Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crash and bum

What a day...Fell down twice! It was bound to happen, only a matter of time. Even when I left the house I wasn't feeling up to anything. Crammed in the Tube, it was a most uncomfortable journey. I was crammed in the middle - all day I have been the one person who didn't get a pole to hold onto, only I am usually pretty good at keeping my balance. It was a very jolting ride and, feeling faint (but not fainting!) I ended up landing on someone's shoe. I know, ow!

When I got to the office, my chair was in sight. I headed for it, went to sit, missed, and crashed to the floor. Again.

Even more shaken than I was before, despite having a laugh and providing a few seconds of amusement for my colleagues, I went to the kitchen to make my tea. So when I asked a colleague to to reach for the biscuits on the top shelf, I couldn't say "Digestives". Gigestives. Didestives. Gidestis. Gidiviges.

Bad morning. But everything was fine by 11. Mornings are always hard for me - sometimes I am just profoundly tired and don't regroup until about 2pm.


Our small department of 3 has increased for a couple of weeks to include two extra audiotypists during the crunch time. We are getting along well now. Midmorning my boss went out shopping and brought us back some Krispy Kreme donuts to "cheer everybody up". The four of us could not finish a dozen, though, so after lunch she put them in the kitchen for the rest of the office. I have never turned down a doughnut before, but seriously, that donut was my third breakfast of the day. I couldn't finish lunch. I had Cheerios and milk at home, tea and Digestives at the office, followed an hour later by a doughnut and more tea. See? Stuffed to the gills.

Don't worry, I had a fruit salad after lunch...

Anyway, we did all cheer up and have developed a rapport in our second week. In fact, once again we were the department that had the most laughter and conversation, only on a greater scale.


Righto, I know yesterday I thought of something to blog, but I can't remember what it was now.


Oh, I watched AI: Artificial Intelligence tonight. I will skip all commentary, except I really really liked Teddy! He was intriguing - a partly unappealing-looking robot bear with a deep monotone voice took all my attention if he was on screen. My favourite scene was when Martin had come home from hospital and he and David were competing to see who Teddy would go to when called. I missed the first half hour, so this was the first time I saw Teddy in full. He sat on the rug looking from one to the other, his mouth opening and closing in confusion. The mother entered the room with her laundry basket, and he was up and running to her saying, "Mommy, mommy", then he launched himself onto a small ottoman stomach first holding his arms up. Cute! So she grabbed his paw and walked off with him dangling.

I also liked the way he watched everything and sometimes did not speak.

Also like the way he looked up
(in surprise?) from sewing himself when Martin told David to cut a lock of mother's

I also liked how he would say when they were in the helicopter, "Be careful, David. This is not a toy."

Everything he said was slightly disjointed to the human conversation, but I wanted to hear more. It was almost as if he was a little voice of reason.

Forget the Pillsbury Doughboy. I want Teddy!

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Katja said...

Oh dear, what a morning! I'm glad it all got better later on.

Any chance you could change your settings so that the comments don't come up in a popup? I can't track them while they do :(

AmitL said...

Oh.haha..can imagine ur consternation and people's amusement at the 'falls'...but,then,u know, this sort of thing does happen every once in a while...this 'falling down', or clumsiness,etc. And,at work,I have some days when I get a phone call from someone or the other, every 4-5 mins..on such days, I just stop work and wait for the calls.LOL.:)Again,a bit grin at the misspelling of Digestive.:)

Olivia at Work said...

Waaaaa! Katja, I know you've wanted this for ages....

The popups are convenient, but I am not sure what everyone else prefers. I shall put it to a vote! My blog may be an empire, but never let it be said I was undemocratic :P


Amit - wasn't funny in the Tube, though. Nothing is ever funny in the Tube at rush hour. :(

And, the last time I fell over was probably more than 5 years ago. I am really good at not falling. It often involves a lot of fancy footwork.

Anonymous said...

Good your day tok a better ending than start.
Happy Thanks Giving. Make it vegetarian.

Jia Li said...

I hope u are ok, after the falling, funny thing about me not talkinh

I was using a note pad and I go into the production lab to ask Ken if I could use the cutter, so I write it on a note pad and then he takes the note pad and writes, yes, you can. oh ah hah ahaha, Ken. Very funny. Lovely teacher student relationship. Paul, another teacher, wanted to do the same to me.

I was the butt of many jokes...ta my grapic friends.

although Gill made a awsome Comic Sans parody poster.

Olivia said...

Kirsten - oh my goodness, I forgot it was Thanksgiving. It is not celebrated in the UK, but I had no idea I would forget.

Anyway, I only had seafood today :)


Jia Li - yes, thanks. Fortunately I don't have to sit on the bruise, it's a bit higher.

Have you lost your voice?

Jia Li said...

I got it back yesterday

tooners said...

my dear, my dear... oh how i love Krispy Kream donuts!! i haven't had one since being in CA. i didn't realize they had them in the UK. aren't they just divine??!!

found out that i'm diabetic w/ the pregnancy, so now no more sweets for me... and right before i found out, i found this unbelievable donut shop. i'm dying for one now.

i loved AI and for the all the reasons you state.

Olivia said...

Tooners - yes Krispy has been exploding in franchises across the UK for a couple of years now.

Yay, no more bready British doughnuts.

However, you've lived in Tx, did you ever try Shipleys there? My gosh, 100 times better even than Krispy!!!

Sorry you can't eat any. As I wondered on your post on that, will the gestational subside afterwards?

Katja said...

oh yay! Thank you for changing the comments :)

I love your new pic, by the way.