Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lingering Luncheon

Everything seems to be picking up, now that the days are growing longer and spring is round the corner.

I went to Sunday luncheon at Home House with a pleasant group of people. Yes, Home House, where the monied let down their hair and celebs rub elbows with royalty. (What you wouldn't guess is that it is only a few years old.)

I was invited by a pleasant young lady I met a few months ago at a political Party, um, party, and of a ruling family. It turns out she is a member of my old place, the Arts Club! So I know more than enough people now to be a guest there.

The guests were all from various mideastern countries (Ms R and Mr F from Kuwait, twins from the Emirates, a pair of French-Lebanese cousins) and one Indian, and all educated in Europe, the UK or the US, and mostly quite beautiful. So many nice teeth. All of us have been mistaken for something else. The twins look Greek. Ms R has been mistaken for Indian. I've been Indian, Lebanese, Italian, Egyptian, Greek...Well, I do have two, maybe three, of those.

The champagne flowed first in the bar, after which we moved upstairs to the dining room. Ms R had assigned our seating, which I liked because we alternated boy and girl. For starters, I chose a delicate crab spring roll on a fresh mango salsa. Following this I enjoyed grilled seabass on celeriac. Ms R had recommended the roast beef, but as I had some yesterday and it gave me grief, I passed. She did, however, give me her Yorkshire pudding because I like it and she doesn't. There is always room for dessert, so I had pear and almond tarte with berry coulis and cream, and a very delightfully mild and aromatic Earl Grey tea.

The big serious topic was racism in East versus West. The fact that one guy was a lawyer, and there were 8 people to contribute their thoughts, meant that it turned into a long discussion. We joked that next time we meet up, we will discuss ID cards.

Although everyone had impeccable table manners, for some reason they referred to me on a few protocol questions. I only dug my hole deeper by ordering Earl Grey, and then Mr F said that was just what is supposed to be drunk in the afternoon, isn't it? (I hadn't thought of it at all.)

I have also been encouraged to brush up on my Greek and Icelandic for next time. Ha.Ha.Ha...

Four and a half hours at lunch in good company. That is the best kind of Sunday.


beenzzz said...

Beautiful place to have lunch. Sounded like a great time. Am...I know a few words in Greek, but Icelandic sounds like a very difficult language!! I had no idea the Earl Grey had a specific time of day. :) Shows you what I know.

Mikeachim said...

When you hob-nob, you certainly do it with class, Lady A. :)

Ricercar said...

mmmm! nice :)
lovely pic ...

The Moody Minstrel said...

Good grief, Olivia! Should I start opening and closing all my comments with "m'lady"? ;-)

Selba said...

Wow... how nice to have lunch there!!! So... exquisite!!!

Hahaha... yeah, I've heard how british people really concern about table manners and grooming :)

Any other pictures that you can share? like the food?

Jia hearts Panda said...

it looked like a lovely place to din.

Olivia said...

Beenzzz - Icelandic and Greek are both difficult languages. I studied classical Gr in uni for a year, and I am no better off than when I started. I taught myself to read modern Greek, then learned ancient pronunciation in class. And that is it. All grammar is now gone. My vocab still comes from the songs I listen to.

As for Icelandic, my grandmother taught me a few words, but as I don't need them...


Mike - aye, that Ah dooo!


Prerona - It sounds like you would have enjoyed yourself.


Minstrel - Oooooh :) ;)
Um, yes I should think so!!!


Selba - Ah, so much of the world thinks the British have good manners, but they don't really. As with the rest of the world, it depends on how your parents brought you up. If the better classes have good training, they don't discuss what to do or not. I think the it came up because the nationalities at the table were so mixed, and I grew up here. So did the Indian girl, but she had a different background to me.


Jia - you are back! You have to send me your new address!!!


amillionpieces said...

Sounds fabulous, Arty, very good way to lunch! Very exquisite. The picture reminds me a bit of the Dorchester, but I can't remember well enough to decide if this is a percieved or an actual likeness.

AmitL said...

Wow...I never knew a 'royal' blogger,before,Olivia.:)And,a big grin at you being mistaken for Indian/Lebanese/Italian/Egyptian/Greek in the past..quite a variety of nationalities.How about a bit of Greek/Icelandic,in one of your posts,soon?Heh heh

jia hearts o said...

oh I did
no email?

Olivia said...

Pete - all these old London places are so similar, it is totally fine to be reminded of somewhere by somewhere else, and not doubt yourself :)


Amit - Me, royal? No. Royalist ancestors? Yes.
I definitely feel a language post coming up soon :)


Jia - yea, chica, you said you'd email me your new addy! :P
You busy bee!

lunaliar said...

That's so lovely, Liv! Reminds me of my country club days!

ML said...

Wow, how great is that! The mention of seabass really got my stomach growling - I love that stuff!

I had no idea about the Earl Grey thing either. Oh well, I say you enjoy it when you want :)

Olivia said...

Luna - in Houston? Gosh, I had forgotten about country clubs. Just remembered I went to River Oaks CC once, for the HISD psych svces end of year luncheon.


ML - I have a funny knack - once had afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason...I chose the Queen Anne blend and my friends chose some other ones, but the hostess said that mine was a perfect choice for the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Way COOL!!!! What a beautiful place..... and the food!!! yumm!!! I just had dinner and what you described does not compare,
Hopefully you'll have more of these lovely luncheons.

guyana-gyal said...

Oh boy, I'm glad I'm blogging again, this made me feel as though I was in a luxurious place a while ago, until I heard the crickets outdoors.

As Mikeachim said, when you hob-nob you certainly do it with class :-)

Ah, sigh, I enjoyed this, Olivia!