Thursday, December 01, 2005

Throwing a tantrum

I went to the interview, and it was delightfully informal. We sat on a couch and now I see what she meant about having a "chat" when she called me yesterday. I liked them a lot, very friendly.

Unfortunately (times 10 to the nth power), because my CV is held in-house by Christie's the recruiter is not allowed to promote me. She told me my qualifications were very academic, my admin skills very strong, and that it was worth pushing Christie's to consider me for admin roles. (I thought I had made it clear originally that I didn't mind.)
Having a Master's degree can be quite a burden sometimes...

I am now on their books for temping jobs.

Alright, I didn't throw a tantrum because I've vented a bit already on 20Six...

P.S. I found a bracelet at Accessorize that goes quite well with the set from Butler & Wilson, but does anyone know who does good children's jewellery? My fingers are already so little and now that it's cold, only two of my rings fit.


M. said...

Aw. :( Still, if it's a good environment to work in, a temp job is better than none, no?

A friend of mine tried to apply for a job at Bath & Body Works; she was apparently over-qualified because she graduated from college, heh.

BTW, I started posting some eye candy on my blogspot account. :D Gotta use it for something! More to come.

- merserene

Jia Li said...

u will find something liv

Olivia said...

I have no idea where this agency will send me for temping, and i hadn't the presence of mind to ask what sort of companies are on their roll.

As for your friend applying at B&BW - I like to say that surely its our business that we're applying for those jobs! Of course, if choosing between someone who has always worked in a shop vs a graduate, I suppose can see why they'd choose the career shop assistant. They don't want us grads getting all resentful over the *menial* work...Pah!

*will run over to your blog after I answer Jia Li*

Jia Li - you have been encouraging me for the past year at least, I hope you're not tired of it ;)
Thanks chica!

Olivia said...

By the way Merserene, your blog is not loading at all :(

M. said...

Ah, ok. Look at it this way, if the temp job turns out to be bad, it's only temporary, and if it turns out to be good, there may be chances to get on the permanent staff! Here's to finding that good temp job!

It's funny; my friend loved B&BW and would've stayed, except for the fact her co-workers were backstabby and difficult to work with. Those aren't qualities an education or lack thereof or even the job position can affect...


(I hope blogspot isn't choking because I have all those photos...)

Anonymous said...

That goes to show that people are forgetful. Keep reminding them that you still around and interested. It would be a better world if people did and meant what they said.

Temp jobs can be good. Merserene is right on.


Olivia said...

Merserene - backstabbing at a soap and perfume shop???

You would be amazed at the capacity Blogspot has for pictures. All the pics I have ever posted here are still online, but on 20six they are always disappearing!

Vanessa - yes I did, and they sent me the expected reply, but at least I sent them an updated CV so they were required to look at it.

MattJ said...

I agree with an earlier comment liv, a temp job you can bail,on and if you liek it you have the opportunity to prove yourself and maybe get a more permanent position.

A lot of companies (like mine!lol!) often emply temps as a precursor to getting permanent staff as temps are easier to get rid of than regular employees. If someone is suitable they are offered a full position, if they are rubbish then there is an awful lot of employment law that is dodged. A lot of our payroll lot are recruited this way. Nice isn't it?

M. said...

Yeah, would you believe it? My friend was the newcomer so the girls who were there before didn't like her. That kind of attitude likely exists at all job levels and fields!


M. said...

BTW, for your rings - do they sell ring guards over there? They're these plastic things you can put on your rings so they'd fit better. They can also be taken off whenever you want. Very handy.


Olivia said...

Matt - Yes, I hope to build some credibility over here by temping.

Merserene - I used to have ring guards (for my high school class ring) but I have not seen any over here!