Monday, October 23, 2006

About time

About time something showed up on this blogspace...

We are having some exciting thunder and lighting in London tonight! When we were in Texas, Dad and I used to call it "London Frightening".

This weekend, I went to Reading again to see Diva and Nags and Amy, and we all went to Sunny's wedding. It rained a lot. It was cute, there were fireworks outside at the reception, between the rainshowers, of course.

OWWWW I just hit my elbow on the corner of my laptop when I got up to look out the window.

I lost a gold earring today and didn't even know it. But enough about earrings.

And what else...?

Today I had loads of waking dreams while I was fighting the afternoon drowsiness. Each time it happens I ought to write it down. They are just unrelated snapshots and flashbacks.

Ooh thunderbolts RIGHT outside the house! Three of them! My room rocked!

Nite y'all.


Anonymous said...

Be careful, Liv. I'll be thinking about you.

The Moody Minstrel said...

There must be a serious weather conspiracy. Here in Japan we are getting seriously deluged yet again. Meanwhile, both Australia and the U.S. West Coast are getting unheard of dry spells. I think someone left something out of adjustment.

My waking dreams tend to wind up becoming either songs or novels...

Erratic, the weather's become!
They wonder where these storms come from,
Or else they complain,
"Dry, it is! Give us rain!"
Believe me; I'd love to give you some!

Jia Li said...

oooh thunder it doesn't get warm enugh here for them, we do get them sometimes...I like lightning

Rebecca said...

I don't know how I keep sleeping through all these thunder storms.
We would get spectacular storms in Lugano. It's a bit of a meteorology centre, people come to study the storms. Whenever there was a good one I would sleep in my brother's room and we would watch the lightning.

ML said...

I love thunder when I'm not sleeping because the noise keeps me awake. Sorry you bumped your elbow!

Olivia said...

Memoria - what do I have to be careful of, chica?
How's the weather in Austin?


Minstrel - and we are not getting the half-arsed drizzly English rain, it's American-style!
However, in the UK we really need this rain.

Hm, I didn't have much of a slump this afternoon, probably because my boss sent me out for a walk when it usually starts, so I came back energised, it started up later, and had less time to bother me.


Jia Li - funny thing is, it wasn't warm yesterday...


Rebecca - tut tut, you lazy thingy you!
That's cute, watching storms with your brother.


ML - thanks. Apparently elbow-bumping is hereditary :P
We get so little of that noise here that I relish it whatever the time!

Roxandra said...

My room at home is under the eves and I must admit that when the storm is right above our house I do get a lil frightenend since we have no lightning rods on the roof. I am chicken that way :o(

Guyana-Gyal said...

Those waking dreams, oh boy, I thought only I had them.

We had one bad lightening on Friday a.m. Geez, it put the entire East Coast out.

Anonymous said...

Are thunder storms rare in London?

We have them all summer long here. You can literally see them build overhead then disappear minutes later like nothing ever happened.

tooners said...

aaaahhhh, thunder storms. i'd so love to hear a few of those.

the other day, it actually looked like it could rain, but it didn't. at least nov. is coming and rain usually comes in nov.... and i'm sitting here hoping! :)