Sunday, October 29, 2006


When Diva sends me the photos, I will blog about the party this weekend, the one where I went as a bunny, the playboy one that is, and no don't get all woo haa, I didn't show any leg.

But right now...Torchwood. I like Doctor Who. I like Torchwood now too, and I hope it takes off.

Ahem, this is one reason:

The Scottish-born American hearthrob John Barrowman. His style of teaching Gwen how to shoot a gun today had me all hot n flustered!

Oh dadgumit! In my searching I have just discovered he is "openly gay" and has a long-term partner. It's always the way, isn't it?

Still, I can dream about a lovely strong manly man with his arms around me, can't I?


merserene said...

Awww. Think of all the lovely men who aren't gay!

But it's sweet that John Barrowman is in a committed relationship. :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, "hot n flustered"
Why do I giggle every time I hear a woman say that?

BTW, I think the term over here is "hot & bothered", I guess it's the same thing?

tooners said...

ever heard this? what do men and parking lots have in common? all the good ones are taken and what's left are handicapped! ;)

altho, i wouldn't say that being gay is necessarily a handicap, but some might consider it to be.

are there any young guys at the company you're working for that seem interesting? sometimes you can meet some nice ppl in the workplace, altho some frown upon that because it can cause probs if you break up and whatnot.

are these british sitcoms? i've not heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Dr Who and Torchwood are British Sci-Fi shows - dr Who has been going on since around the signing of the Magna Carta. Torchwood is kind of a Dr Who for grown ups, I saw the pilot and quite liked it, missed number 2 though! Luckily I have NTL cable and am pretty sure it is on their 'Pick of The Week' watch again slots.

Jia Li said...

torchwood? I should look that one up

AmitL said...

Heh heh..awaiting the bunny photos,Olivia,and,of course your first person account of the experience..I'm sure it'll be interesting.:)

Olivia at Work said...

Mers - bless your heart, you're an optimist. Thank you for pointing it out :) ... so where are they all??? (my inner cynic is ever closer to the surface...)


Chris - no, it was just me getting the phrase wrong...! Something that happens more and more often, I must say!


Tooners - LOL had to watch my screen with the pasta sauce on that one! :D

Hm, as for the company, it is very very very heads down. There are only a few around my age or younger, a couple of them are cute and taken, then there is a cute-ish one who is either deadly shy or gay. Anyway, it is best to avoid office romances. But I could write a funny post about this sometime.


Matt exaggerates somewhat, as the Magna Carta was not signed in the 1960s :P

But thanks, Matt, for enlightening my American readers. I did include links youse guys!!!


Jia Li - I think you will like it, though I don't know when it will reach CBC.


Amit - as I said, don't get your hopes up!

ML said...

Course you can dream that a strong, good looking man has his arms around you!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Still, I can dream about a lovely strong manly man with his arms around me, can't I?

Why not? I'm sure he does!

(Runs away laughing hysterically)

Oops...I got a really long word verification, so no poem tonight...

Rebecca said...

So you were like the church-going playboy bunny?
He he,t hese are pictures we all must see!

beenzzz said...

Why are all the gorgeous ones gay? What does that leave us? ;) Yes, you can still dream about him and I will too!

Olivia said...

ML - why, thank you for the permission.


Minstrel - ha, yes I bet he does, whoever he is. finally got an 8 letter verification...!


Rebecca - you had me ever so puzzled for ages. I finally got it!


Beenz - um, they aren't always gorgeous...if that is any consolation.

Prerona said...

u like? something missing ...

Olivia said...

Prerona - what, what's missing???

*holds breath*

Jia Li said...

hey hey, I tried posting pics but I can' I wait till later.

I was a Busness student for halloween

Christopher said...

He's tasty...and I SO adore your red shoes!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Olivia, I was talking about that Barrowman guy. I'm sure a lot of women dream about some guy like him wrapping his hot, muscular arms around them, and I'm sure he likewise dreams about wrapping his hot, muscular arms around some guy like him.

"And now for something completely different,"
You almost hear John Cleese say,
Leading you into something malevolent;
Too bad it ends this way.
Do you still dream of this guy, so arrogant,
Knowing he's "openly gay"?

Olivia at Work said...

JL - that might be the most exciting costume ever...right up there with librarians and professors! :P


Christopher - at first when I thought you were another Christopher, I got SO confused. Anyway, glad you like! Both him and the shoes, that is :)


Minstrel - mais oui.
That is one of your funniest poems! Thanks :)

James said...

Much as I'm loving Torchwood (particularly the bit when he stands atop of a tall building for NO REASON WHATSOEVER), and verily fancy that gap-toothed Welsh lady, I didn't think there was any sexual tension in that scene whatsoever. It was achingly unsexy, in fact. I've seen more believable fuck potential in a handshake between Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II

John Barrowman is indeed gay as a window, and was ace in Dr Who!

Olivia said...

Ah, James the cheer-mongerer.

That is because she is not sexy at all, and she was probably out of her depth. In fact her reaction is probably what most female cops already in a relationship and learning to fire a weapon would have. Were you expecting Hollywood fireworks???

Anyway, I hear he is going to marry his long-time partner.

Guyana-Gyal said...

There's always Hugh Jackman. Siiiigh.

Darn, he's married.