, and the "fire" caused by the friction of the shuttle through the atmosphere was visible through the windows.


That was a lot of dreams!

Want to see my pretty dinner? Go to my 20six blog.


Steliano Ponticos said...

that's great about dreaming in german, i once had one in russian..i know a bit of russian you know...about the kssing dream, i don't know...quite don't like full lips? good dreaming, je suis fier de toi. tu es une bonne reveuse

Olivia said...

Yea but not HIS. Still can't believe he was in my dream...

Did you look at my dinner on 20six??? Go go!

Je te remercie pour ta fierte en moi!
(I know, too wordy, but the exercise was good.)

tooners said...

that salad looks delicious! what is parma ham?

you know that everyone in your dream is an offshoot of you, right? taking some form of you. i've had dreams of liking or kissing some random person... i can't remember the last star i kissed... i wonder if bon jovi is gonna be touring in your city soon? who knows, maybe you'll be pulled backstage! ;) ;)

how many languages do you speak?

Chris in MB said...

It's always interesting to dream in a "subconscious" language.

I used to speak some Brazilian Portuguese years ago but forgot it all but for several words. Still speak & understand it in dreams sometimes. It's strange to wake up knowing in my mind what I said but not the words! It was not even a "mental" translation; the internal thoughts were in Portuguese.

In the most vivid dream I remember buying candy & comic books from a street vender booth while speaking fluently! I was 10 years old again!

BTW, sometimes the accent comes out even today in my English. It's really strange!?!

Steliano Ponticos said...

tres bien

Olivia said...

Tooners - I wish I hadn't told you all about that dream...!

Parma ham, or Prosciutto di Parma, is from Parma in Italy (also the home of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, or parmesan).

In my opinion, Parma is the best ham in the world - but only the Italians can do it (although the Spaniards and Germans can come close). The pigs are fed on a diet of whey and chestnuts.

The leg of ham is salted, matured, and cured for about a year. The resulting flavour is a fascinating combination of slightly savoury, slightly sweet. It is always sold in the most wonderful paper thin slices.

I nearly bought melon instead of avocado, because it goes well with either.

But because there were two avocadoes in the package, I also bought a tub of marie rose prawns - but this is another story for another day ;)

Olivia said...

Chris - "subconscious language" is a good phrase. As I used to listen to a lot of Greek radio and memorised a number of songs, I once had a dream in Greek.

It really is weird that the accent comes out in your English!

One of my former uni classmates is doing her Masters degree in Portuguese and Linguistics at the U of Texas at Austin.

Olivia said...

Hey everyone - I forgot to mention that those tomatoes were yummy. They are called Strawmatoes - they look just like strawberries, and were discovered by the Marks & Spencer buyer in Japan.

M&S of course, presented them 12 in a pack, like eggs, each in their own pod, with the tops on, just like strawberries.

I should have taken a pic. Maybe today.

The Moody Minstrel said...

It's amazing how much you can get done if you can pry yourself away from your computer. One doesn't always realize just how much of his or her life is dominated by that insidious, little box!

Interesting dreams!

What's really scary is if, not only do you dream in multiple languages, but everyone in your dream seems to understand all of them! It makes one wonder if there isn't some kind of subconscious "universal translator" in play in the world of dreamland.

I've dreamt in extraterrestrial languages before. That's how far gone I am...

Jia Li said...

hehe...kissing Bon Jovi...that part made me giggle..

Jia Li said...

sometimes when I get drunk I speak German thinking I am speaking english, and once I actually Spoke Chinese when trying to speak French and I totaly lost my italian..not tottaly...I can read and understand but the words are just not there like they used to be

Steliano Ponticos said...

Chinese for French...when I get drunk I often say things in "russian" although I only understand the language I can't speak at all...i think i babble and think i am speaking russian

Steliano Ponticos said...

if i concentrate enough, maybe i can dream i am kissing bon jovi :P

Leilouta said...

I never know what languages I use in my dreams, and I don't pay attention to the colors. I will try to concentrate on finding out during my next dream.
I had a dream around age 16 that I kissed a very blond stranger behind a door!!