Friday, December 09, 2005

The Interview [ADDENDUM]

It was with Christie's (finally)! I deserved this, have been trying for a year!

It was the longest and most detailed psychological interview I've had since the State Department security services one...except that was over 3 hours long and included essays, interviews, tests, and interviews.

There are a few admin positions open in various departments.
She will consider me for a couple, but she said I really ought to be a junior specialist, and am I interested in the internship?


Another internship. Oh well.
Nice to know I'm junior spec material!

And being Christie's they do it properly. I was expecting to go into an office, but we were in the upstairs dining room. I couldn't keep my eyes off the paintings on the wall. In fact at one point as I was talking, I was comparing a large abstract scene over the fireplace, with the scaled-down version beside it.

That's all for now, it's time for dinner.



Well, he wouldn't let me tell you as soon as I wanted. I'd written it, deleted it, and now here I tell you again! Our old friend Steli is back!

If you like my informative posts, you will love his. Please visit Steliano's Day Dreams so you can really use your brain cells.


Steliano Ponticos said...

Olive good luck for Christie's. As far as I am concerned they can not find a better connaisseuse that you.

If the scaled down version is a scaled down version shouldn't be just the same only smaller?

Olivia said...

Thanks Steli! You are right of course!

Yes, the painting was the same, only smaller.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I think I should blog about scaling and stuff like that. You just gave me agreat subject for a I have the fire bird and this..Bien sur que tu es la meilleure.

M. said...

What does "junior specialist" entail? Sounds like a position for the CIA. And from the way the interview sounds it might as well be. :>


Olivia said...

LOL Merserene - as I typed it I was thinking that, and how when I was in psychology my dad wanted me to go into Psych Ops (yuck!)

At Christie's, a specialist is just that, someone who works in a specialist department and deals with clients who bring in their items for evaluation, valuation; writes catalogue entries and articles in sale catalogues liaises with clients, i think sometimes they do phone bidding too.
The junior spec does their legwork in prep for one day becoming a specialist.

At Sotheby's they call them "experts" but Christie's maintains that it's rather immodest to call oneself an "expert" because it implies you know everything.

Anyway, these are the people you see talking about the things on Antiques Roadshow.

re: the Interview - yes, I told my mother that the gruelling State Dept interview was great preparation for this one!

Rox said...

Congrats Olivia. Hope you get it and not cause I wish slavery on you LOL. But after all that is what we all hoped for at Christies. :o)

Steliano Ponticos said...

Olive merci pour la publicite. Again I am happy to be blogging again.

If any of you guys do visit I hope you will like it..

Anonymous said...

It's a been a few days since I visited you. I will keep my fingers crossed.....may this one be it!!

Welcome back Steli!!! Where were you again?


Olivia said...

Well Rox, before I go into, um, olive slavery, I will not blame you for wishing it upon me.

Steli - c'est mon plaisir.

Vanessa - heyyyy, where've you been little girl? When will you be on Skype again?
Sorry I forget to email you sometimes, but I think of you every day!

Rox said...

Nah why would I wish that on you. Am not that viscious or spiteful. Id probably be flattered enoug too to take the job had I been offered one even though I know what it did to my friend. I am so fed up with no job. Boring! At least I have the xmas hols to look forward to and surely am allowed to forget job hunting while apres skiing in St Moritz. Yaay!

Olivia said...

Silly of us, isn't it, knowing...but perhaps some are happy enough to stay for a long time! Providing I get in, we shall see.

I just had deja vu about it for some reason.

Indeed, this is why Mum and I are going to Italy. Enjoy your "escape" too ;)

Jia Li said...

U are going to Italy!

M. said...

Italy! Oh so very jealous! When are you going?


Rebecca said...

Well, well, well. St. Moritz, Italia. My father had proposed we all spend Christmas in St. M. together with Giuseppe's family. But they've never met (the parents), and my folks in St. Moritz could be scary. So no go.
Where in Italy will you be.

I will be in Lugano. Humph. And none of our friends will be around because they will be travelling. Humph.

Actually, I looove CHristmas in Lugano, I have to say, I can't wait!

Olivia said...

Jia Li - yea! I am pretty sure I told you...!

Merserene - from the 19th to the 29th - for the first time, Christmas without the family.

Rebecca - the parents have never met? Everyone else but the parents...tut tut.

We will be in Sorrento and other places around the Amalfi Coast, plus on the way there staying at Lake Maggiore; side trips to Pompeii, Rome, Borromean Islands...
Well it's a coach trip. Humph. But you can't arrange holidays like that on your own. I hope it's not naff...

Steliano Ponticos said...

V I was in Cyprus