Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Things

"Good things come to those who wait," said a certain someone to me at the jazz lounge on Friday.  This saying is true on many levels.

Those of you on Facebook know the rest, but anyway...I swore to myself I wasn't going to get into this on my blog, but really, it's even more exciting than my museum visits.

Upon finding out on Saturday that I was unwell, this same someone (who probably deserves a nickname at some point) promised to bring me get well treats.  And so on Sunday I received a call while he was at a rather nice gourmet store, gauging my interest in items, reading ingredients, deciding on things, and then asked my permission to come see me.

He came bearing good things:  chicken noodle soup, tomato basil parmesan soup, a chocolate tartlet, a fruit tartlet, organic OJ with pulp, and a bunch of PINK TULIPS!

(I thought this only happened in movies.)

I was so cheered up that I felt good enough to go out, so we went for a ramble round the neighborhood in the sunshine before he left to visit his folks.

(Girls are not supposed to admit this, and I didn't, but no guy apart from my father has given me flowers before.)


In other news, I had a pre-interview phone screening with a company in Arlington, and it looks like I will be getting an interview later this week.


Oh, nearly forgot - if you want to see pics of us at the Indonesian Embassy, then go to ThingstodoDC, click on the Photo Gallery link on the Right hand side menu, choose the Embassy link, and take a peek at the pics.  


Anonymous said...

Olivia, I am so glad you have met someone so so nice and kind. I agree with those who said it on FB: You deserve it!!! :)

Glo said...

Noses are red, tulips are pink,
Someone is sweet on you, I think ;)


Anonymous said...


steve on the slow train said...

You two make a very attractive couple. I'm very happy things are going so well. As mj says, you deserve it.

Selba said...

You are soooooo lucky!!!

Happy for you :D

The tullips are so gorgeous especially because of its color.

Selba said...

Liviiieeeee... I just had a look at the photo gallery, saw your picture! You look so beautiful and.... wow! One word to describe it, PERFECT!!! ;)

CafeMark said...

Wow - someone's getting some good breaks! Hope you do well in your interview! By the way, we're all expecting invites to the wedding :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Considering the luck you were(n't) having not so long ago, I think you were about due for a kharma switch, m'lady! And you deserve it!

Um Naief said...

hmmm... am loving the pic and the flowers... and soup!!! wow... very nice.

i'm so very happy for you my dear. :)

Olivia said...

MJ - thanks, about time, eh?


Glo - love your little rhyme ;)


Nikki - I knoooooooow :D


Steve - thank you. :)


Selby - might be because he saw a pic on my phone of the pink camellia last week...?


Mark - thanks re the interview. *ahem*


Minstrel - thank you for sticking with me through those dark days!


Um Naief - Thanks :)
I was looking at an old post from 2006, and you were there as Tooner. It's been that long or longer since we found each other?

Christopher said...

The flowers are so pretty!

Spring is in the air and like flowers, something is in bloom in your happy for you!

Anonymous said...

How gallant of him! *beams for Miss O* I hope you enjoyed every moment of it! And, I'm very glad that you'll be getting that interview. The transition, seems to be coming along for you, very well. :)

Olivia said...

Kissy - aw, how poetic of you, chico.


Miss Fluff - ooh, gallant is a good word. I shall try to use that sometime.

Fingers crossed for this transition, eh?

michelle G said...

so happy u met someone, hope you get an interview

Tea N. Crumpet said...

A man who gives tulips is a man worth keeping! Mr. Coffee (my husband) gave me tulips and we wound up with 9 kids, so watch out for what they cause. (Wink!)

Pandabonium said...

I've been looking at the wrong blog - doh!

Wow, you get good food and tulips. I'd stay sick all the time. ;^)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, yes, good things do happen to those who wait, I can vouch for that. Some guys are so kind and patient and all the good things.

I'm so romantic, reading this, my eyes 'sweated'.

Olivia said...

Tea - oh blimey! I can't have that many, I'd disintegrate.

I am glad that he's not one of those who makes a big deal of flowers, or maybe it is a big deal.

He called from the office today and asked again how the tulips are doing!


Pandabonium - welcome to the right blog!


Gyal - for truth? Your eyes sweated? hahahaaa!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, they did, Olivia, haha. I'm sinfully, dreadfully romantic. I think everybody in the world should have somebody special.

Oh my gosh, nine children, Tea, how do you manage? Your home must be fun though.