Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let's get this party started [edited]

Diva's party on Saturday was awesome. Click for Photostory. after pre-drinks and lots of food at the house, we moved on to Sahara bar. There we did lots of fun "action shots", laughed our knees off, and Amy snogged her new beau while Diva passed out for 5 minutes because her drink was actually spiked. It caused quite a ruckus over at the bar when they were informed this week.

Speaking of shots, I had one in the middle with everyone else; I couldn't choose what, so I told Amy to surprise me. I had a chili lemongrass martini, and...something else. Possibly an Oriental Garden martini...We all only had about 2 or 3 drinks each and went home after 10pm to have cake and tea, after which Diva was back to normal. ;)


Now on to more drinkies. I went to Detroit bar in Covent Garden with my friend Neil to scout it out for my birthday. They have a wonderful array of cocktails, in fact they were serving cocktails in London before they were cool.

Before 7pm we had 2 for £7. I had a carribean (coconut rum, cinnamon liqueur, banana syrup, cream) and Neil had a sing song (vodka, mango juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup). They do really yummy little spring rolls, and the olives are nice too. Second round, he had a paquita (tequila, passion fruit, lime juice, elderflower cordial, sugar syrup) and I had a rose petal martini (gin, rose vodka, lychee juice, topped with a red petal). It was deeeeeeelish. It seems I usually get most excited by floral drinks. And we then had some scampi with lemon mayo.

As to the setting itself, it's very underground, as though in a space age cave with large alcoves and intimate nooks. The lighting was low and the music was chilled, and not once did we have to raise our voices to be heard. I know there was more to be found. Apparently there is a restaurant there as well, somewhere in the labyrinth...!


Alright my lovelies. My head is telling me that I did indeed drink gin (although G&T doesn't do this!), so I am off to bed with a glass of water. Not all at the same time, of course.

(P.S. That is a photo of my rose martini. I held the candle to the stem to light the rim. Cool eh?)



For those of you who can't see Flickr pics, I hope Webshots works.



beenzzz said...

OMG! Both of those drinks sound heavenly. I will have to acquire the ingredients and make a few this weekend! ;)

beenzzz said...

Nice photo, BTW!

The Moody Minstrel said...

One way to judge the level of class of a bar or club is to ask the bartender/waiter just to give you a full bottle of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. Judge his reaction:

Look of contempt, request to leave the premises: AAAA - much too high class. Don't even think about it unless there's a title in front of your name or you have some very important friends.
Look of contempt, "Hmmph": AAA - high class. Hang out with the right people and watch your manners, and you'll do fine.
Look of confusion, apology: AA - reasonably high class. Should be comfortable and pleasant enough, if maybe a little stuffy. Just watch out for people that are a little too eager to prove themselves.
Look of amusement, apology: A - moderately classy. A good place to relax, but unwinding too much might not be a good idea. You might wake up minus your eyebrows and certain other things...
Look of amusement, good-humored dismissal: B - borderline. This could be a fun place. Unwinding is okay. Just don't irk the bouncer or glare at the noisy bunch in the corner.
Look of annoyance, sigh: C - not classy, but respectable. This is probably a hangout for young, low-salaried white-collar types and college students without much of a pocketbook. A good place to have fun. Just don't attract too much attention or you might wind up with a stalker.
Look of annoyance, order to f*** off: D - moderately seedy. Watch out; you are probably in yob territory. Be careful not to attract unwarranted attention unless you have either a black belt or some pretty vicious friends.
Resigned shrug, gives you the bottle: E - definitely seedy. If you see anyone watching you it might be a good idea to ready the knife you have in your pocket or leave as soon as possible.
Leans forward, smiles, and offers to shove said bottle up your arse: F - forget it. Plop a couple of quid on the table and get out of there as fast as your legs will carry you.

Does that about cover it, or did I miss something?

ML said...

First of all, you have beautiful, flawless skin!

Second, those drinks look so delicious. I love the one with the pepper perched on the rim :)

Olivia said...

Beenzzz - I dare you to have a go!
and thanks, I do like a good composition :)


Minstrel - I do so hope you didn't type all of that.
I think this place was AA.


ML - oh thank you, but I prefer to attribute it to my Biotherm makeup!

Oh I see! You watched the picture show! Woo! ;)

lunaliar said...

Those are some awesome drinks! Too bad you guys don't get Tito's Handmade Vodka in the U.K.! Straight out of Austin and it's the best vodka I've ever had, better than Grey Goose even!

AmitL said...

Whew...that seems to have been quite a party,nee,set of parties...however, I can't see the pics...perhaps coz sites like flickr are banned out here.:)

Olivia said...

Luna - there is a vodka that's better than Grey Goose?


Amit - I reposted the pic using Webshots.

tooners said...

uuummmmm, indeed, these look and sound delish! you know, i've been told and have tried it... if you have a glass of water w/ an aspirin before going to bed after drinking, you won't have a hangover. i've tried it once and it worked.

i've never been a heavy gin drinker, so not sure what kind of hangovers you get w/ that.... but tequila always does me in.

Ricercar said...


i havent had a drink in ages!