Thursday, April 19, 2007

This just in

Good news, Good news!

I've just got off the phone with my consultant who has been trying to get me into the Arts Council for over a month now, and she has me starting there at the international strategy office on Monday at 10am, for an indefinite number of weeks.

I love how she goes into chatty detail about how she gets people to pick my CV over others.

Tomorrow, however, I will be busy helping a solicitor who works from home in exclusive Belgravia, next to Buckingham Palace and embassy land. Get that, her home (not office). For those of you who do not live in London, that is like living off 5th Avenue and the Upper East Side, or in the 7th and 16th arrondissements of Paris.




Sonrisa said...

Hey hun, saw your comment on Fabby's blog and thought I'd see you on this blog as it's really very pretty!

Very posh job there, well done! You're moving in good circles, it seems!

Olivia said...

I wondered how you found your way here :)

I blog the same things on P27, but I am glad you like this layout. It is a template I applied myself a couple of years ago, don't ask how. I don't have the guts to do it again!

MattJ said...

I feel i'm lowering the tone of that place just looking at it....

Sonrisa said...

LOL! Shame! I've got a recently opened blogger account. I've got a few posts on there but I'm not really sure why I have it really. You can get to it from here.

Fabulous said...

ooh yay for the job a long time coming well done. As for working tomorrow.. yay check you out having cucumber sarnies with the Queen.

L B said...

That's definitely a posh area! I used to walk around there a bit a long time ago... *sigh* All these LOndon memories.. they just all flood out!

ML said...

Glad to hear about the job! That place looks posh!

Anonymous said...

oooooh fancy!

I like that place...


Anonymous said...

¡FELICITACIONES, OLIVIA! I am so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

(Previous message written by Memoria)

Anonymous said...

Cool! Congrats! I want to hear more about this next time we chat...

Olivia said...

Matt - we need the balance!


Sonrisa - what do you think of Blogger so far?


Fabulous - meh. No biggie :P Saw more ambassadors than anything.


LB - that is what I am here for, to make you tourists want to come back.


ML - it is very very, and I saw that white building with the sculpture, on one corner of Belgrave Square, one street over from where I was.


Jia Li - I prefer the red brick one, what about you?


Memoria - muchas gracias mi amiga!


Vanessa - this weekend, by any chance?


If you click on the "Other" option and type in your name, that's all you need, no more info.

Anonymous said...

I agree liv, the red brick.

check out my coroflot site

I got some new illos up!


Beenzzz said...

Good luck with the new position. I'm sure you're very excited!

tooners said...

well, this post answers my question from before re: the job.

i'm really excited about the new job that you start on monday... which is today. so i'm wondering how it's going, if you're enjoying it, etc. i hope you are. i hope it becomes permanent... if it's something that you love.

Anonymous said...

Ooh fantastic news sweets! (Am v.behind as took a couple days off work and our wireless internet is down at home.Poo)