Saturday, November 25, 2006


Some of you asked to see, so here is:

My Preciousssssssss...

The 17" lapdesk with Windows Media Center.

Intel Centrino Duo processor. nVidia Geoforce graphics card.

Even Lightscribe for lasering labels onto CDs!

Mirror-like black lid. Fingerprint Central. Fortunately, they include a microfibre cloth.

Shiny chassis too. The touchpad buttons are soft, so no clicking.

5-in-1 card reader, in fact that's how I transferred these pics. So fast!

All the little blue buttons above the keyboard are touch-sensitive controls for media.

The Altec Lansing speakers are better than the Boynq Vase Speaker I bought last year.

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Jia Li said...

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, feeling better now, still a bit stuffy. But what a craving for chocolate cake...then again, I surrived last week on chicken noodle soup. need a change. My next pay check going to be a bit low considering I had to take the weekend off. But next weekend I can work again....I like having some extra money because my grant only gives me a bit.

The Moody Minstrel said...

No, "machine" hardly does it justice. That is a "unit".

Windows Media Center, eh?

One OS to rule them all,
One OS to find them,
One OS to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
Under the dark, shiny lid where Olivia's reflection lies.

Olivia said...

Jia Li - glad you're recovering. Chicken noodle soup was the best thing you could have eaten.

Minstrel - LOL
And it's only mid-range :)

Excellent allusion to LOTR there!

Olivia said...

Word of the Day (Saturday):

Aesthetics - The branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste.

Perfect for a post like this, eh?

AmitL said...

Just one comment,Olivia: DROOL.:)(And,believe me,I saw enough laptops at the GITEX(Gulf IT Exhibition) recently.)

Olivia said...

Amit - LOL. Wow, can't believe you're impressed having seen all that at the Expo!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a laptop! Nothing annoys me more that seeing people lugging around these 20 stone 'Desktop replacements' that are about 6 inches thick. A Laptop should be small and slim, a desktop replacement should be wide and slim. So it's still a laptop!

Soooo..... does it run Oblivion? :p

very swish lookin, not sure I can justify gettinga new toy of that magnitude considering my Desktop is less than 1 year old and I have a cool but diddy thinkpad through work (Fingerprint login FTW!! hehe)

Olivia at Work said...

Matt - but it's still a desktop replacement for me.
You won't catch me lugging around a 17-in machine. Even handling my old one at the christie's library in the days of my thesis was hard enough.

I will not run Oblivion, but if that's your standard, then I think it could - away with the old Radeon ATI display and AMD processor and in with nVidia Geoforce 7600 and Intel Centrino Duo. Got two HDs and 2 1GB memory chips.

You dig?

I could go on, but i already sound like a guy with a new car extolling the virtues of what's under the hood.

Olivia at Work said...

...sorry, the bonnet...

The Moody Minstrel said...

The "lid", okay?

Anonymous said...

Lovely new laptop! I also like the new picture on your profile!

Anonymous said...


Jia Li said...

my dad gave me the best gift ever, a mini tool belt


50 sent me 200 for clothes....I will email u what I got. any parcles yet?

amillionpieces said...

NICE! Love it!

Anonymous said...

nice toy bubble!

I went toy shopping at the weekend and bought one of these

And flip flop is not where it's at. I am torn between my identity as an Englishman and thus a desire to drive an Aston Martin, and my education and attitudes to money that suggest that a Porsche 911 is the right choice.

Besides which now I want a DBS but they are £170,000 and that's too much unless I sell my flat and live in the car. Now, that's an idea....

Olivia at Work said...

Jia Li - I have been ambitious. Promised all these parcels to people and can't go to the post office. BAsically, when things slow down at work, I need to take a couple of weekdays off so I can do worthwhile things.


Anonyflipflop - oh the flaming great plasma screen you've been threatening to buy. Anywhere to put it yet?

Your "attitudes to money"?
You don't like German words or German things, though....and my theory is that only arrogant men who fancy themselves and have some shortcomings to make up for buy Porsches.
You're not and you don't.

Anonymous said...

Yay new laptop! It looks beautiful.

merserene, who is typing from her 3+ year old laptop that has been gutted many times

Anonymous said...

hello bubble,

The thing is, the Porsche 911 is very well made, reliable and relatively inexpensive to run. It's a technically advanced piece of engineering.

The Aston Martin is beautiful in the way that any inanimate object can be beautiful if it's evocative - the curves and lines and (insert cod-psychobabble about cars as sexual objects here depending on your own prejudices). But, it's not as well built, lots of the parts are actually borrowed from Jaguar and Volvo as part of the Ford connection. It's also underpowered and more expensive to run.

So, head says 911, heart says Aston Martin. In life I go with my heart, but it's about money, so I usually use my head. Hence the dilemma. But let's be honest, it's a pretty nice dilemma to have.

And no, I don't have anywhere for the TV to go as the 'expletive deleted' carpenter has cancelled until next week.

And on a vague tangent, who popularised the usage of the term "expletive deleted" and why is his resignation speech one of the most impressive uses of the English language by an American in history???

Olivia at Work said...

Anonyflip -
Well get a Porschton Martin then!

Underpowering doesn't matter much on these silly Eeenglish roads. Ha!

"Resignation" being key word here, I would say "expletive deleted" was originated in the Watergate transcriptions because Nixon had a notoriously foul mouth.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read his resignation speech? Fantastic stuff.