Sunday, February 05, 2006


The last couple of nights I've had a fever and sweated buckets like never before. I feel exhausted, and now I'm coughing, complete with aches and pains. If I owned chickens, I would be so worried.

I'm trying to gather the strength to go down the road for milk and lots of fruits.... :-o

I could ask one of my housemates, I mean, I did give them chocolate cake. But then, maybe it would be good to catch some healing sunshine. And it is only at the end of the street. *sigh*

Aha. Landlady's son J has arrived. She's just got him back from Iraq, and now they're sending him off to Afghanistan. On the theme of Sports Cars, he drives a stonking TVR, sets the sash windows rattling.

He's the one who used to play Highwayman when he was little and shout, "Stand on your liver!"


Check out this little Flash presentation on Style Icons. Louise Brooks is in it!


OK now I am more tirederer than I was when I started this post...


M. said...

Awww, hugs and I hope you feel better soon! Hope you're taking something for it, too - milk and fruits won't make it go away quickly enough.


Olivia said...

You made me laugh, M. I need milk for tea and porridge, and I'm craving grapefruits.
I've been taking Lemsip, that medicated powder you put in hot water.
Tonight I might take Night Nurse.
I take 8 hour release Vit C every day without fail.
I already had the flu shot, but obviously not for this strain :(

Steliano Ponticos said...

Olivia i hope you feel much better soon. i am very annoyed that my blog is 2 posts from yesterday have disappeared and i tried to post today and it disappeared again..i really don't know what the problem is but i can't post anything :'/

Olivia said...

Aie Steli, how frustrating!
Did you write something after Comus? Sorry I missed it.

The only thing I can think of is maybe you've run out of space.

Prerona said...

Hey! Whats wrong? Hope u feel better soon! Have you been to a doctor? U take care :) Get better soon. xx

M. said...

Well, it's night time for you there, so I'm hoping you're getting a nice rest so you can feel better tomorrow!


(I've never heard of the medications you're taking!)

Olivia said...

Prerona - thanks. Don't really need to go to the doctor for flu.

Mers - now it is tomorrow, and I feel totally drained, plus a headache.
Ah, I forgot that in the US, all you get are tablets, liqui-gels, and liquids. Lemsip is most popular here because you get to drink your meds in a soothing hot mug.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like what I had. Hope you feel better today. Do get fresh air though, it will do you good.

Anonymous said...

Night nurse and brandy, the medicine of the Gods! Add a dash of hot water and a squeeze of lemon juice. And don't blame me when you sleep non-stop for a day or so....

Anonymous said...

Oh dearest, sending you lots of hugs and kisses and I hope you get better soon.

Grapefruits are always a good thing. and remember Kiwis have more vitamin Cs than oranges.


Olivia said...

Rebecca - hm, lunch is postponed yet another week.

Anonanon - Yeeek. Don't be surprised if it knocks me out for longer!

Vanessa - Yes, but I don't like the green ones and they don't sell golden ones here :(
Looks like it's all grapefruit for me.

MattJ said...

hello liv! hope you're feeling better and apologies for my extended absence! I will explain all on my blog over the next day or so, hope to have an update today but if not definitely tomorrow.

Was stressful week last week, but all is well now. just didnt want to whine a lot on my blog again! Have been really busy too but that wasn't the issue. Anyhoo, i am back, hopefully next week wont be quite so frantic or worrying!