Wednesday, November 01, 2006


...the Party, remember?

Me as the Bunny, but sorry for not showing any more. I took a tank top and tight black trousers but it was too chilly and confusing once I got there to change.

Clicky here for a a quick photo show of the evening, courtesy of the techie Diva.

This is all I can do for now, as my computer ... is .... doing ..... everything ...... very ....... very ........ sloooooooowlyyyyyyyy and could shut itself off at any minute.


Jia Li said...

OMG cuteeeeeeeeee

The Moody Minstrel said...

Chill and confusion are NO EXCUSE!!!!!

Happy Halloween, anyway. That looks like it was a load of fun.

Anonymous said...

wow! you look so sexy, Olivia!!

Rebecca said...

Ha ha ha, adooorable!! I am so happy that this is your version of the PlayBoy Bunny, and not what u see in Leicester Square on a Friday night on a Hen night! ALthough you can push that toosh' otu a little more, coquette!
Who's the scary thing next to you?

AmitL said...

Chilly and confusing?*grins*...nice pic,nevertheless.And,I never knew we could watch a photo album on windows media player.:)Happy Halloween.Hope ur PCs in full form soon.

Jia Li said...

oh go here;

Olivia at Work said...

Jia Li - :) :) :)
Will chekc out the link when i go home.


Minstrel - bah humbug! Not even a slobbering dog? Hence the jeans and boots. I learned fairly quickly not to wear dresses or tights there. (Also see comment to Amit below.)


Memoria - gracias chica! Trust you to boost me up!


Rebecca - woohoo! I could have, in fact I thought I was. Still haven't learned to handle this even bigger than ever new toosh.

The scary dude is Simon, the host's friend.


Amit - thanks for watching the video. Chilly, yes, even with heating on I am sensitive to draughts specially in English houses.
Confusing, yes, loads of people, the dog, tripping over everything. I usually take things to change into there, and never do.



ML said...

Love it! You make a darling bunny!

tooners said...

honey, you look adorable... cute and sexy! i love the playboy bunny outfit, especially all the trimmings.

great tush! ;)

i watched the video and loved it. i love halloween parties and it looks like this was a fun one. the guy that was dressed as the zombie looked really good. i loved the bullet hole in his head and the dark circles under his eyes. it's so much fun when ppl dress up.

Rebecca said...

Ha ha, are you kidding? You've got curves! Curves are good!!

beenzzz said...

Cute costume, you look great! The slide show was good too. Thanks for sharing! I love Halloween.

Olivia said...

ML - aw, what a sweet thing for you to say :)


Rebecca - you want some? ;) You can have some...!


Beenzzz - Thanks. I hope I can wear it again sometime. A hen party, perhaps...

panda_eyed said...

I love this photo, you poser! You look like a proper pb bunny - very sexy! Work it girl! :)

I can't comment of your p27 blog for some reason - I can't see the spam field properly on any of them :( Is it my 'puter, or is it a bug, do you think? Diva's blog makes explorer crash. :|

merserene said...

The ears are adorable! And yes, you would make a proper Bunny. :D

I went to a Halloween party dressed in a Japanese yukata and clogs. Not really a "costume" but I couldn't think of anything else!