Thursday, February 16, 2006

Elastic Band

My life is like an elastic band. Long stretches with nothing, and then suddenly, snap! Everything piles up at once.

Or like London buses. Nothing, nothing, nothing, and then about 5 of them heave into view.

I'm very good at keeping in touch with friends and we talk often. But they are so busy working and studying, it has been weeks since I saw some of them. It feels like a conspiracy, as if they get together and decide that they will all call me to go out at the same time.

Within the next two weeks it goes like this:
Feb. 14 - opera night and dinner at the Arts Club
15th - Waterloo King's Arms with some 20sixers
16th - Christie's do (Gil Darby retirement) - with Mr B
18th - Rebecca's birthday at a jazz club in Belgravia, hoo ha
20th - Royal Ballet evening and dinner at the Arts Club with Lydia

Who knows what will pop up between the 21st and:

the 25th - Royal Berkshire blinks in Reading with Diva and some other 20sixers
March 3rd - dogwalking in Richmond Park
4th - Olympia Antiques fair and costume preview at Christie's SK with Miss S

Still, somewhere in my busy social diary I have to see my grandmother. I have threatened not to see her unless we can convince my cousin James to turn up so I can lend him the family history.

After which, there may just be another drought.


M. said...

Look at you, social butterfly! :) This is a good type of piling up, no?


Jia Li said...

always got time for grandma!

Steliano Ponticos said...

I would break the law to have such a full social calendar, thats great. It IS a good type of piling up.

MattJ said...

Looks like you are going to be rushed off tyour feet in a whirlwind of popularity! go you!

Definitely the piling up of the good variety :-p

Olivia said...

LOL you lot - really stuck on the piling up motif, aren't you?

Um, I was considering going to see a film at the 02 Centre before picking up some groceries this afternoon/evening. I've agreed to stay in the landlord's office until 4.30 and I will be in the entire house alone (after the cleaner leaves).

Michelle said...

You do have a busy social life, edgy and exciting! My life is still at the long stretches of nothing, the skeleton I suppose is the weekly television guide. :(

There's also the Sims...I'm re-addicted again.

Michelle said...
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Steliano Ponticos said...

Michelle you are going to make me start playing the sims..

Olive wow you could do whatever you want alone in the house, how about a party... :P

Olivia said...

I am scared of the Sims, in case I get addicted too.

Have any of you heard of a game from the 90s called Myst? Lots of puzzle-solving and code-breaking and detective work to save this island that your father discovered. You have to read the manuscripts he wrote, and also save the island from your evil maniac brother.

I could have invited you all over here for a couple of hours, oh I am so prepared for that :P
We could drink Eiswein, eat sharon fruits and nik naks. Partay! (Not.)

Actually, I had to work and get everything off to the post office before it closed.

I nearly baked another choc cake tonight.

M. said...

Oooh, I miss my little Sims. But I can't start playing again because I don't have the time.

Myst is still around, O. It's had several incarnations since then, too.

If I could earn a living just playing video games (but not write the code), I'd so do it.

Now you make me want to bake muffins.


Michelle said...

Chocolate cake is delicious, I've not had homemade since Christmas. Congrats on pretty much baking it!

One of my best friends is really into the whole Myst series. You have to enjoy thinking and solving puzzles. Its really hard and you practically need the strategy guide. I like to kind of go brain-dead when I play games and not work too hard at it so its never been for me. I've heard that the graphics in some of the latest incarnations are super cool. There's one where you visit this zoo that houses panda bears!

m., maybe you could be a video game tester. When playing the sims I noticed a lot of kinks that needed to be worked out. I wish they had better testers. Or it could be that every copy of the 'sims complete' that target stocks was poorly manufactured...

Steliano Ponticos said...

In the 90s I played Atari games, I really liked space invaders and pacman..

Olivia said...

Mers - yes I would have suggested what Michelle did. Video Game Tester. The only safety risks are Repetitive Stress Syndrome and sore eyes!

So did you bake any muffins?

Michelle - don't get too impressed, I use box mixes :P

I miss Myst, but it only works on Windows 95/98. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the ingenious gadgets.

Ooh, I also miss Target. That could so be a pun...

Steli - did you have an Atari? We had an Atari PC in the late 80s. Played all sorts...Splat, Joust, Bubble Ghost, Sentinel, King's Quest, Rock Man, California Dreamin'...back then you could count the pixels on the screen, but they are still some of the best games I've ever played.
Dad and I played with Fractals on that Atari too. It was a proper PC years ahead of IBM.

M. said...

I've thought about video game tester, but it's why I mentioned the code can't really be a beta tester unless you're one of the people writing the codes for the game, because you need to know how to fix it. THAT I loathe. One semester of programmming class was enough for me.

That's ok...if I were a beta tester, there'd also be the big derriere syndrome in addition to eyes and carpel tunnel!

I didn't end up baking muffins because I went out for drinks.


Olivia said...

M - knowing code is also the thing that put me off that job :{

We did a little programming in 8th grade, but it was only BASIC which is fun. Have you tried it? Probably too ancient now...
Anything more and I say no thanks.

M. said...

I think we tried to do some programming in 8th grade, too, on Apple IIs. Was it BASIC? I can't remember. Last time I did programming was using Java in college. I tried telling myself it was just like learning another language...but in reality it was no where as fun as my Japanese language classes.

Did you ever get to play "Oregon Trail" in your computer class? I have fun memories of that. :)


Olivia said...

Mers - yes, the glorious green-screened Apple IIe! So you probably did do BASIC.

What's Oregon Trail?

M. said...

Well, besides using BASIC to make a turtle do different things, the other big part of my jr. high computer class was playing "Oregon Trail." You pretend that you're a family going out west on the Trail and you have to defend yourselves and hunt for food. "Hunting" means pressing the spacebar like mad so you can shoot bullets at things like squirrels, buffalos, etc. I think we almost killed many spacebars playing that game!