Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Verona subito!

Well, tomorrow I have an interview at an art gallery, but something doesn't feel right. Still, I will do my best and see what happens.

Can you believe the consultant told me to wear a suit? It will be 90F (32C) tomorrow. I said, warningly, that it would be hot. She said I could wear a skirt and carry the jacket. Even carrying a jacket is punishment in this weather.

Thursday I jet off to Verona for 4 days at the opera. I will blog when I come back of course, and I'll take lots of piccies for you!


Two impressions of today:

1) A big black Jaguar limo. Stuffed full with giant Dior shopping bags, and two heavily robed Arabic women in the back. Where are they from when they wear those gold chevrons over their noses?

2) A student driver in a driving school car with her instructor beside her. She is driving AND SHE IS ON HER MOBILE PHONE. That is so against the law here.


While I am away, if you haven't yet seen it, don't forget to watch my video - it was a pain in the bum to post!


panda_eyed said...

Yay I saw the clip! :) you sound just like a friend of mine - your voice twin!
Good luck at the interview. Can't believe you have to wear a suit - it will be sweltering tomorrow, esp on the tube! I hope you're not all sweaty by the time you get there. I've done that before! Knock the socks off 'em Livvy :D

Steliano Ponticos said...

Olive have a great time at the opera..what will you watch?

Prerona said...

hey, best of luck for the interview ... HUGZ

tooners said...

Olivia, I hope your interview goes well. Please keep us updated. Even tho it's hot outdoors, sometimes it's best to wear the suit... at least to impress.

The four day holiday sounds fabulous. Can't wait to hear all about it and see all the pics!

Many Arab ladies wear the full covering.. but it almost sounds like Saudi. Not many wear the full covering here, but they wear the full black abaya and hijab or shayla (head coverings). The women from Saudi wear the full ninja style coverings. What's weird is to see them eat! Or at least is it for me. And.. what's even stranger... is to see them in a restaurant drinking alcoholic drinks!! Yep, have seen it w/ my own eyes.

MattJ said...

Is it the open air festival you are going to? I'm so jealous if you are! I will go to Italy one day and I WILL camp around La Garda and catch Aida at Verona! So it is written, so it shall be done!

Leilouta said...

"What's weird is to see them eat!"

I would love to see that...is it true that they are very bad tippers?
Olivia, you sound just like I pictured you would sound. I will have that voice in my head now everytime I visit your blog :)

Good luck with your interview.

Olivia said...

Panda - I have a sort of face twin amongst the 20sixers: Fox in the snow, you know her?

I did not wear a suit, I wore a red and white short sleeved top that ties on the side, and a black linen skirt with a frill at the bottom, and I was still soaking wet when I got there. I went to the bathroom and patted my face with tissues, ran my hand under the cold water - and there was A/C...

Steli -

Thurs. Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) - I like parts of these.

Fri. Carmen (Bizet) - have seen in 3 times already (yawn).

Sat. Tosca (Puccini) - a bit modern for me.

Prerona - thanks for the hugs :) I always need those!

Tooners - I have seen those headdresses somewhere before but I cannot think where...a golden triangle on the nose?

So with the full coverigs, do they tuck the food up under the flap at the front?

Matt - yes, Verona is open air and yes it's near lake Garda. Do it, do it.

Leilouta - Yay, yet another of my dear readers who will put my voice to good use :P

See you all when I come back from Italia! Enjoy your weekends and I hope to read about them later.

To all who asked - The interview went well, I think. There are weeks to go until I hear anything, though. So if anything better comes up I will accept.

Meander said...

glad to hear your interview went well! tell us what happens...

tooners said...

yeah, when they're eating, they use one hand to open the flap and the other to eat with. i've never seen this gold triangle you're speaking of... not sure if it's saudi or what.

tooners said...

btw, most arabs are known to be VERY bad tippers. here in the gulf, you don't tip usually. altho, we usually do because i just can't leave a place w/out leaving a tip. but in bahrain, most don't tip. i'm not sure about saudi, but i've heard it's a gulf thing - not to tip.

Rebecca said...

Cavalleris Rusticana (MAscagni, btw), is beautiful, I have never seen it performed on stage, so I am jealous, you will have to tell us about it.
And the Tosca I think is (dare I say) Puccini's great! It has some incredible music and the libretto is great head to toe. Vissi D'Arte is one of my favourite arias.

Olivia said...

Tooners - not tipping saves a lotta moneyyyyy.

Rebecca - oops, forgot to mention Mascagni. The intermezzo is stil my fave part.
And as for Vissi d'arte, it was gorgeous but I am surprised there was no call for an encore, whereas the tenor had to refuse to repeat E lucevan le stelle!

I must say, I underestimated Puccini. Some operas should only be seen live.

Rebecca said...

I am so jealous!
Coincidentally I just bought a recording of Cavalleria Rusticana last weekend... I agree: that intermezzo just forces you to hold your breath.