Thursday, December 08, 2005


There I was earlier today, blogging about how not to catch a cold, and this evening on the Tube home, I sat opposite a woman who kept coughing. Not that I could move - while she covered the middle section, two more coughing people took care of either end of the carriage. The rest of us sat there looking trapped.

I tried very hard not to breathe.


But oh my god, where am I going? A couple of months ago, I was wriggling into my size sixes, but today I kept pulling them up, and yet I am on something that includes weight gain as a side effect! Hello...?
Plus, since starting yoga I've started eating meat again. I also have midnight snacks and I've been eating porridge every morning for a month now.

But hey, maybe this is just how stress chooses to manifest itself in my case.


Ah....Tomorrow I have a Very Important Interview...

This is what I hate about suits: My nicely tucked in shirt doesn't stay that way for long. But I can't go to an interview with my shirt untucked under a jacket, no matter how nicely tailored it is...!


Prerona said...

i totally agree on the shirt problem! personally, i hate tucking shirts in! :(

rox said...

Well one tip which my mum always wants to shove on me and which is totally uncool but might actually work, is to tuck your shirt into your tights or if youre not wearing any into your nickers. :o/ Well I warned you about it being uncool LOL

Olivia said...

Oh Rox - LOL! You sound just like *my* mum half an hour ago!
The problem with that is preventing the tights-waist from showing.

M. said...

Odd! I was the first to post a comment but it didn't show up...perhaps Blogger has been eating comments overall?

Basically, I was saying that this post reminds me of a science program I saw on how you get a cold. There were computer-generated graphics that showed exactly how it worked. There were also graphics that showed how virus travels when one sneezes and then get breathed in by unsuspecting's fascinating but a little frightening!


Rebecca said...

I can't wear shirts at all, my bust and waiste are too disparate. But honey, the turtle neck sweater, always a safe bet.

Anonymous said...

good luck girl.

And don't sweat the petty things, only you will know that your blouse is untucked if you are wearing a jacket!

Olivia said...

Mers - that comment showed up under the previous post. This was my second for the day.

Rebecca - turtlenecks? really? Cool.
At present my fave shirt fits better than any possibly can without me being measured. It's an XS, perfect at the back and waist although slightly too roomy in the bust - but that will always be a problem, probably till I have kids.

*sigh* OK, too many Anonymouses around these days, but I am guessing you're the original as it sounds like you. And thanks for not giving up on me.

The interview is at 3.30, which is why I have no updates ;)

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I hear you: turn sideways and you dissappear. 'Tis our plight. That's why a good turtle neck sweater always does the trick for me. Cotton shirts just never fit right.

But yeah: slick suit and a simple sweater, you can't go wrong. And they have a bunch of monochrome such sweaters at Zara, very nice quality for under 20 quid.

MattJ said...

So what's this interview for then? who, why where? I can't comment on buts issues as i have none! (bust issues, or indeed a bust thankfully) unless of course you count the natural male predilection.

So that only leaves me to leave my sage words about the interview. So - job or Wogan? :p

good luck either way (dont let him read his book while you're talking!).

M. said...

I don't think I can handle any more mess ups. :> Sorry for the spam comments!

Good luck with that interview! You need to buy shirts that look nice untucked. ;)


Olivia said...

Rebecca - LOL yes, hehehe! What's worse for me is I'm below eye level whereas you're not. :P

Why don't you beg Zara to start making size 6, and I'll come along to beg for shorter trousers?
Because it seems we both like the shop but only for tops!

Matt - hold yer horses, and I will blog about it.
Oh, and natural male predilection? Grrrrrr, don't make me come over there and punch you!

Mers - thanks, I wore my favourite shirt.
But it wasn't the one with cufflinks.

Steliano Ponticos said...

kalipsera Olive. Its me. I just came back from eating with a friend. She is soooo thin and she can't eat more than half a pizza. In fact half a pizza is really too much for her...Can you finish a pizza? +)

Olivia said...

Kali spera, Steli +)
Welcome back!

Yes, I can eat a pizza, a small salad...and there is always room for dessert!
No one knows where I put it all.

Steliano Ponticos said...

How small, the salad? Olive, dessert might just be the best thing in life..

Olivia said...

Steli, I don't believe you're right back to RTBing!

Small salad = very small side plate.

I think most of my readers agreed ages ago that without dessert, life is not worth living :P

Steliano Ponticos said...

so its very small :P. Your readers are very wise indeed.

How about a new RTB record I have a report to write so I am stopping now and kalinichta.

Rebecca said...

He he he, indeed. Zara will have a size 6 in the sweaters, that's why I go there, is because it's one of the few places where I can almost always find a size 6. Not always, but at least most of the time.

Lcoation matters too, I've found. In Knightsbridge, for example, it's more likely.

Olivia said...

Rebecca - do they really? Ah well I have enough sweaters, lots of new fleece polar necks but not enough sleek turtlenecks.