Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moody Blues


This morning I sat on the Tube beside a man whose breath whistled through his nose. He wasn't old, and he was married. The poor wife. I felt like saying, "Stop whistling."

Then on the Tube on the way home I overheard two girls talking. It was quite enlightening. One of them talked about how her mind wanders when she interviews people...


Since yesterday I have probably twisted my right ankle about 6 times - in both directions. The real sprain came tonight as I was descending some steps, pointing my toes straight forward, and my ankle went again, bigtime.

Anyway. It's been hurting more and more as the evening wears on. At least I could walk tiptoe earlier, but now I can only hop...


Do I have to go to the doctor? I don't think I should go to work tomorrow...

Ow ow ow...hurts

Reminder to self: don't blog during PMS.

I've got something that will cheer things up. Yep, it's not all Mozart and Beethoven around here. Crank up the volume and have a listen to Muse. I love what they do with sound, it's often spine-tingling.

Take a Bow
(what got me into them in the first place)


Sing for Absolution
(heart wrenching!)

You can also see the video on YouTube, if you like.


Selba said...

Twisting your right ankle? Ouch!!! Must be hurting, right?

Don't blog during PMS???
Hahaha.... Why?
For me, it's one way to relieve my stress! LOL

beenzzz said...

Your poor ankle! OUCH, indeed!!!! I have horrible PMS and I turn into a huge witch during that time. I think it makes for interesting posts though! :)

Ricercar said...

poor ankle! Take care ...

The Moody Minstrel said...

M'lady, when you said "Moody blues" I thought it was because you were fed up with my commenting!

Your poor ankle! Why is it taking so much punishment these days? That's really strange...not to mention agonizing! Take it easy!

I'd never heard of Muse before. That is a cool video! The musical style rather reminds me of Radiohead, particularly the OK Computer album. The vocalist looks like Eric Idle. Interesting combination! I do like the sound, though! Maybe I need to check them out some more.

Thanks, m'lady! And PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!

Step lightly with plenty of care,
Go slowly, and do please beware!
Spare your little ankle;
No more need it rankle!
Oh please don't give your friends such a scare!

Olivia said...

Selba - It doesn't hurt today, but it is a bit tricky to use, so my agency said not to make it worse by trying to go into work as it is a long trek.

Ah! I said the PMS thing because I was feeling a bit sorry for myself - I had typed something about big warm hands rubbing my feet and then deleted it.


Beenzzz - I used to get a bit of a temper but lately I seem to be just a bit more emotional instead.


Prerona - I will be good to it today, promise :)


Minstrel - tired of your comments, my faithful subject? Never!

The rest of us have the right to be Moody from time to time, you not having a monopoly on the word :P

I have always had weak ankles, and from time to time they twist, some days more than others, but surprisingly I've never actually properly sprained it like I did last night.

I am glad you like Muse! Different, aren't they? I do like a bit of Radiohead, but I know less of their songs than Muse's because obviously I've been downloading like a maniac since I discovered them.

I think part of the lure of that Absolution song is the fact that the video takes place in SPACE. Yay!

In the plane on the way to Canada last December, I was able to play with the onboard music and movie library, and that is how I heard them...of the many CDs I could have chosen...When I heard Take a Bow, it took my breath away. And when a song does that, I like it.

You rhyme so cleverly, too. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hysteria from the Absolution album is a fantastic song to drive really fast to. It's the big dumb rock thrill intro (big drums) and then the simple repetition of the main riff.

Oh, and the lines "I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out, Last chance to lose control"

Although best not to listen to it in the wet or in a turbo!

ML said...

Sorry about your ankle :( I hope it gets better...are you going to the doctor?

I like your advice about not blogging during PMS. I can go back through my posts and tell exactly when I had PMS. The posts were quite frightening :)

Olivia said...

Anony - oh yes, now you mention it, the intro does sound a bit like a powerful-car ad.

Have you tried it out yet on your Porsche?


ML - thanks, but it's not bad enough for the doc.

I can't tell when I blog with PMS, but I was feeling so teary what with that and the pain yesterday...

amillionpieces said...

I do hope that your ankle is better soon! Ouch!

I'm liking muse, their melodies are great!

Rebecca said...

Liv! I can't picture you listening to Muse! How fun!
I saw them live years ago. Love Muse. he he, cool

Rox said...

If you suffer from PMS you should try going on the pill. That should take care of most of it. And any cramps you might also suffer from. And in this country the pill is freee! Yep the state here pays for women's contraception. Still weird to me, that.
Putney is actually really close to us, just over the bridge. We were there this evening having a meal at Wagamama. YUMM!

AmitL said...

Breath whistling through nose?That must be quite a sound....ooph...ankle twisted six times?That's tough..u'd better tc and a day off,to avoid it becoming a week's problem,I guess...LOL at the reminder to self.(Relates to the title, I guess)..awaiting the first 'March'post.

Anonymous said...

oh livvy, I am sorry about yor ankle. 6times! ouch. I hope you'll be better soon.

Love the video. Very cool


Anonymous said...

I did try Hysteria on a bypass near St. Albans. Was approaching 130mph when I thought it was time to ease off the gas...

tooners said...

Ok, that's weird. I left a comment but it doesn't show.

The way your ankle is twisting sounds terrible. I wonder why it keeps happening. Are you walking too fast maybe? Or maybe it's your shoes. Same shoes each time??

I listened to Muse. I like them. Never heard them before. The guy's voice reminds me other either Bono or Bush. Nice voice this guy has.

I hope you're feeling better. If your ankle starts to swell, I'd see a doctor!