Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Surpriseday

Today was like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.

A surprise parcel arrived today from the lovely Nikkipolani!  I found it inside the front door when I went downstairs for breakfast, and ended up running upstairs to open it and ooh and aah over each item as I pulled them out of the box!

She had filled it with samples from a trade show and Trader Joe's.  I love smorgasbords.

Looks as though I was too excited to focus properly, but there are tasty snacks, teabags, chocolate bars, chocolate covered blueberries and pumpkin seeds, all sorts of natural lotion and soap samples, and lip balms...goodness me!


Today as it was drizzly out (spring got cold feet), I stayed home cleaning up my poor overworked hard drive, downloading software for a printer that my landlady has given me, AND I may soon (hopefully tomorrow) receive a phone call to discuss a job with a translation company.  *holding breath*

Tomorrow evening, somebody is taking me to a swanky do at the Indonesian Embassy including traditional food, music and dance, and a tour of the mansion, so stay tuned for a review.


nikkipolani said...

Heeeee! I was just thinking I should've taken a photo of all the stuff because I can't remember what all got packed ;-) Have a loverly time at your fancy dinner. How is it you find these people with embassy connections?

Selba said...

Wow!!! You are so lucky!!! Nikkipolani is so wonderful to send you that many kind of stuff :)

Have fun at the Indonesian Embassy, can't wait for the review.. wondering what kind of traditional food are they going to provide. Remember, there are more than 13.600 islands in Indonesia, hehehe...

Olivia said...

Nikki - LOL I don't know that many people with embassy connections! Well, one worked there, and one gets invited there.

This is blogland - everything gets photographed now!


Selby - Nikki is an expert at sending lovely things :)

13,600 islands, my goodness. I will try to fit that fact in at some point.

He read the info over the phone this afternoon and some of the food sounded familiar, but I can't remember the names now. I will try to remember after I've eaten them, that's easier.

Flighty said...

Lucky you, it looks like Nikki has done you proud!
Enjoy the swanky do this evening.
Have a good weekend! xx

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oooh I like the new header, keep it, it's you!

Have fun at the Indo affair. I know quite a bit about Indonesians - friend of a friend - and he's explained quite a bit about his homeland.

What a lot o' goodies you got, now I'm hungryyyyy.

michelle G said...

oooh look at the yum yums

Olivia said...

Thanks Flighty.
You have a good weekend too.


Gyal - thanks! The pic or the title?

I'm in the mood for snacking at the moment, so the timing for my goodies was perfect.


Mich - hehe :)

Christopher said...

Do they not have a Trader Joe's where you are? I couldn't live without that place and their vegan edamame hummus!

Olivia said...

Yes, there are Trader Joes, but Nikki didn't know that. Still, I only ever went to one ONCE in upstate NY.

Christopher said...

I think thats sweet that she sent you that package...and to boot you are going on a date to the embassy...make sure you fill your purse up with the silverware.

On a lighter note, I wanted to let you know about a FABULOUS peel I have tried from a line called Juice Beauty, it is their Apple Peel which may leave your skin red for an hour or so after it is done, but that combined with the home microdermabrasion kit I have been using has given me such a lovely glow...

So post plenty of pictures and hopefully you'll get a job with the UN. xoxo Kissy

Olivia said...

Kissy - ah, they knew better. It was a buffet without silverware.

Ooh, I think a peel would be a great way to spring clean the skin!

I did take some pics. Alas, not as many as I should have.

Olivia said...

P.S. too bad I left the UN behind in NYC :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

The pikcha [of the flower], it's so bright and pretty, such a positive image, it's so you :-)