Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Just a quick post to divert our attention from living dead heads and other morbid things.

1) I went to yoga today! I haven't been in weeks, since all the receptions and recitals and dinners descended on my social calendar.

2) My landlord paid me today :) and has more projects in the pipeline.

3) It is sunny in London. Sunny and cold, but it is nice to see the daylight increasing daily.

4) I have been nurturing some crocus bulbs since December. They reached 4 cm last month, so I have put them on the table by the window and the green shoots have been out for a week now.

5) With that inspiration I have taken out my bonsai kit but might wait till landlord puts my window boxes back in so that I can steal some potting soil.

6) It is becoming more frequent that people - acquaintances and strangers - have been telling me that a) I have a pretty, expressive, singsong voice; b) I have a pleasant accent and I sound polite; c) they could listen to me all day.
What should I do to take advantage of it?
[I have never liked my voice, as I find it too small and childish. My accent used to be quite posh when I was growing up; when I moved to the US, I softened it out of sheer embarrassment but could not lose it. Since my return to London, it has found a new balance.]

7) Have been reading On Friendship by Michel de Montaigne, the great 17th century essayist, but was tempted to give up when I found myself wondering out loud this morning, "What on earth is he going on about now?"
It's the middle of the book and he seems to have lost the plot.


I forgot to mention the office manager at the finance recruitment company where I've been temping.

I don't think she likes me. I'm efficient so she wants me back, but nary a breath of thanks escapes her lips, nor a trace of a smile, and not one more word than is necessary. Oh, I did catch her out in the lift when I pointed out it was snowing, so she exclaimed and looked through the glass wall onto the courtyard and exclaimed again. So...she IS human. Slightly.

Four of the five people who have acknowledged my presence have stopped at my desk to ask if I was alright, and to find out what I studied, what I am looking for, and what else I do with myself, as well as to thank me for my help.


Another Mutts for you to smile at:


Michelle said...

You're lucky that you can plant bulbs. We tried in our backyard but they always get eaten by deer or bunny rabbits.

I used to like Montaigne. He's supposed to be the greatest essayist who ever lived. I can still read his essays because his style is so expansive but at times I have this feeling that his content must be blah because I'm not remembering any of it.

Anonymous said...

what's a Shnub?

I've done a lot of temping, and often your lot in life is to be regarded as slightly human but not worthy of attention. Don't take it personally...

Steliano Ponticos said...

I don't like montaigne. But I love singers with a childish voice. Why not take a singing class..

Olivia said...

Michelle - but as I am restricted to one room in the house, my two bulbs will stay with me in their little pot!

Right about Montaigne, I haven't felt like sharing any quotes with you all.

Anonanon - ah you're still about. A shnub is a snub.
This cat shushes his esses and so his signature word is "Yesh!"

Olivia said...

Steli - I love singing on my own, and I sound like a choirboy, I have NO vibrato. :(

I love hearing the choristers at the cathedrals because of the purity of their voices.

Olivia said...

Anonanon - no I don't take it too personally but it does put a bit of dread into each successive visit.

Anyway, I can't think of anyone in that office who's particularly cheery...maybe I've spent too long with people who actually love their art history jobs...!

Rebecca said...

Lucky them, most people I know in Art jobs aren't always smiles! At least not the first 5-10 years.

Olivia said...

Rebecca - That's because you worked at Christie's :P

lunaliar said...

Wednesday One-liners on Overheard in New York!!!!

Olivia said...

Oh thanks, I have been forgetting to go to that site lately.

Michelle said...

On singing, in places like cathedrals or showers even bad voices sound slightly pleasing. Good voices sound gorgeous!

M. said...

Yay for yoga!

I have a bonzai kit, too! But it's sitting there in disuse because I can't bear the thought of having to part with another plant when I move.

As long as you get paid, ignore that office manager. Just think about how sunny it is. :>


Steliano Ponticos said...

so what Olivia, many pop stars have no Vibrato or don't know that word

Olivia said...

Michelle - you should see my cathedral choir CD collection...!
If I have a son, I hope he doesn't mind a short stint as a chorister, if he has the will and the voice.

Mers - hehe, I am guessing you haven't done any yoga in a long time?

I think my bonsai kit is a couple of years old by now. It will be a teensy-weensy one!

Good thing I am not in that office every day...I'd go bonkers.

Olivia said...

Forgot to mention that an older lady I know told me to feel pity for the manager because I know she is not a happy person.

MattJ said...

Hey liv, just a quick Hi! gonna do some catchin up over the weekend so expect a tidal wave of opinionated opinion coming to a blog near you soon! Well. this one actually

Leilouta said...

6-You should work in a radio station:)

Jason Cooley said...

Hey there! Sorry, I haven't commented in a while. I've been working and studying for the GMAT a lot lately. I'm trying to keep up, but sometimes I think I need the Cliff notes for your blog! Catch up with you soon - Jason

Olivia said...

Hey Matt - welcome back, I look forward to it.

Leilouta - I'd prefer voice overs. Not chatty enough for radio. But thanks for the thought.

Jason! I've missed you, laddie. Are you going to grad school? Call me sometime, remember. :P

Jia Li said...

hEY, there is always one person at the office that doesn't like u. Oh well...

Steliano Ponticos said...

yes the guy whose office is behind mine, but i don't like him either

M. said...

My bonzai kit is a couple of years old too. :D

I've been stranded at home becauuse my main yoga partner hasn't been going, either.

J. is right that there's always one grouch who seems to dislike you no matter what. An office life is bearable though if 99% of the people do like you!